teeth danced on rainbow moons

Good morning sweet Strawberry oatmeal. This is my galaxy.  Strawberries for planets. Fruit loops for moons. White sugar for hidden star clusters. And vanilla cream as dust.   


Monday's dawn begins.
A stretching week lies ahead. Full of good promise. And honey-eyed winks.
Before I can travel to the new week. I must wonder, and bask in the melting snow of the old week.
My week was drawn in pastels. The spring weather has blossomed, and the sweat of my brow is dripping by the heat.  When spring begins, so grows my inner teddy. I feel plush and stuffed with soft material.  Wanting to hug the unloved dirt, and sleep beside the bark of trees.  I sit pretty, belly full, and rich when I sit beneath a golden sun. 

I've spent my week playing vagabond.  My feet have not played traveler. But my brain has.  Through moon kissed hours, I've been wandering. Wandering through thoughts of now, then, and future bringings.  The sky is calling change from me. Not within me. But around me. There are friendflowers who do not blossom in my garden. There are weeds that must be plucked from my forest.  Cutting ties with friends is like watching water fall. It reserves your minutes. And makes you feel slow.   But after the water fall comes the prettiest flower. The lambs come out to play. And the fawns tickle the buds with their posy noses.  

For months, I have felt like the honey bee.  The honey bee stuck in a cocoon.  I trembled at the thought of stinging friend flowers who grew as weeds.            A honey bee will lose it's body after the sting, and this made me cowardly.  For hours, and days, and months, ~my heartbeat thumped faster, my baths drew longer, my poems were somber, my skies ill-lighted. All because,  I was perplexed by the people I was holding hands with. Not all. But few.  It's not that these people are guided by gloom, or built without hearts. Simply, we are not parallel.   We were born into different worlds.  All of this pondering, and mulling, made my bones ache. I'm not one for negative thinking. When I think sad thoughts,  I cannot visit my dreams. I cannot pluck petals from the sky.  Instead, I make stew. 

 I was rose blushed at dawn, with ears open, to a new melody.   It was at this moment, my clarity overcame me. And water buckets spilled from my eyes.   In the past week, I have discovered what true friendliness ought to be. I only want friend flower's who see the beauty in the pine, the scent in the candle, and the penmanship in the poem. The folksingers, the bakers, the painters, the wordsmiths, the poets, the tea-sipping, honey-dipping, souls. Those are the ones who I will keep. For those are the ones who know me best.

It's stunning how thoughts play vagabond. At once, I had goosebumps beside ill autumn shadows. Now, my thoughts are dressed in summery hours.   I blame the sun, and the folk song. If it weren't for poetry, the brightest star, or the string band, I'd never find myself complete.           Here is the melody that woke me.  "I come from a long line in history of dreamers, each one, a little more tired than the one before."

 I finish this post with a smile, a kiss, and two pictures. Picture one~ multigrain toast and homemade rasberry jam from a breakfast date. Picture two~ Newly bought cheetah printed boots. Meow.

Always, thanks for listening x

what i wore
beige blouse- le chateau $20
beige shorts- suzy shier $13
fur shoes- atseoul.com sponsor
bow clip- claires $1
white fuzzy vest- china town $12


  1. My sweet Amy,
    Words cannot express how I adore you.. Mere sunsets ago, I wrote in my worn journal of weeds hidden in flowers, killing the roses I feverishly planted.. Friends pass and not all who are in our lives are meant to be permanent, something heartbreaking.. I really do believe that we leave a bit of our soul with each stranger, each friend, each person who's lives we touch.

    Let's be friends forever.


  2. i love your FUR!!! girl, you are amazing! and the bow in your hair is fantastic!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. Anonymous10.4.11

    It's not only your style that draws me to you . near and dear

    but its your wisdom
    and your words

    you paint mountains amy. never stop writing.

  4. Anonymous10.4.11

    Love your poetry!!!

  5. Your cereal looks delicious! Cute outfit. I'm lovin' all the fur!

  6. Amy you really have a gift for expressing your feelings. I hope your audience knows how honest and humble you truly are.
    Love always...mom!

  7. love your shorts and awesome boots, also as always you look amazingly beautiful amy xo

  8. Anonymous11.4.11

    The outfit is so gorgeous! I love all the neutrals and nudes. I wish I could still wear furs but it's too warm here now!

  9. I love the colours in this outfit, gorgeous! Oh and the shoes, oh the shoes.. <3

  10. love the boots!
    and the shorts, amazing ribbon tie too :D
    Rosie xo

  11. I crave that beautiful fuzzy vest! I can't believe what a bargain it was! x

  12. Anonymous11.4.11

    Your oatmeal looks amazing. Cook up some for me. I love how much you appreciate simplicity and yet crave for an adventure. I've been reading your prose and poems on twitter and I can't help but wonder how someone so perfect can exist in such a corrupt world? If you ever think of publishing, which you certainly should, never let any publisher editor preacher teacher tell you to be anything different than you. Looking forward to more words and rhyme from you Amy. Wordsmith. :)

  13. I have to get this out there- I don't think I've ever said this ever on a blog. But you have absolutely perfect hair! You are so beautiful.

    I recently found your blog and am loving it. I'm a painter and fashion lover and lover of your poetry and words. How great to be able to see parts of such a creative soul via blogland.

    From a fellow creative soul...

    xo Jessica Rae

  14. Tracy11.4.11

    Amy the emotions and feelings you convey through words is amazing. I wonder if your readers know how honest and humble you really are. I'm so happy that you are able to pair the art of writing with your already beautiful style. Always...momma!

  15. Anonymous11.4.11

    I can relate to cutting friends out however it's fate that's doing the cutting I believe. I'm growing older and all our lives are changing, it's hard to keep in touch or they're not the person they used to be which is a shame.

    You look so beautiful, the nude/neutral colours compliment you so well. Your hair is striking!

  16. Love your vest and shoes, you look adorable!

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  17. Ahh! Everything about this post is amazing! The food, the beautiful pictures and your outfit. I love the fur and those beautiful fawn shorts. Following! Panda xo

  18. I LOVE the outfit, those boots are so chic! XOXO, www.NatalyasCloset.com

  19. Anonymous11.4.11

    I totally love your shorts@ Great post hun!

    ps. I would like to invite you to the first giveaway on my blog.


  20. Hey Lady!

    I see you do love your bows. I shall remember this!

    You look really lovely here. :)

    Bye for now. Lisa x

  21. Amy, your blog is adorable and you are so beautiful! Love your sense of style.


  22. I have limited time so I can't really write much of a comment, but I will say that you look absolutely lovely as usual, and I really like the inclusion of the food photos recently. :) Yummy!

  23. What kind of camera is taking these!!?? I absolutly love this style.

  24. super cute post, super cute outfit, super cute blog!!!
    j' adore... ;)
    i found you through chictopia and im now a follower! :)
    have a nice, colorful day

  25. I love your outfit here. You are so beautiful!

  26. You, my dear, are a fashionable. I can't express more how refreshing your style is!

    Thanks so much for your comment, I'm happy to discover your site, definitely will be coming back to read more. :)


  27. amazing style as always. I love your furry vest:)

  28. lovely lovely blog! you are super stinkin cute! thanks for the comment on my blog :)


  29. really adorable outfit! i love the fur vest! i actually have a similar one so that gave me ideas on how to style it :)

    check out my blog please!

  30. Your words are pearls of emotion.
    I adore your oatmeal cookies. Your outfit is so romantic - with an element of nostalgie. xx

  31. And I MUST say that this (so prettily colorful) culinary allegory sounds as tasty as your (uber charming) presence is mutinous Chère Amy !!!
    ps: This rhetorical vagabondage is a true delight Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  32. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. Your writing and poetry accompany your style and clothes so well, and that song is just so gorgeous. I feel as if for a moment I can disconnect from the fast paced world and enjoy the lovely things when you post.

  33. I don't even like cereal, but that honestly looks so yumyum.
    great photography !!

  34. Anonymous12.4.11

    Precious doll face

  35. Beautiful photosssss :)

  36. amazing look, love your hair!!! Yummy looking oatmeal!!! :)

    xo Emma

  37. I've never seen oatmeal look so cute! This outfit is so great, especially the shorts! Oh and you are beautiful!

  38. Love all the textures in the outfit xx

  39. I love everything about your outfit, especially your bangs!!! You are such a beauty. Thanks for visiting and your cute comment on my blog! Love you blog.

  40. your look is fabulous! Adorable place...


  41. Anonymous13.4.11

    Those photo's are so cute! Love the outfit a lot!
    Much love! xx


  42. love those shoes! you look amazing!!! xx

  43. haha! that oatmeal looks awesome.
    your outfit is adorable. i love the shorts! ive been looking for a pair like that for ages

  44. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! is so cute!! and amazing.
    The outfit is gorgeous!

  45. Love your writing so creative, and what a fun way to look at breakfast. :)

  46. I've just stumbled across your blog and I'm loving it! So pretty x


  47. A perfect breakfast..I love the shades of this outfit!

    I wanted to invite you to join in on this blog award/activity- http://dearwinsome.blogspot.com/2011/04/few-of-my-favorite-things.html
    We would all love to hear about your favorite things!


  48. I hope you continue to encounter true friendliness and not those guided by gloom. Your bow and blouse are too cute!

    Thanks for stopping by and hope to be back soon too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  49. really gorgeous outfit. x

    p.s. I'm having 2 giveaways on my blog right now for studded denim shorts from runway dreamz & a necklace from pure jewelry if you'd like to check it out. xx

  50. Beautiful darlin!! I love your style and your oatmeal. <3

    Kala Noel.

  51. yes, indeed - I completely agree :) you look adorable and I find your writing very inspired!

  52. That outfit is gorgeous !
    Great blog ,definetely following
    Mantenso xx

  53. I love those shorts and your hair in these pics :)

    keep in touch!

  54. This page is so inspiring. Thank you for stopping by my little spot--I am so glad you did because now I found yours!! Your style is gorgeous, this page is so colorful and reading it just makes my day better.


  55. Your outfit is amazing! You have GREAT style!!

  56. Your outfit is gorgeous and I love your boots!

  57. i love these images and your blog. Your style and vibe are great. really edgy.
    check mine out and follow me back if you like it! Appreciate the support.


  58. great outfit :)

  59. Great for the winter season and the dress looks beautiful.

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