fringe: a 70's throwback

The beginning of Autumn has been beautiful and colorful like the salmon who swims through a river at sunrise. It took only one day for the trees to turn from leafy green into orange, one day for the flowering lanes to become beds for the leaves. I watch it all with the eyes of a child, as if its the first time I've lived in a world with Autumn.

As for the fashion, I would like to declare this as one of my favorite outfits of 2015. When I first started blogging, the 70's was the era singing true to my heart. As time traveled on, I began to dress less like a period piece and more like me. I will always be gently steeped in the 70's for its sense of shape, playfulness, and free spirited nature, but I feel most myself when pulling patches from different times and sewing them into the quilt of Amy. I dream of a closet in every color, every style and every era. I am often too indecisive and wild to belong to only one style or story.

If there ever was a jacket to call upon a 70's time machine, this would be it. I found each piece except for the knee high socks and boots from stores at CrossIron Mills Below the Belt dress, American Eagle fringe jacket and Forever 21 hat.  I want my outfits to be poems for you to read, not recipes. I long to dress each day as if I am an easel covered in fresh paint.

outfit details: Below the Belt dress, American Eagle suede jacket, Forever 21 Hat, Free People knee high socks & boots.


  1. Love the boho vibe!


  2. I love the red on your dress. This just might be one of my favourite outfits you've worn too. Love the woods too. <3

  3. Autumn is such a gorgeous season.

    It is a time of peace!

  4. You look lovely Amy! The warm colours of Autumn really suit you <3

    Emma xo // Wallflower Wardrobe

  5. You look so amazing! I love this look, it's so free and so you. I've been looking for such fringe jacket like everywhere <3 ! It's stunning!

    I miss being here every day </3

  6. "I want my outfits to be poems for you to read, not recipes."

    That is the best statement I have read all year, and part of my recent struggle with fashion blogging. Personal style should be praised for the art that it is, but I feel like so much fashion blogging has become "how to dress just like me." It's sad, really. Because everyone is their own beautiful painting if only they would let the colors meld into each other without effort. That is also why this is one of my favorite blogs - everything you post is so uniquely you. Anyway, thanks for always keeping up the art. It's so refreshing to see someone being true to themselves.

  7. Anonymous11.10.15

    Love the fringe jacket. So cute with your curled hair.

    I love reading here, especially in the mornings!!

  8. Tara T22.10.15

    Beautiful, Beautiful!