The Calgary Folk Music Festival 2012

This is where I'll be.

Taking my coins to purchase film so I can share the experience with you all.
See you soon.

moon shoes,

I am sitting in my front room - there is no sound, only the occasional crunch of a grilled cheese sandwich being trampled by my teeth. It's nice to write when nobody else is home. It's as if my thoughts tie themselves to balloon strings and I'm able to let them go without interruption.  

Being alone every once in awhile is an important thing for me. If I was constantly surrounded by bodies with mouths that make shapes and sounds, I'd probably lose my head and my heart might go missing too.  A house with only my body, walking naked freely from the shower, radio loud without being hushed, spoonfuls of Nutella without being judged, this is just what I've needed .

Although being alone makes my stories easier to write, I'd never want a permanent residence in an empty house.  The stillness of beds without dents in the pillows, having to be the one to throw away the sour milk, being able to hear the clicking of my own teeth constantly. I think it's healthy to find solitude, but too much of it and I'd become a walking attic. Dusty and lonely without human fingerprints. 

These shoes were another treasure sent to me from my sponsor, Oasap. Maybe it's the sequins, the thick bottom or the silver color, but somehow they remind me of the moon. When I picked them out, I was instantly sent to thoughts of space travel.   Sometimes, my brain conjures up a parallel world between an inanimate object (like a shoe), and something like the moon. Maybe you see the moon similarity or maybe I'm wild, but if there was fashion in space, I think a lady astronaut might wear these shoes.

I'm so so sorry for posting once a week here, & for being sluggish through emails and facebook correspondence. I've injured my hands from too much writing so I've been wearing a cast and praying for better days. 

Life is full of riddles and plans. Sometimes, all we must do is rest.
For my rest, I've been watching movies and eating too many pieces of cheese. ;)

moon shoes (shiny sequin embellished peep toe wedges) - - sponsor
boyfriend jeans - h&m 
floral top - winners
floral crown - handmade

giveaway: Dahlia

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the fawn and mushroom,

In the summertime, everything is wonderful. My dogs lay in the sun, my mom lays in the sun, my brother, my books, and even my shy neighbors find their part in the sun.  Pairs of well fitted trousers are tucked away, in a box somewhere, with the words "Winter Clothes" written in black.

My freckles are starting to look like a tiny galaxy and my arms are turning into the color of a walnut. I don't need sweaters, socks, a blanket or any back rubs. In the Summer, all I need is soil for our flower pots, a water bucket for cooling off in, and sunscreen.
Dollops of sunscreen.

The only way the season could be better, would be if I lived in a country house, where walking naked through the grass wasn't an eyesore for my neighbors. I could wake in the morning, fry eggs in the kitchen, and find myself dressed in nothing but the breeze.

Sometimes living in the city has its disadvantages. Like right now, the sound of horns in the distance is muting the birdsong above my head. Some days, there is so much noise, it makes it difficult for me to write poetry or even hear my own singing voice.

At least by living in the city, and not being allowed nakedness, I can wear tights that have fawns & mushrooms painted all over.  These tights have got to be my current favorite thing.

On Sunday, Carter is taking me out into the country, to a place where I can poke my toes into the dirt & take pictures of lake water. I think it will be nice to feel the Summer sun beside the country air, and maybe we'll eat sandwiches and bring our instruments too.

See you soon my sweet friends.

pink tutu - - sponsor
fawn and mushroom print tights - Teja Jamilla on etsy - $30
heels - blowfish shoes - sponsor
floral crown - handmade

A skirt made up of tiny circles,

Hello my friends,
I hope wherever you are, there is an endless stream of happiness. The kind of happiness that keeps your bones from growing old.   Lately, I can't stop smiling.  Either the heat is getting to my head or I've found plenty of reasons to be happy. 

As I sit here, on top a pillow, with the shadow of Oak Trees on my shoulder, I can't help but think of my wonderful world.  I have a double sized bed, popcorn in the pantry, and a lover who mutes the television while I write poems.
I even wake to the noise of dogs in the morning and the charms of Summer circling around the inflatable pool outside.

What more could I ask for?
Mornings with beaten egg whites floating in bowls, waiting to be poured into a dough that will grow in the oven. This is Summer.  I can sleep through the morning, sunbathe through the afternoon, then let my eyes wander over video games while the moon kisses my windowsill.  

The sun is here to heat the house & I am hopeful.

This my first Summer without textbooks, calculators, and calendars filled with school. I am free, I am free, I am free.  I feel like I'm the 9 year old Amy again, the one who lived to play in giant dirt hills, never pulling thoughts of tomorrow, just living in the moment, with an ice cream cone in one hand and a sun hat in the other.

polka dot skirt - forever 21 - $20
white top - value village - $5
heels - costa blanca - $40
sunhat - value village - $8