may all these weeds be wildflowers.

The world is turning, and I'm wearing pants. In general, I find pants boring, unflattering, and they don't sing to the tune of my hips, quite like skirts do. But I believe in experimentation, and I've recently discovered an appreciation for pants. More than anything, I have a desire to wear all of the garments in my closet. I have so many blouses, shawls, jackets, skirts, pants, accessories, so many outfits that have been dormant like the apple tree in winter.  Are you like this? You buy a shining blouse, bring it into your wardrobe, and 3 months later, you finally wear it because you forgot it existed? This is my fashion-life story. I'm working on changing this. The pattern of buying, forgetting, wearing, forgetting, it has to stop. it has to stop.

I began writing for this post in a Cafe on 17th avenue.  Elton was rockin' tiny dancer, and the streets were a library. You learn so much about the way of people, just by watching them.  All of the hours spent in malls, day-gazing at park benches, eyes open at airport arrivals, all of these hours have helped me to understand the beauty. Too many declare people-watching as vile, rude, ignorant.. 

But to me, people watching is a fuzzy peach, a can of corn. It's not tasteless.

People watching is an act that causes us to think.    Have you ever met someone who spoke of museums, libraries, books, and poems to be bad/tasteless/awful things? Neither have I.

without me watching, without you being watched. with no people-looking. There would be no museums, no books, no libraries.   If we never knew to watch an old man in a tuxedo parade through the streets, a young woman on her bike, a mother and her crying baby. If we didn't see these things, we'd be blind. We'd only feel the tones, variations and rhythms of our own lives. We wouldn't be so vast. We wouldn't be so curious. And the books that we read would be missing their pages. 

when I spend time people watching. I feel like I see through my own eyes into someone else's life. I begin to feel what it might be like to live through someone elses body.  
and then I can write a poem, or a story about it.

The sad poetry I write isn't always a creation of my own blues,
just as my happy poetry isn't limited to my own smile,
I think I'm a writer because I'm a watcher. 

But hey, I'm just rambling around.
Now, I'm gazing through magazine scans of Korean fashion. The styles are full of camel, and pastel colors. Flowing lacy tops are adorned with bows, and chunky knits drape over flowered-covered dresses. Everything is  intricate, but more importantly, everything is cute.   There's a china town where I live, and it's full of Japanese and Korean fashion outlets..  I've dreamed of purchasing a dress, or pants, or top, so far I've only gotten butterfly boots from my boyfriend.  (I need to quit spending.. but..) My birthdays in a month, and I'm thinking, a day exploring in China town, shopping in cutesy stores, and finishing it all with a platter of sushi, sounds like a happy birthday.  

MUCH LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE TO YOU ALL! happy weekend....xoxo

blouse; thrifted/japanese
necklace; aldo accesories $15
trousers; thrifted $7
booties; the bay $80


  1. oh I love your trousers with your blouse.

  2. Well done woman, I love this look the pants are a dream and I almost bought that necklace in blue but I am not sure if I can rock it as well as you can, love your look as always and I totally agree on people watching I worked at a mall for too long to not just enjoy it.

  3. Anonymous23.10.10

    You should wear pants more often! They look flattering on you Amy!

  4. Very very nice

  5. Anonymous23.10.10

    I'm lucky to be your boyfriend.I feel full every time I read your blog posts...I wish words could describe the words you write. You paint a thousand pictures with just one line.If only the world could do what you do I think no one would miss a point and every one would appreciate its beauty. I love you!

    CARTER E Flickinfizzle

  6. this is amazingly a perfect matched the grey trousers with the pale-ditsy floral blouse...a great tune to your look...especially the necklace is like a cherry to the icing...even the lace-ups go really well with the the fitting of the trousers...<3
    much love...


    Miss your face.

    Love always,

  8. Anonymous23.10.10

    Amy! You look gorgeous. I love reading your musings. And these pants make your legs a million miles long.
    I'm adding you to my blogroll.

  9. Anonymous23.10.10

    Sexy stylish chic elegant
    too many words to describe Amy.

  10. I adore this! The shoes just break my heart I want them so bad!
    You always look perfect :D

    Ayesha x

  11. You look adorable in pants. Asian magazines are so inspiring. I love the bright colors and all the layers.

  12. You look adorable in pants. Asian magazines are so inspiring. I love the bright colors and all the layers.

  13. Naw, you're not rambling on.
    you are so very right about people watching. It is so very interesting, isn't it?

    I like your aim for wearing every single item of clothing you have. I dont have a great deal of clothes, but my personal aim is to go through them all and rid what I can to charity and only keep the clothes I really admire.

    And will actually wear.

  14. Amazing top!

  15. Gorgeous shirt and necklace!

  16. Hi pretty, love your trousers! Great style, greets from The Netherlands!

  17. Anonymous24.10.10

    Trousers look good on you You keep it looking good.

  18. Anonymous24.10.10

    This look is magical. I can not believe that I have not seen your blog before and you live only a few provinces away, in the same country.

    I am now happily perusing your archives and will continue to do so.

    I am Trishna from Toronto BTW and I know you are busy. Would you keep in touch?

  19. i love your top !!! nice shooting

  20. good outfit!!!


  21. Hello! Thank you for write comment on my blog!

    Your blog is awesome! I like your outfits.

    Thank you because I was thinking about stop writing my blog. But comments like yours making me believe in me.

    Sorry for my english ;)

  22. I love your blog ! You have such a georgous style ! This outfit is so perfect on you ! xoxo

  23. Beautiful outfit and words :)

    Maria Ana

  24. Love your outfits, really good ones, and your blog. I've a blog too, I'd appreciate if u could have a look at it. Thanks!

  25. I'm in love with your necklace!

  26. Anonymous24.10.10


  27. Anonymous25.10.10

    You are a fantastic human being Amy. I find reading your blog posts one of my favorite things. Even when they are sad, they are so optimsitic. Your a true writer, and watcher :)

  28. Your outfit looks lovely. I also buy things and forget about them. What a bad habit!

  29. Hey! I'm so glad you joined HYPEED ^^Hope you'll post this outfit for our hiking boots theme ( )

    cuz i love it !



  30. I love the photos you posted on hypeed <3

  31. Karen Uhryn25.10.10

    The cherry blossom suits you. :)

  32. great outfit, gorgeous photos, lovely post with a perfect text and thoughts* :)
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, I'm glad you liked it ***

  33. Anonymous25.10.10

    Favorite of my blogs

  34. Amy that outfit is amazing. So simple yet so chic

  35. Love this outfit. I'm in awe of your thrifting skills. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  36. Anonymous25.10.10

    Gorgeous Young Woman <3

  37. The trousers look great on you, I've started wearing ones just like these!

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog!

  38. You are too pretty & stylish! I just love your outfits. I'll definitely be "following" you!

    KF x

  39. perfect! your outfits are adorable, your incredibly stylish.
    hey, i literally made my blog like 5 minutes ago.
    maybe if you in the mood, can you check it?
    thanks, darling!
    i'm a follower forevermore!

  40. Anonymous25.10.10

    Perfection much? You are the epitome of adorable

  41. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Your blog is gorgeous! This outfit too, my my.


  42. Thanks for your sweet comment!! This is a gorgeous outfit and I LOVE that necklace! Great colors :)

    Hope you'll stop by again soon :)

  43. And you should wear pants! They look fabulous on you. Love the combination of feminine, soft blouse and manly trousers. xo

  44. That necklace is beautiful!!! Absolutely in love with the color!

  45. Gorgeous necklace and your blog is just lovely! x