You'll never be lonely, as long as the moon blinks and the sun rises again.

I traveled through the mountains on a blue day. The sun was dancing. There were no clouds tied to the sky. Just an empty feeling hugging my tummy, and an empty thought tied to my mind. I'm just tired. Sleep has failed me. I have eyes for windows. . . . When I travel through the mountains. The snow glistens like love's eyes. Birds fly across train tracks. Clouds part, and the sun shines. If you are searching for peace. Visit a mountain.

I had this day dream that my eyes were raining, my feet sore, my legs frozen. I was standing on an empty street in the heart of an empty town. I was sad. Sad knowing I was chained to this street. The law of gravity, and the law of life hugged me tightly. The fear of being tied down to anything sends shivers through my skull. I used to think, If you can't break free and play in the sky, then what am I living for?

Now that I'm older, I've grown to know why I exist. More importantly, I know what I exist for. I'm living for the sea. I'm living for the grass. I'm living for the color of a leaf as it falls through a pale sky. I'm living for the touch of a hand, the touch of a heart, and the humming of my favorite tune. So many people are searching for the list of reasons to live. It's simple. Live because you'll die, no matter what you eat, no matter who you kiss, you'll say goodbye to this snow, you'll say goodbye to this sun. Live now. Say hello to the land, the light, the art of living. I am apart of everything. You are apart of everything. Heaven only knows why we love it so.

My book of plans is empty. Is that my fault??? How do you make an honest friend in a new city? What am I thinking? Who needs a friend when you have youtube, ipods, pens, papers, and a pair of floral tights? :) Come on optimism the sun's never shone so bright for you!

dress/ the weardrobe dress by modcloth
boots/ value village
tights and hat/ h&m
sweater/ vintage

Happy Thursday love doves! Mucho Kisses !!