zebra in furs

Happy Monday peachlings.

I am resting in my cave, by the mountains of florid pink sheets, and butterfly hues. A dim light bulb replaces the sun, and the space heater replaces the summer. A cold brew of root beer on my tongue, and all I want is a hug.  The strangeness of my week has been undesirable.  No sleep for my head. No pillow for my heart.  It's Monday, and the hustling week lies ahead.    While I sit covered in  metamorphosis, it is healthy to keep myself occupied.   By Tuesday's air, I will be studying, greeting a new friend, journeying towards open mic night, and sipping a late night brew.    I am attending a fashion mixer on Wednesday, and a cosmetics gala on Thursday all whilst studying for a Math final Friday.   The lonely girl of once 17, is suddenly a busy bee.

For my current being, not all is alive in pain and war. Just when I've bowed my head, to escape the cloud, I see cocoons everywhere.   Throughout my week, there has been handwriting on the walls, and  little hidden symbols.          Saturday morning, there was a bug's bumble by my ear.  It's been 5 months since a warm-breeding- season. This tiny bug, how is he alive?   Rest assured, I didn't squish him or panic. I said hello and marveled at his wing-speed.          Saturday evening, I was reading a book while treading sweat on my indoor bike. With the displeasure of a headache I put the book down, only to see a burst of brown jiffy by my window. My heart beatings were stretched in shock, and wonderment.  At once, a baby deer was beaming..  I live in the city. The direction of the window faces my neighbors yard, which is gated by fences. My imagination is not so wild.  There is a mystic, and symbolic meaning to all of this.... signs of life..
"The deer is linked to the arts, specifically poetry and music in ancient animal lore due to its graceful form. The Celts also believed that deer were associated with the fairie realm, and would lead troops of fairies - hundreds of them trailing behind them as the stag cut a path through the forest."


Today was a more pleasurable day.  In spite of extreme tiredness,  I carried a smile and shine to the fifty percent off day at Value Village.           By 7 bells, I climbed out of the forest, brushed my teeth, drank my water, soaked my skin, and put on peachy lipstick.   The morning was flooded by winter's breath. This meant, a knitted type of hosiery enclosing my feet was very much needed(socks!)
Two hours passed forging, scouting, dusting my shoes, and pulling the frizzles out of my hair.    Good bye 50 dolllaaaaaaaars!    On any other day, it would have been 100.     For the first time(possibly ever..), my plastic bag was fed by basic colored-fabrics.  My most treasured purchase was a darling white banana republic blouse, purchased with pocket change...

  Before I nap, or bathe, or write down my goals and dreams. I will toast a garden veggie bagel, and finish my root beer.   I feel inclined to spell "root bear" , there's something much sweeter about the sound.   
For my costume, I was a zebra dressed in furs...Trying to connect to the animal kingdom.  The skirt was bought on my birthday(forever 21).  I can envision it with platform heels, a white chiffon blouse, and a glass of bubbly.    I apologize for the dirty boots... It's hard to stay polished when the snow is so temperamental.  One day, heated by the sun, the snow will melt.       
There is another world, but it is in this one.

Hope your week is greeted with soft touches, and smiles.~

Sweet Kisses !!

what I wore:
stripe shirt- H&M thrifted $4
skirt- forever 21 $25
boots- thrifted $10
faux fur- blue notes $15
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  1. Anonymous7.2.11

    Knock out- beauty. Wow. Speechless, as always. Please feel better soon. Change is good, you need it every now and again. The only change you can't do is cut your hair, its far too lovely by your pretty face.

  2. Carter7.2.11

    No words can describe you.

  3. The stripes SO CUTE amy! Love it!

  4. This is one of my favorite looks from you. You styled it so beautifully.

  5. Amy, these shots of you are all great but the 4th from last with hair and hand partially covering the face is my favorite - an instant classic! Here's hoping you plow through your week in fine fashion. Good night, my friend!

  6. Great photos...really love the skirt and the shirt and fur. I would totally wear this!. Check out my give-away!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  7. Amy, this one of my fave outfits! It's so beautiful and I adore the photographs. xx veronika

  8. <3


  9. Love your outfit..I am still swearing by the fur vest.

    XO Lisa from sweetie

  10. very nice skirt!!
    and stripes are always great :D

  11. You look great and the stripe sweater is amazing!!! Love your vest!

  12. very nice outfit!love your tights!
    you look great!

  13. I love the skirt these are gorgeous pictures, fab deary.
    I really like the fur too ive been wanting a gilet but ive had a fear i would look ridiculous however it really suits you x

  14. beautiful as always :):* love your skirt ! kisses dear

  15. perfect outfit!!!love it!kisses


  16. love this outfit amy!


  17. this so cutE!! i love the combination of stripes and fur and i love the fabric of the skirt!

  18. I almost bought that skirt yesterday from Forever21....but decided to buy a maxi dress instead. lol It looks lovely on you though!


  19. You're beautiful! I love your outfits and your style.


  20. me encanta el blog!
    te dejo el mio

    un besito

  21. oh I do love a good fur. And I also love 50% off days at value. Except the one I go to gets far too busy too quickly x..x
    Casie Jean

  22. Your skirt is amazing!
    Love it love it ;D



  23. simply divine, found you via chictopia and your blog is uber chic

  24. I really love this look!

    _kisses from
    (interior design blog)

  25. such a cute fur vest! :)


  26. this is a lovely outfit, i really like the whole look from head to toe

  27. Hi your blog is really great! So I start following you!

  28. Thanks darling ! means a lot to me as your blog is so incredible ! :) x

  29. ur boots were thrifted??? i loveeeeeeeee it! wait, where did u get ur tights???

  30. so nice new way to wear the fur vest....so original!!

  31. really cute outfit! love the skirt!

  32. i couldn't agree more... yoú're made for a different world... beautiful!! oops, am i suppose to look at your clothings?!?! :p keep it up!! cheers...

  33. Wow, you have the BEST style!
    Sweet vest!

    I love your blog so much:-*
    And, so good hair!

  34. cute post!!
    love your style!!=P

  35. amazing skirt! thanks for the comment! visit again


  36. Anonymous15.2.11

    You have beautiful long hair.

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