don't let your feet get the winter blues

When winter rolls in, the frost nips at my toes and turns them into icicles. It must be Summer all year round in my head because I always reach for shoes designed for warmer weather. I do love my Summertime wedges but I also love my toes. After walking in a snowstorm and coming home to frozen feet, I made a promise to myself: when it is cold enough to see your breath, wear shoes that are "snow, slush and frost weather friendly" 

Adhering to my promise does not mean I have to wear big sloppy made-for-monsters kind of boots. If I want to enjoy winter more, there are plenty of boots that are both pretty and toasty!

I've included some of them in my post. All of the boots featured here are from the online store, Defshop. They have a wide collection of colorful shoes and socks for extra protection against icicle toes!