A broken camera

I apologize for my lack of blog posts and updates. My dear camera broke while I was taking photographs. 

The beautiful thing about not having a camera is that I've relearned how to take photographs with my mind. To take a photograph with your mi
nd, you must be cognizant and willing to feel the world around you. You cannot rely solely on the click of a button to tell yourself the memory card is holding your memories for you. You have to store the memories in your own mind. To do so, you have to be in touch with all of your senses. Either that or you just have to live in the moment and not try to make it into a memory.

I'll always love taking photographs, but sometimes it is nice to put the camera down and keep these moments for myself. Thank you to my camera for falling apart, even though I am going to be out $250.00 to have it fixed, learning how to live in the moment is nourishing and priceless.

Blog posts should resume as soon as my camera returns from the repair shop. 
I hope you're having a beautiful October!

The Dogwood Banjo

I am the joyful owner of a new banjo  handmade by a banjo builder located in Minnesota and designed for the clawhammer way of mind. The banjo's name is the dogwood and she plays as beautiful as the flowering tree looks in the spring. I found her online and from there, without even having to introduce myself, I knew it was the banjo of my dreams. 

It is always a bit nerve racking to purchase delicate goods on the internet, especially musical instruments, they are such a personal investment and what plays beautifully for one may not play beautifully for another. Many visits to the guitar store have proven this to be true, somebody picks up a guitar and it sounds so sweet, then I pick up the same guitar and it feels like I am grating cheese. When you find the right instrument for you, it's kind of like falling in love, you can't quite explain why you love it so, you just know it and the feeling is wonderful.

I love my dogwood banjo. I love the fretboard. I love the 12 inch pot. It is like having feathers for flight  I feel like I can sing and play my way through anything in this world. If you'd like to see more banjos and support somebody who labours and loves to build musical instruments by hand, visit Dogwood banjos or like the Dogwood banjo Facebook page

Banjo Specs for your wonder and amusement:
Bubinga finger board, head stock overlay, maple/mahogany neck, maple shell, five Star Planetary tuners, 12 inch pot, renaissance head.

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