educated woman ~

Album is exclusively available at Blackbyrd Myoozik in Edmonton and Calgary
You can also purchase at LIVE SHOWS!
Available online August 2019

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❤️March 14th - The Legion - Jasper 
(tickets available at the legion) 

❤️March 15th - At the Blue Chair - Edmonton
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๐ŸŒท April 2nd - Mighty and Neighborly house concert - Swift Current

๐ŸŒท April 3rd - Chrysalis - Moose Jaw

๐Ÿ’Œ April 4th - The Cure - Regina

๐Ÿ’Œ April 5th - Jam Street Music Sessions - Prince Albert

๐Ÿš€ April 12th - HOMETOWN ALBUM RELEASE - Ironwood Stage and Grill - Calgary 
call the ironwood (403)269-5581 or email: reservations@ironwoodstage.ca

Educated Woman Album - coming to you April 12th!

A day and night two years in the makin'

Come and celebrate the trials and tribulations of making a record with me.
Full band on duty. Special guests.
We're going to shake it and shout it out loud:
the album Educated Woman will finally be given wings! 


Live at the Ironwood Stage and Grill in Calgary....April 12th, 2019 
Vinyl, CD's, and Merch will be in attendance.
Good times
Out of the ordinary evening, like a birthday or a wedding, we're going to do all that we can to make it special for everybody in the room!

Reservations are highly recommended! Invite your friends! Call (403) 269-5581 or email reservations@ironwoodstage.ca to make a reservation.

in favor of taking your time

home sweet new home

 If you have begun to wonder where I have been — I return to you today.  My winter has been scattered with work and play, both of these have required a certain type of brain energy that leaves me very tired by midday. My November was twenty days away from home as I embarked on a songwriter tour from Alberta to British Columbia and back through. I saw the mountainside before and after an avalanche, I listened to the prairie wind howl, the sky-like space that rolls between each ocean wave, I sang for my supper, I sang for strangers, some of whom became friends. I visited nightly the notes between my lungs and guitar as if every broken moment was meant to lead me here.  If you asked me of the hardest hill to climb in doing such a thing, I would speak of how I missed the early morning coffees at home and the way thoughts have time to gather and conclude when you're not on the road. As you ride the highway, you think often, but you don't have the hours free to make much sense. You know as the wheels roll, you are on your way to a new town with new faces but you don't yet know what they will think of you and what you will be thinking when you fall to your pillow at night. 

You go on singing into the shining lights in a room you've never stood in before and it gives rise to both an uneasy and beautiful feeling like nothing else I have ever known. When I was young, I only dreamed but it seems lately these dreams have come true and I am required to pinch myself in order to believe this reality of mine. Sometimes, I feel like I am just singing into a jewelry box and one day when the lights go dim, somebody will jump out at me and say "wake up, you're still only dreaming.."