a birthday suit and snow,

 The month of December has traveled the cloud's tail, and in ten days, we'll be ringing in the New Year, with snow on our porches, and champagne on our lips.  As of late, I've been feeling the  drunkenness of Christmas lights, and the bittersweet consciousness of my birthday. 

Another year has rambled, and rolled, faster than fools fall in love.  As each birthday passes, I feel more, and more, gratified. Some people tell you - be scared! lose your dreams! you'll be hanging out with adulthood! credit cards! wisdom! good sense! goodbye lazy dreamer! fear the wrinkles! 

But I won't tell you that.  On my 19th birthday, and every other birthday, the only thing tempted to grow old is the lashes of my eyes, the curves of my body, and the fluency of my tongue.

To celebrate my 19th birthday - My mom and I spent the light of day, attached to the hip, celebrating the truest meaning of Birthdays - to be awake with the one who made you alive.  My mother, who,  along with my father, gave me my eyes to see, my hands to clap, and clean air to breath. For me, a December 13th will never be spent with anybody else. 

We started the day with gift bringing - which really is just an unexpected extra to the already wondrous company. I sometimes feel as if gifts on your birthday are a special compensation for having survived another circle around the sun.  After unwrapping the curling iron, the socks, the fragrance, the nightmare before Christmas poster, the glitter, and the gift card,  me and my mom went for breakfast. We ate vegetable sandwiches, then wandered through my favorite neighborhood, Inglewood. Afterwards, we spent my $100 gift card at Forever 21.

I finished the day with rum and coke, and a childish wish for the day to repeat.

Things I learned in my 18th year:
  • There are not many things as beautiful as a red berry on a naked bough.
  • The Banjo is as comfortable as a blanket.
  • Spending money on instruments - always worth it.
  • Time goes by far too swiftly to worry about what dawn brings.
  • Do not give fuel to the trouble maker's fire(a.k.a those who want to hurt you) - just let it be.
  • Every moon is as bewildering - as the one before.
  • Singing is good for your cheeks, and your general well being.
  • Singing loud is even better.
  • Give smiles to those who give frowns to you.
  • Apologize, even if you have to stretch for it, saying sorry gives repose to negative feelings.
  • Know where you are, but dream while your there.
  • Rye and water's are better when they're with the company of a fireplace.
  • Gin and soda's are better when they're in doubles.
  • There will always be men in bars buying drinks for pretty women.
  • Bars are better when there's live music.
  • Food is better when you chew it, slowly.
  • The feeling of songs - is as great as that of writing stories, and penning poems.
  • Do not give rise to sorrow,  the feeling is fleeting.
  • Frowns are fodder for growth.
If the world were to stop twirling, and all animals were to be blanketed in a dusk, all I would have to say is : I've lived a good life, and I'm thankful for all of those who've surrounded me, 
the bullies, the babes (and you!)

If you don't hear from me sooner, Merry Christmas sweet people.


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what i wore
blue dress- value village $8
floral blouse underneath dress- value village $5
glitter wedges- aldo birthday gift


  1. Oh my gosh u got the glitter shoes!!!!!! Ahhh! I knew you'd somehow end up with them. lol. I needed to borrow them from you. They are amazing!
    And your birthday dress is absolutely lovely. I like your list of things you learned. I totally agree with giving smiles to those who give you frowns. Happy 19th!!!

    xo Ashley

  2. Those shoes are beautiful, and all your other things, too. Happy belated birthday!! I love how you spent it with your mom. That's so sweet and special! :)

  3. Ohh, the glitter wedges are truly a dream! <3 and I love love love the colour of your beautiful dress!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  4. It looks like you had a very Happy Birthday! I adore those Aldo wedges!
    You have beautiful hair and I love the dress! Merry Christmas!
    Elizabeth E~

  5. Anonymous21.12.11

    Happy birthday Amy. Your wisdom far exceeds your age and you are breathtakingly beautiful.

  6. Feliz cumpleaños hermosa :)

  7. Happy Birthday Amy. And Merry Christmas. I never tire of reading your flawlessly beautiful posts. They take my breath away.

  8. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! So excited for the sparkly lovely gifts you got! You are such a delight to this grey day... :)
    Good luck!


  9. Omg i am so in love with those shoes <3
    Happy birthday honey! :D Hope you had had a great time with your favorite people

  10. Beauuuutiful post, really, your words today were especially touching. I am glad to have read this on our lovely winter solstice : )

    many things which you said resonate with me, and I am grateful for the new words, too.

    Have a lovely holiday!

  11. It sounds like you had a wonderful 19th birthday! I loved the pictures you took too. Your new shoes are absolutely fantastic!
    I see you got the little pinafore dress from Forever 21. I bought that over the summer and it's so cute. I can't wait to see how you style it.

  12. Your words make me smile and my belly grow warm.
    So often I'm told 'enjoy youth, for it is fleeting', but I think we all have different ages in us. Children act like adults, adults like infants, and lines are not concrete.

    I wish you love and all sorts of dreams for nineteen.

  13. Happy birthday! And sounds like you had a wonderful time. You know, your writing style is so precious, I'm jealous!

    On another note, those shoes, what an amazing gift!



  14. you have a different and original style! I really love it!

    xx, Rachel♥

  15. beautiful photos and I love your list of learned things, and happy birthday, dear :)

  16. you look divine! those sandals are killers!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  17. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a very special day. Those shoes are amazing!!!

  18. love the blouse and dress together!! the shoes are fab


  19. That floral blouse looks great under that dress. They look like they were meant to be together! And it looks like you got some really great birthday gifts, lucky you :)

  20. Aw, what a lovely post! Happy belated birthday, i can tell it was a wonderful day:) and you have received snow! Wow, I am very envious

    xx Carina

    P.S Merry Christmas

  21. Hi dear, and I was going through your blog, loved it.
    Give a pass by the mine, if you like follow me?
    We can follow one another.
    Let's keep in touch, kisses.

  22. Anonymous22.12.11

    Happy birthday!^^ You're really pretty!^^ Love your outfits!^^ This one is amazing too!

  23. Well a happy belated birthday to you. I know exactly how you feel because today is my birthday and it's so overwhelming with each new year tacked on, but it helps to look at all the possibilities each year has to offer.

  24. it looks like you've learned quite a lot in our 18th year. Hope number 19 treats just as well!

  25. My oh my such a wise list for an 18 year old to learn! I hope your 19th years brings much happiness as your 18th year did, and that 2012 is as beautiful as 2011 was.

    ...And one more thing; I am absolutely dying over your glitter heels...xx

  26. Happy belated birthday! Looove the wedges you got, they're amazing. And you look super lovely of course. Have a lovely Christmas!

  27. Wow, you´ve just got some really lovely presents :)
    Happy Birthday ;)

  28. You look gorgeous! Happy birthday. :)
    Love the glitter wedge!



  29. Awesome layering! Merry Xmas dear! xx

  30. Anonymous24.12.11

    shoes are soooo pretty!
    merry christmas!!


  31. youre too pretty~ merry christmas and happy birthday!

    <3 steffy

  32. Hello there sweetie! Marry Christmas! Wish you the best!
    Great pics!
    Hope to hear from you!

    Hope you're having a great evening!

    My cooking blog, support me:

    xoxo Kiki

  33. beautiful pictures

    & happybirthday


  34. you got some pretty cool things for your bday, hope you enjoyed it.. awesome shoes!! and that blue dress is lovely, I liked the look a lot.. merry xmas

  35. Love the shoes terribly. You're a pretty doll, Amy.

  36. Your shoes are amazing!x

  37. Anonymous29.12.11

    Wow, that Value Village dress is such a great find and I've been eyeing those shoes at Aldo for some time now! They look wonderful on you. Your style is so charming. You look like you belong in a fairy tale. Adorable. <3

  38. You're so gorgeous !! love shoes, dress all !

  39. What a beautiful outfit! xx

  40. What a beautiful outfit! xx

  41. that's a beautiful way of looking at birthdays :) I'm glad you had a good day, it makes me wish my mommy lived nearby... a day of shopping and lunching sound like perfection!

    your dress is incredible, the draping makes the solid colored sheath so interesting... also, brrrr, it looks too cold to wear those shoes, but who can blame you... they are amazing!

  42. your blog is full of such loveliness!
    happy belated birthday (i"m a december baby too!) and happy new year!

    and those shoes...swoon!

  43. such a lovely outfit and OH MY GOD THOSE SHOOOOOES - most beautiful shoes we've ever seen!

    Much love
    R&L xx

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