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Happy April! The sun has finally returned home and birds that were invisible during winter are singing on the porch. Soon, we'll be among fresh blooms and grass stained stockings. For now, I'll keep eating like I need to reserve fat for winter until my body realizes that it's actually springtime. I don't know why -- but I always have the appetite of a bear when it's cold outside and couldn't be bothered to eat when I'm warm.

How is your world lately?

Photographs are from my instagram account, my username is amyflyingakite 

The season of heartbeats

As a young girl I was always waiting for springtime. I liked winter for its quiet solitude, I liked autumn for its maple stained leaves and I liked summer for its fruit picking hours, but I loved springtime because it was the beginning of everything. All that was buried between the cold dead grass and the cold white snow regrew a heartbeat in the springtime.

It is the season where we step outside of our cocoons and smell the earth. In the spring air, we feel brave knowing that we have survived the cold winter. After all, not every living thing makes it, most are put to sleep by the cold winter frost. Some of us were tempted to cry as we watched snow bury our gardens and some of us understood that springtime would bring it all back. If you look closely now, you’ll see tiny blades of grass stretching towards the sun, it’s as if the blades are calling out to lady bugs that they’re ready to be climbed. Be warned though: wherever the snow melts, there is a chance of spotting a bad dog owner's decision to keep their pup's crud on the ground, springtime leaves nothing hidden.

 This year, winter felt so long. I wasted away my quiet moments by calling for winter’s grave and sulking when I could not taste the sun. I tried to remember how sunshine tasted like medicine and then I burnt my tongue on hot cocoa trying to take myself there. Spring, the season of heartbeats, it would make me happy if you stayed awhile. 

I've always wanted to do my hair like this. For somebody who is terrible at doing her own hair, I am proud of myself! The braids stayed in my hair well into the evening -- which is clearly a record for me!

Blouse Value Village | Hat Spring | Shorts – Suzy Shier | Boots DNA Footwear

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Head for the hills

 All Images Via Marc Johns

The other day I was feeling sad and misunderstood. It was the kind of sadness that grows and grows until a belly ache swallows you whole and lying in bed is the only thing that will make you feel better. During this time, while resting my head on a pillow and balancing a laptop on my knee, I came upon Marc Johns illustrations. My mood was instantly lifted and all of those sad thoughts floated away. I couldn't keep myself from sharing his whimsical work with you.

You can find more illustrations on his blog
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