last days of weardrobe conference

The day before departure was another lovely time. We woke up, and walked down to a restaurant named lure. We were greeted by a specialized menu fit for a queen. I sat next to Keiko, Katy, and Krystal. The food was delicious. The atmosphere was relaxing. I felt like I had walked into a spa, with french toast, and pretty people. A girl from seventeen magazine introduced herself to all of us. Dream job.. Dreeeeam job. Also, I was delighted to meet Sara(h) who works for She was an angel if I ever did meet one.

After brunch.. The talented streetstyle photographer and blogger Altamira came to do a photo shoot. We attracted a lot of tourists! For the first time in my life,.. I felt what being famous must taste like.(I liked the attention, shh!)

Typical Amy fashion(no pun).. I was chewing gum, smiling from left ear to right, ruining a perfect picture.. It's okay. I like the naturalness of this photo, forget the gum!

After continuous walking, and laboring in the heat... We found our way to a boutique called eryn brinie. It was there, that I got to style my first mannequin. Me and cutie Katy were paired, and decided to go for a boho-fall look. As happily, and quickly, as we could.. we found ourselves rummaging through beautiful drapes of cloth, and color. The prices ran high. My brown eyes wanted to purchase, but my head told me no..

We worked well together. We took elements out of our own individual styles to create a look. After styling the mannequin, my eyes were opened.. Maybe a stylist is a dream job for me too..

We finished the day with a meeting with the creator of tumblr. It was so interesting to meet someone who belonged to the "tech" part of our world. After, learning, and engaging in conversation, I felt my body tired and sore. We went back to the hotel. I crawled into a deep sleep, while some of the girls headed to a movie. It was another dream day in the world of weardrobe.

the last day. . .

All beautiful things come to an end. Such is true with the weardrobe conference. New York, and all the creative girls I met during a week in September.. I'll never forget to remember every conversation, every smile, every blister, every chill, every moment. The week started with it's nerve wracking beginnings, first times, first impressions, and strangers. The week ended with blossoming flowers, blossoming souls, bags full of goodies, but most importantly, a life full of new friendships. My heart is warmer. My eyes are brighter. I see more beauty in the world. Weardrobe, you are a best friend. Jess. Suz. Rich. It's always summer when I think of you!


dlflflf . .. f 


  1. Anonymous2.10.09

    beautifuL dress. and lovely words. lucky

  2. oh this is great, amy! it was wonderful meeting you! memories...

  3. Wow, it looks lke you had so much fun! Where did you get your blazer? Its adorable!

  4. ya'll are so adorable!

  5. looks like so much fun! i'm so jealous that you got to meet and hang out with such inspiring bloggers!

  6. adorable pics....
    like your blog!!!


  7. All of these pictures make me smile :)

  8. looks like you had a fun time and had a wonderful experience!

  9. I'm so jealous! You got to live my dream of styling a mannequin. Your outfit turned out gorgeous! Everyone looks fantastic in these pictures. I'm so happy to hear that my post inspired you! It means a lot to hear that. Your blog inspires me every day!


  10. oh my GOSH, this looks incredible. So interesting, you got to meet some fascinating people, too.
    I'm super jealous. You look beautiful also x

  11. That looked like a blast. Everyone was so stylish!

  12. it looks like it was loads of fun... your so lucky it seems like one of the best experiences

    thanks for stopping by the blog

    Vi from Cali

  13. Thanks for passing by NQQxxx and showing some love <3

    Hopefully your next visit will be shortly…

    P.S - I've added your blog to my blog list :-) –will be back shortly...

    Much love

  14. Your mannequin looks fabulous! :D

  15. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog. Big thanks. You look so beautiful in the pictures you posted. :)

  16. soo adorable! plus, I love that floral dress!


  17. These photos are so so wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Anonymous5.10.09

    You are such a cutie! Thanks for sharing!

  19. I've been following the whole conference on several different blogs, primarily Keiko Lynn and the Glamorai...and every pic I saw of you, there was an item, whether it be clothing, shoes, or accessories, I wanted it...and I'm glad to find another blog with different pics of the conference so I can see even more...

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment...and I plan on being a reocurring visitor...

  20. awww!
    the way you styled the mannequin was really nice :)
    the earthy/neutral colors complement each other!!

  21. I love how you styled your mannequin!! I would wear that outfit! It sounds like such an awesome experience!

  22. Anonymous6.10.09

    Love your clothes you wore each day! YOu are such a pretty girl and natural too.

  23. Ooooh AND I Frankly think that "Amy's so smiling/mischievous Fashion Attitude" (with gum OR not)tend to make blow such a delicious wind of Freshness on Street Style's usual imagery !!!
    Hope you're Well Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine