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My Birthday Dress

Babies are born every day of the year, soft skinned bundles of belly folds and delicate fingers turn into friends, neighbors, singers, strangers and the people who jump in line at the grocery store. In our lives, we have all been a baby, a little human dependent on the breast or bottle, a little human that needs hands and hugs in order to be well. Somewhere along the way, many of us forgot how small and innocent our ways were when we came into this world. We forgot how to love the way mothers, fathers and families love their newly-born. I think about those days leading up to my birth and how my dad must have felt seeing my mother's round belly, knowing inside that belly was the cosmos and an entire universe to me. I wonder how my mother felt as I kicked and pleaded for an invitation into this wild world.

I was once a baby, some may even argue that you can still find me acting like one on a bad day. I was small with breath and all I needed was food, affection and a soft bed for sleeping. As my crawl turned into walking and my walk turned into running, my footsteps ceased to be tiny thumbprints in the sand. I grew into my shoes and I learned how to live and love the world in which I wander. It has been twenty two years since I took my first breath and yet I still feel like the child who is seeking food, affection and a soft bed for sleeping. How often I have dreamed of keeping my baby face and never growing old.

I turned twenty two on December 13th. We celebrated the day by having a hootenanny at my house. 
The beautiful reality about growing older is the way every sentence, story, lesson and memory collected over the years can turn you into a wiser human being, if you let it. I was once afraid of thunderstorms, so afraid that every dark cloud kept me inside of my room in the summertime. Now that I am older, thunderstorms much like blemishes or the fear of what people might think of me cannot keep me inside anymore.

At twenty two, I feel wonderfully free and ready to live my life with a little more gusto.

The Outfit
Dress – Oasap
Hat  Scala Hats
White Cowboy Boots Value Village

Winter and my patchwork coat

These photographs show you a wintry day — the snow had fallen while babies slept in their beds and the cold winds of winter cooed and cawed throughout the floorboards. I told myself many years ago that I must learn to call every winter beautiful and find my own reasons for saying so. I will not spend a lick of December longing for the garden or trying to catch the fragrance of flowers. I will stay cozy and close to the fireplace while being dazzled by the kind of glitter you can only find in the snow. I will bake shortbread cookies and give them a hot cocoa bath. I will find one hundred reasons to love the season in which I was born.

It tests our spirits to try to love winter the same way we love the summertime. There are no flowers to dig trenches for, no travel while you are barefoot and no bumblebees or butterflies to dream upon. I try to see beauty in the snow-covered trees but sometimes it is difficult when you are shivering at the knees. The simplest way to see winter as a celebration is to bundle up inside of your favourite winter coat, the one that is warm in the breast and in the sleeves, and go into the woods. It is the woods that look the most beautiful in the wintertime. Watch for the birds and see your own breath appear like a cloud in front of you.

After these photographs were taken, a warm gust of wind pushed my hat to the ground and gave my rosy cheeks a more natural colour. I looked up to the sky and saw how the clouds were parting and revealing the softest blue beneath them. A warm pocket of sunshine has been kissing the land ever since. If only the weather could stay this pleasant for my birthday on December 13th!

The Outfit
Dress – Oasap
Winter Coat  Thrifted at Value Village
Hat  Scala Hats from Winners
Fringe Boots ALDO

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