where roses, daisies, and the tiger lilly meet,


For my entire life, I did not believe I was capable of finding love.  From the day I held baby dolls, to the day I first fell for the boy with petal-like eyelashes, I never thought love would have me. I suppose, I imagined love to be only the fancy of poets, and playwrights, in the same way a trip to Europe is a fancy for the traveler.  As if love was it's own continent, with it's own residency, vacant for some at 16, others in adulthood; and for the unlucky ones, never once traveled to.

I thought I would be the world traveler, never to find the sun in hand holding, and never to find the moon in soft kisses from a boy.  I thought I'd forever find true love only in the books I read, the airplanes I took, and in the dreams that brought me to far away places. I knew I'd meet many men, some suitors, and some forget-me-nots along the way, but I never thought I'd settle for one.... Or even that one would settle for me.  I always imagined bearded boys, with words that soothed like poetry,  but never imagined I was worthy of such a companion, and sometimes, I even envisioned myself growing bored of every lover I would meet.

I knew I wanted something more out of my life. I needed more than a subtle weakness for a petal eyed boy. I did not want my life to be a series of puppy love crushes.... You know the kind, like the one you acquire when the boy kisses you on the playground, and you write his name in arrows on your English homework. I needed something more...  a best friend, somebody that was mad for me, and willing to walk in the garden even when there were rain clouds.


When I closed my eye lids, and fashioned myself a boyfriend, he was strong like a mountain but didn't use fists, he was concerned like a doe when walking by wildflowers, his lips would move to the letters of my favorite song, and he'd acknowledge the womb he came from.  When I imagined his hair, it was soft with curls and auburn hue, his cheeks would be my favorite place to peck, and his beard would be my nest. He'd remember my birthstone, and know all of my history. He'd let me nap on his shoulder, let me walk in my plain clothes, let me dip my french fries into melted chocolate, he'd love all of the animals, all of my bruises, and he'd never love another girl before me, or after me. He'd sweet talk me onto pillows, he'd never wander too far, and above all, I loved him too. 

Now that I have waded into the waters of love, I have discovered something very important. You can close your eyelids forever, you can dream on, you can follow the beauty trail,  you can try to fall in love with a person's character, or you can let fate be your teacher. But no matter what you do, or how you do it,  you do not have control over who you love.

Love is more than the fancy of songwriters,  love is as real as you are I.  Sometimes, it stings like stealing a bee's honey, other times, it's an ornament lover's wear, but more often than not, love is a fragrance that never leaves our skin.   I cannot tell you, or him, or her, on who to love or how to love this person, all that I can say is please don't share these words unless you mean them.  
"I love you, I love her, I love him, I loved" 

I've often wondered why someone would say "I love you", as if it was the equivalent of saying "Hi, you're pretty, let's eat honey on sandwiches or something." or "Hey girl, I want to lower your gown, and be with you in my bed."  The words I love you are far mightier than any cobra chasing a rat, or any mushroom growing on a muskeg. Love is not meant to be written over a facebook chat to a girl with porcelain skin, that's never met your heart. Love is greater than that. Love is meant to be kissed across the back of the girl who knows you best.

Keep your words, the way you keep your toothbrush, your teddy, or your face cloth, keep them hidden and in secret, until you've found someone worth sharing your world with.  I've only spoken words of love to those who've raised me, to all of the garden plants I want to grow, and to the man who brought me these flowers.

...Oh, and my dogs.

My mind is running over with thoughts of love, and companionship. Maybe it's because this dress reminds me of the color I wish my wedding dress to be. Not quite white, and not quite pink.   The dress was sent from   It's very romantic! And because I'm in the mood of love, you can purchase something from she inside with an exclusive reader's discount!   Here's 20% off just by entering coupon code AMY20 at checkout, it expires April 30th!


  My mum and I had a blast taking these photographs, the dress is so full of fabric it can be used as a cape or a hat over your head.  The flowers were gifted from Carter, a way of saying "I'm sorry" after a fight we had.  They sure make a beautiful prop! 

What are your thoughts on Love?


What I Wore
Dress | She Inside | Sponsor
Glitter Wedges |  Aldo | Birthday Gift
Pink Faux Fur | Forever 21 | Birthday Gift
Flowers from Carter
Milkmaid braid done by my Mum


the sun makes a great alarm clock,

The weeks have traveled on, the way a piece of frost on the bough turns into a berry.  We have made it through another winter - Although, this winter was a soft one. The sky never welcomed Siberian drippings of snow for too long, everything that arrived from the sky turned into slush soon after.  Most Winter's, the backyard is weighted with bottomless snow. This Winter, yellow grooves and blades of grass have peaked through the few flurries.  If I had it my way, every winter would be this warm.

I am very grateful the former week has now left. It was not pleasant. I caught a fever. My eyes were soaked red, my legs were troubled, my lips barely touched the surface of anything but water, and my teeth felt like a bee's bottom each time I ate supper.     From Monday to Saturday, each day was spent blinking with sleepy eyes and trying to remember why I ever moaned while in good health.    Sometimes, I think the purpose of a fever is to call attention to our little victories in life.  We may not always climb the ladder of bankrolls, and coin. We may not always get to know the girl at the market, or the handsome boy with the brimmed hat. We may not always be proud, or happy, but when we rise with the sun, fall to sleep with the moon, and in between our bodies are whole and free from poor health, we are lucky. 

It's easy to forget the simple joy of waking in the morning without wounds, without bruising, and without bee stings. Even I am guilty of forgetting, and falling into disregard.  Some mornings, I am so careless, I forget that I am even breathing.   Somehow, at the touch of a fever, I am reminded of how victorious it is to be alive when we're without ailments.

If I could spend every day wearing my floral crown - I would.  In the morning, when I dress, I am always tempted to place the crown on top of my hair, but then I remind myself how dull and predictable that would become.   My heart is cooing for more flower crowns on the to do list.

For now, I've got a half empty cup of root beer, and a pocket filled with Cadbury mini eggs..!  I know you are green with envy, but the store is only a car ride away. (Unless you live out in the country, and in that case.. let's trade places!)

See y'all on the sunny side~
p.s please send your suggestions of which leaf/petal colors I should use for my next crown creation (^.^)

Kisses !!

the garments
vintage blouse
handmade harvest flower crown
vintage denim skirt
red tights joe fresh  
white Aldo wedges  


The namesake dress and black laces,

Hello neighbors and strangers, it's a glorious day on my side of the world. The tea pot is brewing, and the bagel is flopped on it's belly, both waiting to be painted with honey and sugar.

When I stretched in the morning light, I watched my Mom play fetch with our pups. The smaller one, the one who wags it's tail and barks at lamp posts is named Tegan. All of the dwellers in our home won't know peaceful sleep until she's played her morning fetch. She'll yap, and she'll holler until you succumb to her demands. After fifteen minutes of play, and slobber, you'll finally be at rest again when Tegan crawls back into her closet for sleeping.

I think the world would be a happier place, if we'd all surrender the television glow, and spend our mornings at play with our dogs. (or cats, or frogs or whatever animal you're into keeping....)
Seeing Tegan's joy and acceptance in catching a ball makes my heart happy.

In these photographs, I am wearing my namesake dress sent from the belles at Modcloth. I've been anxious to announce myself as Modcloth's blogger of the moment.   When I heard the news, it was as if castles were built on the tip of my computer screen.  I was struck with awe and temple scratching. I never did think I was worthy of such a title from such a wondrous company, and I never imagined a dress would be named after me. The dress is fitted with ornaments of purple roses and petals. It is breathtaking - the way a daisy must feel when it overlooks the meadow. 

The interview and feature will be posted March 7 here.    Pinch me! Pinch me!! 
Thank you Modcloth ^>^!

On my feet, ebony laced heels reminiscent of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita's sent to me from heaven, I mean Oasap. I've always been a bit infatuated with the Lita's, but the heels looked too challenging. I am very happy to have found Oasap's less expensive, less foot breaking, just as eye pleasing version.  

If there ever was an object that joined together thoughts of this era and those of Victorian days, these shoes would be it. The lace rivet reminds me of the shoes that would peak through women's gowns when Victoria was queen. The heel is too bold for those times, but perfectly fits with our times of lionhearted fashions.

Flower dress, black laces, I am in love.

Now I'm off to eat my honey coated bagel, and then I'll rest my bosom in a bubble bath. Have a lovely time breathing....eating...sleeping...dreaming. While you're out there in your own thoughts, I'll be thinking of the excellent creature that is my dog, and how lucky I am to have her.

Kisses !

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what I wore
floral dress | modcloth | gift
lace rivet high shoes| oasap | sponsor
brown hat | jc penny | $5