blue skies are coming

Happy Friday. The squirrels are here, and so are higher spirits.
I'm listening to blue skies by Noah and the Whale. These grooves are lifting me. Making me feel intoxicated. As if I've sipped two glasses of wine, or suddenly, I've grown wings. It's enchanting how music can create feelings. Mmusic Mmusic Mmusic, the only thing finer than love. It's 1am. The alarm is set for 5am. The day of tomorrow brings dreaded school work, and tired eyes(I'm sure)... Here's my question, Why do I ache for a nap in the sunlight, only to be fully awake, fully aware, fully alive during moon hours.

Some things I'll never understand.

Now as I've been typing this.. my eyes have grown lazy, my neck sore, and my head longs to be rested on a satin pillow. Goodnight world. May you dream about monkeys, and jungles, and sailboats.... See you in the sunlight.

(((On a blog note, I am dedicated to no longer neglecting you. Opportunities may arise, and life may take hours away from me... but I'm promising on more frequent posts...)))


shoesies; zellers $10
skirt; the gap $50
floral crochet gloves; forever 21 $12
jean jacket; DKNY thrifted $5

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  1. Glad to see you'll be posting more. Love your style ** Been a fan since the beginning.

  2. i love this and it is exactly the kind of sleep slipping eyes shutting nonsense (!) i get up to always, so that is nice,

  3. Anonymous1.10.10

    Your shoes are so cute! Zellers, I can't believe you found such nice shoes there.I'll have to check it out

  4. I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts! You look beautiful in these shots! I love your style

  5. Your face reminds me of Gemma Artreton's. Very pretty.

  6. I really like feminine blogs, not so much the hipster look. You really are feminine, and proud to be a beautiful young lady. your kind of beautiful is rare, your pretty(drop dead) but your thoughts are what gets me

  7. you have a great unique style :-) love the mix of textures and colors

  8. Anonymous2.10.10

    wow your blog is amazing! The jean jacket is stunning!!

    xx Diana

  9. love your outfit dear

  10. such awesome the shots

  11. I liked the outfit of yours. But I have one complain why don't you smile?? Smile at least in one picture as I want to see you how does you look when you smile..

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