wood and wonder,

I am fragile like chopped wood. I am curious like a hoodwinked gypsy. I am love like a sip at the saloon. I am powder like a heart reduced to dust. I am concrete like the home you were born into.  I am all things spilling, benumbing, blooming, and withering.  Sometimes, it's hard to live in an opposite world.  One day, there's cherry crested trees, and our Mother mountain's prayer.  Next thing you know, the sky turns while I sleep, creeks grow crippled, and Merry-making disappears.  

I am a pyramid of emotions. There are endless days of weeping warm tears, and days where the water runs cold.  
When I find symmetry in my head, like the  symmetry of leaves, and their bark,  I will be free.

"I was raised by the song of the murmuring grove"

Dreams of mares in meadows, and bowls of rice milk for supper.
I want to wallow into a red barn, and hold hay fed horses. Lately, I've been thought planning my kingdom. A place where I feel like the queen, but I dare not act like one.  A home where I can feed animals, and be the bride of the orchard. The orchard that bears large, sweet, purple berries.  A place where honey drips from cloud shapes. Where family is drunken from shrubbery, and puddles.  Where playwrights, poets, scientists, scholars, and drifters do a bunch of hand holding.

What does your kingdom look like?

I pass the days with

smiling sandwiches.
my best friend.
berries and oats.
one young furry button named Ari.
branches of the city.
wandering, and wood.

dream, dream, dream. . . .
I wish I could post more often, but!! school, sleep, snacking, and reading take days away from me.
Hopefully soon, I'll return to your eyes.
Love and rest x

what i wore
Floral Shorts- Value Village $5
Faux fur vest- blue notes $15
fur boots- -sponsor


  1. Anonymous15.9.11

    I saw those shorts in your folk fest post and I fell in admiration. I can't believe you found those- My kingdom, I'm wearing those shorts and I have your hair :) Beautiful

  2. All that fur is so much fun! And the puppy is adorable.

    ♥, Jamie

  3. awesome floral shorts, I love them paired with the fur vest! and the pup is absolutely adorably stunningly cute!


  4. You guys look awesome! :)

  5. You are one in a million <3

  6. you look like a creature from the forest with all those fur details, i love it.

  7. My kingdom would be a world of education, but no stress. Is this possible? I hope so.

  8. Anonymous15.9.11

    I don't
    even know
    what to

    each post

    love from me to you you are a remarkable human being amy - *

  9. Amy, this is such a beautiful look! And I'm absolutely smitten with all things floral, especially when they come in the form of such adorable shorts. Hope you're having a lovely week my dear!! xo veronika

  10. such an eclectic mix of items - love it!

  11. You look beautiful. And your kingdom sounds perfect, really, I wouldn't change a thing! xxx

  12. Your shorts are so cute!

    Carmen Ri.

  13. Love your little fur coat! Beautiful pictures :)

  14. love the comb with floreal shorts and fur: amazing!!!

    new post on my blog:I'm waiting for u!

    have a great day!

  15. pretty shorts! Love this post! :)


  16. your floral shorts are just perfect!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  17. I love Love LOVE ur fur vest!! stunning in combo with fur boots!

    The Indie Chase Blog

  18. I am worshiping those shoes!

  19. El short con encaje me encanta.||
    Love love. :D

  20. i adore those floral print shorts!
    you look so pretty!
    much love,

  21. oh well, this is such a lovely blog! Thanks so much for leaving a comment because I found ya! Well I do hope you find the perfect friend for ya, that brings out the best in you :) Good luck! I am following back!
    This outfit is breathtaking. I love the forest kind of photoshoot :)

    Keep in touch sweetie
    With much love,

  22. those shorts are PERFECTION. xx

  23. What a great post!
    I enjoyed it like reading a poem and the pictures are like a fairy tale, while you are the Fairy:)

    Love your floral shorts and your hair.Unfortunately I dont have kingdom,I'm far away from home and I havent settled mine yet where I'm currently staying.
    I'm following you back.

    Hugs and kisses,

  24. Hello there sweetie! Great photo shoot and I love the outfit!
    Hope you're having a great day!

    My cooking blog, please support me:
    xoxo Kiki

  25. lovely outfit! Nice pics!

  26. Michael17.9.11

    | hello beautiful X
    you always look like a fairy. Especially in flowers. I think you could be the queen of a kingdom. You have the wisdom most people don't have at your age. And if I lived in a kingdom where the queen was poetess and brilliant writer. I'd forever be happy. Thank you for being True. Not a bunch of girls exist, or even men, who are as aware of the world as you are. You are special. And I hope you see that. Stay on the Sunny Side. X

  27. You look so adorable, I really love the vest! You're such a very gorgeous girl! Your hair is amaaaazing :)

    en la moda

  28. Oh my goodness, you look stunning! And beautiful words as well. Thank you for the comment sweetheart. I'm following ♥

    (sorry. can't resist!)

  29. Anonymous17.9.11

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, i love the shorts and im also loving your blog, im gonna follow =)

  30. gorgeous outfit and lovely photos. I really like the layout of your blog.xx

    have a beautiful weekend.

  31. fur met florals,that's delightful! thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment :) yeah,i'm a sucker for polka dots that's why i made it as my layout blog haha. i love your floral layout too,it's oh so romantic and sweet! you have a great blog btw :))

  32. Thank you for your lovely comment that lead me to your oh so gorgeous blog! Am definitely following! You are such a doll, I adore your outfit! X

  33. Hey!

    Very pretty outfit. Love the hat especially :)


  34. Your blog is great! I love it!
    I follow you, follow me?♥

  35. Salut Amy, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it.

    Your outfit looks so lovely, I really like that faux fur vest and the flowery shorts - very sweet.

    Love from London xo

  36. Anonymous18.9.11

    Your poetry is enchantment You are beautiful

  37. the poetry you write is like magic. your outfits a waltz with decades past. all in combination.

  38. Anonymous19.9.11

    It is therapeutic to come here

  39. Hey there, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Love your shorts, and your adorable dog. I know about being busy, hope you find the time to devote to this if it's what you enjoy.

  40. I'm kind of in love with your floral shorts with the trim on them. All the furriness in this outfit is great too!

  41. Hello. Lovely words on your blog. They make me feel warm and sort of heavy in a good way. It was nice reading your inspirations above.

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