Some of my favorite childhood memories were the days I spent camping by the sea. It was there where I learned how to love the natural world and not be afraid or ignorant of it. I can remember how soft the marshmallows tasted after twirling around the open fire pit, they were always too soft or slightly burnt but we were just happy to be alive in the summertime.
On June twenty fifth, Carter and I will be leaving for an adventure of our own a journey through the mountains and blackberry bushes until we reach the sea on Vancouver Island. We bought a van, turned the back seat into a shelter, saved our coins, booked our campgrounds, laughed at the odds of it all coming true and now we're counting down the few days left before we say goodbye to our nest and call ourselves ocean bound.

For all of July, my alarm clock will be the wavering pine and the sun rising above my shoulders. In the afternoon, when my cheeks are rosy from the morning light, I will hike the woody trail, swim in the seawater, or fall asleep to the birds singing. I will have evening for watching firewood shrink when it kisses the fire and I will have Carter to play music and moonlight card games with me.

There will be very few showers, certainly no bubble baths, only the seawater to make us feel clean. If you have any favorite camp fire recipes or songs, please share them with us.  :)

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the bark and blossom

The blossoms are so brightly lit and friendly at this time of year. I stand below them and let their fragrance surrender to the springtime heat, it makes me wonder what my life would be like in a place where flowers don't grow and then I tell myself I shouldn't wonder about such things because it makes me feel too sad. I will always try to remember the way a family of flowers growing on a tree makes me see the world as a forgiving and beautiful place. Some people walk right passed these trees without even noticing, but maybe they are the lucky ones, for they have nothing to miss when the trees go away.

Life is beautiful when you let yourself go to the places that make you feel the happiest.
For me, this is beneath a flowering tree in the springtime.

Daisy Vest & Sunhat  Thrifted at Value Village
Tulle Skirt – OASAP
Shoes – ALDO

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Heart shaped bowl

 I painted this heart-shaped bowl at the Claygrounds studio here in Calgary, with the help of my dear friend Emily. I have always dreamed of living in a home where the kitchen cupboards are filled with utensils and food holders that are both functional and sweet. After all, life is better when we eat for joy!

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