an ode to grass and denim.

just tell me now grass, where have you been? where are the carrot seeds? and the cucumber snacks?

I would like to post more frequently, but the weather hasn't been friendly. The sky line has been etched in witching hours. Clouds of gray formed pouts above my bed. Wind currents rose above prairies, ripping the roots of canola. 
On Friday, I was set to travel the mountains. I was counting on passing the golden pines, the crooked leaf, and the river.   Instead, the forecast kept the river, the leaf, and the pine wounded by snow storms.          Thus, I was stuck at home.

every shiver, raised hair, the winding wind, each petal of snow, left a pout on my lips. The pout grew into a blossom of tears. I looked at the sky. I looked at my pillow. I tried to speak to Mother Nature, but she lost her way.   Now as the dawn rises early, the sun has (finally!) brought it's peak.  No longer swallowed by pity, and sadness. I am free by the sun, and I will gallop like the pony through the shrubbery.  
The tree is shedding it's dead branches. This is the third time I'm celebrating Spring.
Mother Nature, pick a side, and let it be the one with the cherry flower budding along the bough.

When the weather pawns the witchery, and brings the harvest seeds, and warm air, I am happy. The pouring yellow colors, and lush greens remind me of my July. Where I visit folk festivals, and sketch hearts into sand with bare toes.  The Folk Festival I'm longing for is the Calgary Folk Festival.  Last night, I stretched my visa to pardon $500 worth of tickets.   

Live music is my church. Come July, I will be red by the sun, and drunk from the harmony.

( Two of my favorite artists are coming.. The Felice Brothers, and Blind Pilot.. chirp chirp ^.^ )

 A week ago, I found my bosom bursting to the sounds of The Tallest Man On Earth. As he plucked folk ballads, and sentiments to my spirit, I felt bewildered.   In the core of my being, there is a hole. This hole will forever be milked by the music to which my ears blossom. If it weren't for a man, a guitar, and a strum, I'd forever be grasped by reality.   His voice was echoed in Swedish hues, and I was beckoned by the thought of travel. ...Oh how I wish to be on Sweden's soil....

If you have a child, dandle him on her knee while singing a happy song.
 I am a girl who swallows milk, and gets belly aches. I'm also a girl who will discover any excuse to stray away from pants. The tight, body hugging way, keeps my aplomb and courage at shore. I've always trusted femininity.  Wanting to paint my lips in peach hues, and color my nails red. But! I've never been struck with the idea that shapely outfits do me any good.   
Because of my constant restlessness, and need for challenge, I've promised myself more pant wearing days. If it wasn't for the wide legged denim, and the high waist pant, I'd forever be dressed in skirts, and frocks.

These pants are from Forever 21, discovered on sale racks for $13.  I wear them through the summer months.. carrying a tune.

With the spilling sun, and the enchantment of Summer's promise, no longer are we confined to the inner flowers of our hearts, or our pantries.  With the heat, at last, we can visit nurseries, and flower playgrounds. We can pick pots of perennials, and paint our backyards with mini gardens.    
While we were waiting for Spring, these inside flowers kept us beautiful. As if they've been plucked from the wild hunt in forests. They bloom like roses, and fall like wild flowers.  They were sent to me as an apology.  I can be fickle, and stubborn, but send me flowers, and it'll be difficult to swallow my pout. For the sender of these (Thank you)

Big hugs, and wishes for healthy things xx
Love all ways, always.
(Hoping for clear skies, and more postings for you. Thank you for your hearts and words)

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what i wore
 blouse- forever 21 $14
wide leg jeans- forever 21 $13


  1. you look so 70's! im loving this outfit and this trend :)

  2. What a lovely flowerchild you are:D

    Love Despite color

  3. i love the sleeves on that shirt, and girl your booty looks perf in those jeans!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. Anonymous2.5.11

    Nice outfit! You looked like you stepped right out of the 70's!

    A plus,
    Driftwood and Daydreams

  5. I love fashion from the 70's! What a great outfit! :D

    Have a nice week!


  6. hmmmm....yup...I've officially never loved a shirt more! Is it ok if I feature this shirt on my "friday i'm in love" post this week? I'll link you of course!

  7. I have such a soft spot for this look from the 70's. The photos of the flowers with the colours are wonderful.

  8. Amy, I love this look. That top is just flowy and gorgeous and looks oh so retro 70s/60s with those amazing jeans. and lookie at those pretty flowers :) sometimes, not even the most expensive blooms can compete with a sincere apology.

  9. so 70s, this outfit is wonderful! LOVING your flares!

    your writing is beautiful :)

    come stop by for a visit,

    x Lauren

  10. I am in LOVE with these photos! You are such a gorgeous girl Amy <3


  11. pretty sleeves! like a butterfly:)

  12. Anonymous2.5.11

    you are rare

  13. this just rocked my world! I love a good high waist pant and you can't beat the price!!
    MUAH! shaynah at

  14. you look gorgeous in such a wonderful 70s way!
    Your writing is so refreshing. I adore you and your blog. ♥

  15. gorgeous amy, i love this orange colour and your amazing jeans.

  16. omg. ahhh mazing outfit! i am following you, too!!! thank you so much for your kind words <3

    yay for new friends! :))

    love, polly

  17. darling, you are fabulous, gorgeous and you wear that style with so much finesse xxxxxx

  18. Such a pretty top.
    xx Allie

  19. Cute! Really feeling the high waists and wide hems on the jeans right now :)

  20. Cute! Really feeling the high waists and wide hems on the jeans right now :)

  21. That blouse is just beautiful! Thanks for following and the lovely comment :3 x

  22. Love the flares. Looking nice.

  23. Love the summer hippie look! xo

  24. I agree with everybody else...very hippie 70´s and I love it..that top is amazing!

  25. You look so lovely and carefree, right out of the 70's. You can pull off those pants so well! I love your hair by the way.

  26. Well you wear jeans very well. It will be nice to see more jean posts in the future!! what fun!!

  27. Anonymous3.5.11

    it's so nice to see you in pants
    I mean you are a doll in skirts and frocks there totally meant for you, but pants are just as stunning. The body hugging way works when you have a body like yours Miss Amy.

    Lovely words again
    Whens your novella coming out :P

  28. Such a pretty girl, and I love your writing too. You look like my mother in the 70s...

    / Avy

  29. you are so beautiful <3
    love this outfit - very 70's!!!
    Rosie xo

  30. Stunning with a modern edge to a 70s inspired look,youve made it your own <3

  31. I love the bohemian/hippie vibe you've got going on here. :) I normally am not such a fan of pants either, since they can be so tight and uncomfortable, but those look quite the opposite! I hope the weather decides to be kind to you and have it actually be spring there. It's been rainy and cold and unspringlike here too, so boo. I can't wait for summer.

  32. You should be flying across the desert in this outfit. A little turquoise and you'd be good to go.

  33. those pants fit your so perfectly and love the tone of the denim! your flowy hair and smooth make up go perfectly with the whole look!

    thank you for your cute comment on my blog!
    take care!

  34. absolutly like your wide leg jeans, perfect for spring!

    xx claudia

  35. 70s chic!! I love the top.... looks like wings :D
    So pretty ........

    Following :D found you at the facebook group.

  36. i love the look!! i need a new pair of flares :) great blog, and ps you have beautiful hair! xx

  37. suuuch cute pants!! :]


  38. you look insanely cool! loving the jeans so much.AND those flowers are sooo pretty. i love spring xx

  39. LOVE this!! So 70s, so perfect :)
    I need wide legged jeans like these.

  40. Really love the photo's, loving the seventies look atm

  41. I love this look! xD

  42. You are so amazingly beautiful, I loved reading through your blog and sharing your thoughts. ♥

    The Cat Hag

  43. i LOVE the shots of the flowers :) thank you so much for dropping in on my blog!! following you now!!!! stop by whenever! xoxoxo


  44. Anonymous4.5.11

    thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    your blog is super cute & just awesome.
    follow you now :)

    xx greets

  45. Oooooooooh I love it so much!!

  46. I love this outfit! And your hair is gorgeous :)

  47. Great photos, I love this outfit so beautiful!! So cool and vintage, very 70's <3

  48. Hey Amy, thanks for commenting on A Piece of Lisa! I love your blog, and you are so pretty!! This outfit is uber cool! :)

  49. Oh my goodness, you full off wide leg jeans so well! I am so impressed. Of course, what else is new?

  50. I know you never replied if I could post this on my Friday I'm in Love Post...but I did anyways hahaha I hope you dont mind:/

  51. love it, you look like a model!

    following u now too <3

  52. Love this hippie look ;)

  53. I like the outfit! :)

    Claire M.

  54. I adore the 1970s look on you! The flared jeans are perfection!


  55. Love love love this look! look at you cutesy!

    Thanks for the bog comment pretty!


  56. Oh, I love this outfit. Everything fits togerther in such a perfect way!

  57. Nice outfit! You looked like you stepped right out of the 70's!

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