The summer calendar,

The sky is cloudless today, the tree's shadow is eating the acorns, and the sun's light is giving birth to the apple orchard. I have no bad news, or places to be, just here in my backyard with the sound of flies and bumble bees buzzing.

 I've waited so long for the bold smell of a barbeque, and the sweet taste of sugar-rimmed glasses.   To celebrate the sleeveless weather, I spent my day drinking strong willed gin, and talking of my Summer calendar.
Sometimes, I wish I could find a magic Oak tree. You know the kind in fairy tales, where the leaves are made of money instead of chlorophyll.  During the light of day,  I could bend the big branches down, and pull the leaves into my pocket. Then maybe, my summer calendar would be filled with looking through windows at crop circles, dining on Italian feasts, visiting faraway family, and soaking my belly on sea rocks.  Instead, I'll have to rise early for labor and teeth grinding in order to afford those airplane tickets...  

(Maybe next year....)

Although I won't be sightseeing in Italy, licking European plates, or traveling anywhere this Summer, I will do my best to be happy at home where the sweet peas grow.  

(This is my first Summer without school, so it just may be the greatest Summer yet.)

My Summer to do list:
  1. eat watermelon and pineapple every week
  2. play my banjo in the sun below the may tree
  3. swim in a natural lake
  4. listen to the birds in the morning very carefully
  5. play blues music on the porch while the sun goes down
  6. convince carter and my mum to watch the stars with me
  7. hike trails and follow the rabbits
  8. sip on slushies while stopping to smell the wildflowers
  9. visit my Vernon BC family and eat ice cream with them
  10. lay on cotton sheets naked with the windows open
  11. go to the calgary folk music festival and eat onion cakes
  12. plant flowers and herbs / don't let them die
  13. be happy and sun soaked e v e r y d a y

Clouds shaped like whales,  buckets of iced tea,  curtains all high and mighty

All I ever do is write about the weather, but when you feel the sweat dripping from your brow, and the light of Spring tickling your fingers, it's hard to think of anything else.

What are your plans for Summer??

Outfit Details
white vintage dress *jumble boogie * $15
harvest floral crown *handmade* 
Floral Tapestry Wedges ** $100 
wearing cosmo pop lipstick from lime crime


  1. you look phenomenal. these shots are incredible & every little bit of your outfit is so cute. i must get started on my summer to do list too!

  2. You look beautiful! The dress is so pretty, and those wedges are amazing <3

    xx maggie

  3. I'm going to be volunteering at the Canmore Folk Music fest! You should come to ours too!

    Gorgeous as always! Hasn't this weather been ever uplifting?!

  4. Ah, what wonderful sentiments! Besides the rain today it's been lovely here in Edmonton too. I am excited to read books in my backyard, hit up music festivals (including Sled Island), and eventually move back to England. Alberta summers are truly glorious though. I am so excited for four months of (hopefully) lovely weather.

  5. underneath the trees she dances looking like a woodland fairy. the banjo & blues play rhythms as the birds call through the air. with the scent of apples, she dreams of italy. i hope she photographs her summer adventures so, we can go along for the ride. :)

  6. What a gorgeous outfit!! I can't wait for summer too. It's still practically winter weather in Boston and I can't wait for warmth and sunshine. My summer plans: 1) ride my bike everywhere, anywhere, and for no reason at all 2) travel and take impromptu trips around the country 3) go to music festivals, esp Lollapalooza in my native Chicago! 4) Do the World Naked Bike Ride in June 5) Read outside as often as the weather will let me 6)Reconnect with friends I've lost touch with.

    This is kind of a list of summer resolutions more than plans, I suppose!

  7. loving your dress, so cute

  8. Those wedges are killer!

  9. Anonymous24.4.12

    Sigh, you get more and more beautiful with each post Amy. You amaze me, and you deserve a beautiful summer too

    , love from afar xoxo

  10. Anonymous24.4.12

    Hey wanna watch stars with me?

  11. Anonymous24.4.12

    Beautiful vintage dress! Love the buttons and detailing.
    xo, Tori

  12. You look absolutely stunning! Love this outfit!

  13. Anonymous24.4.12

    the weather of summer is not my favorite because I'm a baby when it comes to the heat. but I love the long hours of daylight, carnivals, funnel cakes, endless bowls of ice cream, and swimming. i know you'll have an amazing summer! love your garland and dress! <3


  14. you made my day with these pictures... oh I love them so much! U are so cool!

    PS. loving your summer list!

  15. Cool outfit ! This dress make me think about a cloud !:)

  16. Simply gorgeous! I adore your outfit!
    I like your summer to do list, I really need to make one too.

  17. I really like your floral crown

    My summer plans are of course travelling.. going America and Canada....

  18. Anonymous25.4.12

    Your summer list is amazing!!<3<3
    I don't have any plans for now :) I'll probably go somewhere with my friends, will listen to a lot of music and read a lot... and I'll find a job !

  19. Anonymous25.4.12

    Amy!!! LOVE your crown!! When ya going to show a tutorial on how to make's soooooooooooooooo purdy

    This Summer I'm going Camping that's all I know and I will try to enjoy it like you will!

    HAVE A GOOD DAY!!**~

  20. I love your makeup, and the flower crown

  21. I love this post, really cute

  22. I love this post, really cute

  23. This dress is so gorgeous!!

  24. You look so beautiful, your words are wonderful to read, you articulated summer so well, i can not wait! For now im stuck with rain and cold, which is a pitty! :( xx

  25. Beautiful photos! Absolutely LOVE the flower child vibe. <3

  26. I'm sure you heard it a thousand times, but you are such a pretty girl!!

  27. Amy you just have the prettiest posts ever, instant smiles- that headband is divine!

    L xx

  28. Beautiful dress *o* Luck with your list, I've never done nothing like that
    Here in Chile we're in autumn =)

    Greetings! I'm a follower now

  29. We're going into winter here, but I loved your summer list! I'll have to save it for when summer comes back around in the southern hemisphere.

  30. Amazing outfit, you are so beautiful! :)
    I love your blog and now I'm following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog :)

    annchica ♥

  31. Your writting about weather is beautiful, the way you describe it...^^
    I'm in love with that vintage dress, is such gorgeous!

    xoxo ❤ ❤

  32. I love your floral headband! And the texture of your dress is so beautiful.
    My summer plans include a few trips (by train and by car), to some beautiful places to visit friends!

  33. I'm so excited for summer. I'll finally be able to read something that isn't required for my classes! So pumped!
    Also, you look so super cute in that white dress. The color of your tights is fantastic too.

  34. I love your wedges <33

  35. what you are wearing is kinda my perfect outfit! you have grate style.

    following your blog fo'sho !

  36. what a beautiful outfit! I love the gorgeous crown the most - you should do a tutorial on how to make one, that would be so fantastic :)

  37. i want a floral crown as pretty as yours!


  38. Anonymous15.5.12

    oh my God what a shoes! ooooooh my I can't stop staring at your shoes. best one! xx

    much love,