All kinds of sugar,


I love sugar. All kinds of sugar.  Whether it's sprinkled on honeycomb cereal, made into circles, squares, jellies or jams. I was born with a sweet tooth, and occasionally (more often than I should) I put some sugar on that sweet tooth and carry on singing.

I do believe there is no finer gift than a homemade jar of strawberry jelly or a hand crafted huckleberry pie.  To be my lover, you could send me lace, patches of grass, charms made with moonstone, but none of that would do. I want raspberry stuffed pastries and almond croissants.  I want honey painted biscuits and berry filled doughnuts

The only gift that comes close to pastries and sweetened dough on my tongue is plastic pastries and dough shapes on a chain. I strongly believe in jewelry that is cuter than a kitten's paw and sweeter than a bowl of peaches. That is why I am madly in love with my doughnut necklace from boopydoodle.


About a month or so ago, a very warm ray of sunshine came dancing on my porch. I think the sun arrived just in time to tell me that I was picked by Fashion Magazine for their style panel.  (Insert yodels here!) Each week a crew of Canadian girls will be answering questions and strewing their stylish secrets through outfit photographs and matching sentences. 

The first weeks question was : How to wear a summer outfit before the weathers ready for it? You can see my answer here and be sure to fawn over the other sugar made style panelists!



Black Blouse- forever 21
pink skirt - forever 21
wedges - aldo - $50
doughnut necklace - boopydoodle - sponsor


  1. Anonymous31.5.12

    Your top is beautiful, sweet doughnut necklace too and the real doughnut looks scrummy! :)

  2. cute outfit post.

  3. Anonymous31.5.12

    This is adorable Amy

  4. Anonymous31.5.12

    Just darling. I love the donut necklace and I am in such envy over that top! You look simply perfect. :)
    xo, Tori

  5. I love the donut necklace! And congrats that sounds like an awesome thing to be part of!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  6. Gorgeous outfit and yummy looking donuts!

  7. You look lovely! :) Thought that donut was real lol. :p


  8. Anonymous31.5.12

    This outfit is beautiful! That donut is too cute :)

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! You my dear are just the cutest thing in the world!! (: I adore that top and you are SO sweet! Sweeter than sugar!

    Elizabeth E~

  10. Sweet!!!That necklace is so cute :) I was born with the sweet tooth and I fight it by baking all the sweet stuff I want :D

  11. ah! that necklace is awesome! you soo rock it... love the skirt too, the color is great.

  12. Anonymous31.5.12

    Hi Amy,

    now you've got me craving a lollipop. I'm a sugary candy type girl, can't get enough of it !

    Love your socks and I do love your hair like this.

    x kisses

  13. you look gorgeous! yum..the donut looks amazing!

  14. you look gorgeous! yum..the donut looks amazing!

  15. amy, congrats on your style panel news! i like the bright pink socks, matching the plastic doughnut icing. nice dark, falling off your shoulders, peasant blouse, contrast to the sort of like a ballerina pink, skirt & bun hair. then you added a smidge of ribbon. this whole post reminds me a doughnut post i did in april of 2011.
    if you're curious, click below, to see if you agree.

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  17. Oh Amy! You look so adorable! I love the way you styled the doughnut necklace, it looks so sweet! Your tasty oufit has me craving a Tim Hortons' S'more marshmallow doughnut!
    Congratulations on making the Style Panel. Hooray for us Canadian girls!

    Lots of love,

  18. Stunning outfit! I love the socks and sandals and the donuts! Yummy!

  19. Your precious!! Love your entire outfit!
    Just A Fancy Corpse

  20. gorgeous look Amy!! You look beautiful aswell <3

    Hayley xx

  21. I love sugar as well! And I adore your outfit, you are the cutest.

  22. How tempting is that doughnut necklace? Ha ha, you look absolutely wonderful. I think you're glowing!

  23. i love your pink socks! and mmm donut!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  24. Nice photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I love your skirt, what a great color and that blouse is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit also you are really beautiful and your shoes rock! You have an awesome blog by the way and I am a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!


  25. Hello !
    I've shown your previous dress in one of my daily selection of the prettiest fashionistas around the world ! Congratulations !

  26. I love your hair! and you have such a sweet look xx

  27. so beautiful! i love your style :) xo

  28. I love it! That doughnut necklace is so unique and fun! I really love the pink socks you wore too. They look so nice with the lighter pink skirt.

  29. haha, this post made me so hungry for something sweet! you are just extremely adorable and I love your style, it's so unique and has so much character ♥

  30. Great photo session I like it so much and keep it up the good work i will follow your blog!
    And the часовници is nice :)