catching sun sugar,

Hi sweet readers,  I send my apologies.  For weeks, I have strayed from the pages of Flying a Kite. 
The wild astronomical days have called me, and the once vacant holes of my brain have been occupied. Too occupied to spend time here.   I've been lifting my brow with the Sun's sugar, and the May Tree's gratitude. There are black eyed susans to my left, and pansies to my right.  Summer is sketched for the wanderer. 

   Now that August's air strolls through the city side, I have settled back into my home. 
There is freedom drifting through the daffodils.

"The minute I heard my first love story,  I started looking for you, not knowing  how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.  They're in each other all along." 

"When the salmon sky dripped morning hour,
We fed our cheeks with apricot buds,
The fruit gave me belly folds,
but you still saw my bones"

Since I last wrote to you, each passing day has been carved by family wanderings, red berries on tree petals, flushed skin, and fits of laughter.  I am wakeful every August morning. As the sun is awoken by the birds cry,  I dress myself into summer skin, and stretch my crooked feet in the garden.  

When August burrows into the soil of our sands,  we are reminded of passing time.  I can still taste the release of our May blossoms. I can still catch the sights of a melody sung in June. I can still feel the first day of Summer.   ~A time when the air was melting the concrete puddles, the blender was stirring sounds,  and the seeds of our labor were untouched.  Now,  as fire sets to a new season,  The suns sugar decorates the lands later in the day.  Our seeds of Spring are turning into salads, and snacks.  

Soon, the lakes will be dressed in orange leaves. I am not weeping, nor sighing, for Summer's imminent departure.  There is still a mouthful of watermelon seeds, a garden full of photosynthesis, an empty belly waiting for food, and an entire Summer month to enjoy. 


Last week, there was a wedding. My cousin married his lady love.  The matrimonial ceremony took place at my Aunt's home, on a country farm.  This country farm is a place built in the memory of my childhood. Fields of Canola crop decorate the eye space. Scents of perennials welcome our snout while the Cats play hide and seek with the Sun.  It is here where I bonded with building blocks, played piano with my cousins, and learned to ride a bicycle.  
As my cousin took the palm of his new wife, I saw the reflection of kids building houses out of lego. I remembered the day I fell from the banana bike, never certain if I'd ever learn to pedal. I saw the baby faces we all once knew.  Time is treasure, like the golden mermaid at the bottom of the Pacific. Time is passing, like fragile fingers holding grain.  It is haunting, the way Time drifts through the Moon's passing.  A boy once asked me, if you could return memory for time, would you.    My answer was No 

After the wedding ceremony, we soaked drunken bellies, and danced till our feet blistered.

Yesterday, we swallowed Merry saliva in the form of Sushi and Strawberry Bacardi's.
We are living with good feelings, we are bathing in clean waters, we have our eyes, we have our tongues. My heart is so grateful I can taste the salvation of Sushi.  My head is so grateful I can see my mother, and hold the palms of my best friend.  Sip, dance, whine, learn, lick, laugh, get, give, happy.

Thank you for reading !   Love, and rest.
See you soon. When the sun is brighter than the moon.   xo

what i wore
hat- winners $15
white wedges- ALDO $45
mom's white blouse- winners $30
floral dress- vintage $8


  1. Anonymous13.8.11

    New hat! I think the color is SMASHING on you. You're such a gorgeous woman. The way you speak makes me feel alive. Hugs from me to you, Lovely lovely Girl.

  2. Anonymous13.8.11

    I looove your hat <3
    And you, are way too lovely.


  3. I love the hat, i wish i suit hats.
    The shoes are amazing too - i would totally wobble like made if I wore shoes like that. I get so jealous of women who glide in heels! xxx

  4. Anonymous13.8.11

    Love this outfit so much!! And those shoes are amazing!!


  5. that hat is amazing :) of course the whole outfit as well :)

  6. The print of your skirt is divine <3 I love your hair too; it goes so beautifully with the wine red hat!

    Lost in the Haze

  7. You look so pretty in these photos, and your outfit is so dreamy!

    Carmen Ri.

  8. wow i love this look <3 you look stunning :)

  9. Love you! Miss you!


  10. Sushi galore! And the lace + floral combination is darling.

    ♥, Jamie

  11. love your hat :)

  12. What a fabulous post, full of fashion, poetry and nostalgia! HAve a great weekend!

  13. That sushi looks amazing!!

    Also you have such a beautiful way with words :)

  14. I really love your hat!! And that sushi looks scrumptious. :) x

  15. Lovely outfit, and of course, lovely words. I loved your little poem, with the folds and the bones.

    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  16. wow you have amazing writing! also, i love this outfit so much! it's just so perfect!! and love the shoes!!

  17. Love this outfit, that hat is amazing!

  18. I adore your long layers (and hair!), you look fab!


  19. Jasper14.8.11

    Sugar Sun Tomatos

  20. You're just so lovely, Amy. :-)

  21. You look amazing, I love the hat :D xx

  22. I love your hat! you are beautiful!! xD

  23. You look gorgeous! :)

  24. Anonymous14.8.11

    Follow your twitter, and my day is always made magical when you post a new blog post. You're not just pretty. You're like the outstanding beauty one cannot forget mixed with those words. Your character shows through your delicate eyes. I am a fan

  25. your brave wearing those killer wedges Miss poet!

  26. Wow I am so jealous of your beautiful hair!! the outfit and hat are just perfect too. x

  27. your hat is just perfect :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  28. ALLLL that sushi! So good! Love the outfit

  29. cute outfit...I love your hat!!


  30. love the ouftit.. you've got a stevie nicks vibe going on that's really cool..
    awesome hat!
    thanks for your comment on my blog, I appreciate it.. I'm throwing a giveaway as well, maybe you'd like to enter.. anyway..
    take care!

  31. I love weddings :D The sushi looks delicious and your outfit is so cool!

  32. You look so pretty with your floral lace top and the lovely hat. I love the poetry from Rumi. I want to get sushi, those pictures look so yummy!.

  33. love the lace and skirt! i need some of that!

  34. what a beautiful look :)

  35. Wow what a lovely post!
    I adore your hat! That is definitely something I need to invest in :) Lovely finding your blog!


  36. Amy, you seem beyond sweet. I'm glad you stopped by so I could find you. x

  37. The lace top is gorgeous, love it with the florals! Sushi looks delicious too, and I always love your writing :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  38. This look is oh so gorgeous, I adore your hat and the lace matches so perfectly with the skirt! Heavenly combination :)

  39. you look absolutely lovely! This lace top is breathtaking!!! And I love that little poem you wrote!


  40. Thanks for dropping by my blog. ♥

    You look fabulous in this outfit, so girly and sweet. :)

    Love your hair!

    The Cat Hag

  41. Anonymous15.8.11

    your shoes are to die for
    love the poem too.

  42. all that sushi! bet it was delish (:

  43. Anonymous15.8.11

    I'm now following! Thanks amy for stopping by my blog

  44. Anonymous16.8.11

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  45. i like this vintage outfit<3
    you look so lovely
    call me Diiiyn!

  46. i love all the pic's! You look gorgeous!

  47. Aw, your writing is so dreamlike...definitely takes me to a far off place while I am taking in your beautiful words. That wedding sounds so lovely...perfect really. Nothing like celebrating in a place where so many memories past were born. You look so pretty in your lace top, florals, and floppy hat:)

  48. Such a great outfit to come back!! The lace blouse is to die for.... LOVE IT so muuuuch ....
    Always so stylish


  49. So stunning. Good to see you back! x hivenn

  50. That hat is incredibily beautiful :) I actually love the whole outfit!
    You know what? I'm new here but I find your writing so beautiful and inspiring! I love your posts.
    Also, thank you so, so much for your ever so sweet comment :) you made me blush haha ^^
    Now following you!

  51. I love the association of your skirt ! It's original and nice;

  52. thanks for visiting my blog and nice message.
    You look very pretty. i love your skirt. lovely.