and her hair was a folded flower,

wandering in night gowns, frothy bubbles, and folded legs,   This is my November.   A 30 day stretch of sleeping, whispering in ears, and collecting words of elsewhere.   I am saying goodbye to the month of repose, and wishful thinking.   My slumbering days are over, I want to be young and foolish.

As December lingers on the horizon,  brilliant white sands will soon fall from the sky.  My birthday will soon arrive, and I'll be raking, and combing to find a time machine. The years just slip away, like a forest animal on rotten ice, or frozen cream on a sunny day.  I'm mulling over thoughts of a party.  Maybe, it'll be a gin sipping-banjo slapping--- gathering of nice people.  Maybe, speech slurs at a folk concert. Maybe, it'll be a slow dance at a bar... Any suggestions?    Most of my birthdays are quiet. A time spent with family spirits, my favorite snacks, and bottles of wine.  This year, I am tempted to mingle my hands, and celebrate my 19th birthday, foolishly.

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Calgary folks have been charmed by a long Autumn. We've been far away from quilts, and closer to sun beams. The streams are still ebbing, and wet. The hilly lands are blanketed by grass, and dust. The rooftops are dry.        My headache has traveled west, catching someone else's misfortune.  December will come, and my days will be spent awake, alive, and well fed. 

“That beautiful mild woman for whose sake
There's many a one shall find out all heartache
On finding that her voice is sweet and low
Replied, 'To be born a woman is to know-
Although they do not talk of it at school -
That we must labor to be beautiful.”
― W.B. Yeats


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                                                                     what i wore*
white lace dress- Mom's closet 
floral harvest crown- handmade
white wedges- aldo $40
faux fur vest- blue notes $15

the flower tapestry,

Hello moon, hello tapestry spilling blooms,  hello honey made fragrances, hello pillows designed for home birds like me.  Parallel to a scarecrow or the dormant apple tree,  I've been loafing and quietly sweeping the days.  With each passing hour, I count on my pillow for safety. 

It's been a lazy November. I've seen a stranger's face maybe once or twice this month.    Mostly, I've been devoted to rest, with my pillow, in my bedroom.  I'm still burdened by headaches. Unfortunately, the dentist said my wisdom teeth are not the've been floating through days with a pinch on my brain, like forty bruises on a camels back,  I am not fit for a saddle or any kind of fun.  

Soon enough, I'll be awake with the promise of good health. For now, I'll sleep.
Early in the morning, we walked through soft snow, and found ourselves in the forest. The fragrance of November gave birth to good feelings.  It's been weeks since I last found myself here.  When you're tied to a bedpost, with sharpness in your skull, it's hard to escape the city smell.  
With hands in pockets, we explored the ravine, and outwitted the glacial surroundings.   When you're walking in the forest, it's elementary to fall in love with the people who walk beside you. I do love my mom. I do love my greatest friend.  We watched the sun extend it's belly, and caught ourselves tripping on the winter flakes.  I could feel the presence of  woodpeckers, water drips, and furry ground squirrels.

As the unbreakable winter sings ballads for the city, you'd think I'd wear flat boots....  But no! Call me mad,  I'd rather wear wedges.  The heel may look like a hill,  but they're actually quite comfortable. I ordered them from  *heaven sent*

Now to announce the Union Bay giveaway winner! Thank you everyone for entering & following ^.^

To be fair, I tallied all of the eligible entries + bonus entries onto a word document then randomly ordered names by number. (Those who had bonus entries had higher chances of winning) A random number generator picked the winner.

Congratulations Lauren! Someone will contact you by email within the week.  Hope you find yourself bundled in the cozy sweater soon! Kisses !!!!

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                                                                     what i wore*
shawl cape- Value Village $7
wedges- $112
black floppy hat- jessica simpson $20

Jumble Boogie,

Hi Calgary folks,  come and support Jumble Boogie next Saturday. I'll be selling clothes of mine with the hand of my mom ((while sipping some sort of magic))   There's live music, and shopping, don't miss it!  

"Vendors include designers, boutique owners, and everyday folk selling vintage and 2nd hand designer from their own closets. Live music, cheap drinks, and pub grub."

the sweater giveaway,

Dear countrymen, followers of the wilderness, sea bound writers, merry makers, blueberry munchers, sweater wearers, this post is for you.      On a typical November 13th, most clouds have already swallowed the Sun's strings.......Most landscapes have already sweet-talked the snow........Most people are already sleeping in thick wools.

So far this November,  mother nature's been playing tricks.  
1) Sun scratches have been feeding rooftops 2) fluffy milk clouds have stayed transparent 
3) we've kept ourselves from licking snow boots 4) it's warm enough for sweaters.

This particular pine green sweater was sent to me from UNION BAY .  I've been wearing it throughout my sleeps, weeps, and eats. The fabric is delicate like a little lamb, and the color looks like a winter pine tree.     Because me and union bay want to keep you warm, we're having a giveaway for amyflyingakite readers!
to be eligible to win your own sweater, you must:
The winner will be drawn next week. November 20.  Good luck!

on a side note,... 
I'm still sore with headaches, and slow to respond. Sorry for any inadequate replies, or posts. I've been crawling between bed sheets, wishing to feel pleasant again.  I can't stop kissing iced water, and daydreaming about microphones, and airplanes.    I really miss my banjo, and playing wooer at the strings.   !!

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   what i wore*
sweater- UNION BAY
wedges- sponsor
wide leg floral pants- forever 21 $50


the first snowfall,

Good morning, evening, snowfall, sun spill, wherever you are.
I am in the coddle of a cotton bed, with a head full of elsewhere.  My wisdom teeth are causing me to be buckled to pillows, water, pills, and daydreams.  I want to be on a sailboat or sleeping in the marrow of a mountain.   I close elephantine eyelids, while woodpeckers burrow pockets of trouble.  When I am well enough to relish the good moments, I surely will.    Our able bodies are precious, remember that.

It's taken me four days to dream up this post. Too often, I've been shut-eyed, waiting for heavens to return.  As I've been wandering through the air of my fever, I've been quietly collecting vowel chimes. Whenever I am a barnacle to my bed, I romance with the brain's dictionary.  Suddenly, as my skin feels bruised, and my belly feels broken, I am alive with words. More alive than before.

Words sooth the wounds of living. If I wasn't pregnant with poems, and language, I'd be witless, and mad. 

 or I'd be a boxer, or something.

Before I was welcomed to the kingdom of foolish teeth,  I took these pictures.   Milky clouds of bloodless stain poured onto the hills, the valleys, the rooftops, and the concrete.  The first snowfall is always a mix of festivity and melancholic feelings.    Festive, because nature brings curiosity in the form of snowballs. The white pigment covers the barren land, like a painting. This is beauty.  Melancholic, because the nights are no longer transparent, and bare skin can no longer kiss Summer's bloom.  I am choosing to be festive, even though it's already melted by the time I wrote to you.

The dentist tomorrow. No more misery...  Hoping to return to you soon!
 (a giveaway is coming!)
Kisses !!

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                                                                    what i wore*
white blouse- mom's closet (thrift store)
wedges- ALDO $40
polka dotted skirt- joe fresh superstore $6


the lamb vest,

In the land of Amy, there is a wisdom tooth steamrolling my gums. Shivers and head spells are causing me to weep, moan for abandon, and hunch for daytime repose. I don't wish this burden on anyone-- not even on the stark flesh of an enemy. not even on the girl in elementary school who stole my sweater. nor the boy who said dreamers are good-for-nothing.

The pounds of Halloween honey are building a home in my teeth. If only the wisdom tooth could have found refuge in someone else's mouth.....someone who doesn't eat sugary bars of cocoa. Then maybe,  I would have enjoyed Halloween more.  Tricks on me!  At least I carved a pumpkin that looked like, well.... a carved pumpkin. I'd show you pictures, but I'm too shy. Remember.  I'm a writer, not a professional pumpkin carver.

In times of ill health,  I find myself woolgathering thoughts.
day wanders, future explorations, soft brown earth, flower petals,  Europe. 
A wood cabin, a steeple, a happy man, three children. 

I've been calming my fever with cold water, and dreams of napping below fig trees.   When I'm landlocked to pillows, and purple quilts,  my mind fancies future surroundings, and faces.
Too often, we buckle our fondness to yesteryear. Memories of soft skin, and plastic dolls.  We grieve ourselves into the passing of time. On a common day, we feel too old, and too wise. Why do the hands of the kitchen clock travel so fast?  Why don't I remember the sound of my 12 year old heartbeat?  Where has my baby skin gone?

We'll always remember the way we saw the world when we were young. The blushing, the smells, the endless festivity.  We never had to pour our own juice, or fix our own honey.  Wisdom teeth weren't punching through gums.  The moon was only a reminder of bedtime.

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As dreamers, architects, simpletons, people, we're always transporting from one world to another. Whether we're in too fast of cars, too quick of judgements, or we've spent too many days living in the past. No matter the posture, we're always in a hurry.   When I rest my head on feather pillows, enveloped by the fever,  I am reminded.   For us to live in the past, or to wonder where our minds went,
it's a waste of good living.

My tomorrow bears brighter gifts than the footprints of my memory.  There is glory when I daydream of my future. There are children, and laughing, and sunsets, and books.   The present day brings me one step closer to my dreams (and to my wisdom teeth removal ;) ..

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                                                                    what i wore*
white faux fur- china town
wedges- sponsor
pink dress- mom's closet
pink gloves- forever 21 $12