I am ocean bound

Outside, the clouds are dark. They're waiting for the rain to start walking. This is what happens when the weather gets too hot. All of the sunflowers begin to curl in their dry beds, and the sky eventually answers by giving them water.  
I'm in need of some water too.

When I was 10 years old, I had a love affair with the sea. My family rented a motor home and traveled fifteen hours. We rode past our prairie town, far into the mountains, all the way to the seaside. When we arrived, I mined for seashells, kayaked beside pelicans and sang my first ever campfire song. I wore the sand on my feet like it was a bouquet, and each little grain made a flower.  I've been putting my ears up to those collected seashells ever since.

It's been a long time coming, but at last my family is ocean bound. We're renting a motor home on Thursday to travel the same roads we took when I was 10.  I have goosebumps just thinking of those waves.....

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bubbles and bathing suits

With every summer, comes the devilish decision of finding a "perfect" bathing suit. Many times I've tried to get away with shorts and a sports bra, but that's like settling for crackers when you're craving champagne. It simply won't do.

I can recall many June months, sobbing in dressing rooms, unhappy with my hips in some teensy bikini. Instead of cursing at the bathing suit makers and the generation of girls who don't mind pulling at wedgies, I would curse the pools and the lakes I dreamed of swimming in. Worst of all, I would curse at my own body.  As if smaller hips, or one less belly fold could make a difference. The bikinis weren't only shaped for fault finding, but the patterns were always too plain.  When you go seeking for water and freedom, the last thing you want is an ugly or uncomfortable bathing suit holding you back.

In my mind all along, was a photograph I saw when I was small. A red haired girl from the 40's wearing a midriff baring, high waisted swim suit.  Flowers and butterflies made up the pattern, but it was the shape that stayed in my mind. It wasn't until I was the recipient of an email from Simply Beach, that I was able to become the girl in the photograph, saying adieu to dressing room woes.

Simply Beach asked me to pick a lingerie or swimwear item from their online shop. Without any hesitation, it was this 40's inspired swimsuit that caught my eye. Shortly after placing my order, the package arrived.  

Remarkably, after years of dressing rooms with no success, I found my "perfect" bathing suit without trying it on first.

The Versace sunglasses were also a gift, sent from shades daddy
I never thought I'd be lucky enough to wear bubblegum pink (versace !) eye protectors...  with a retro swimsuit.....
Life is a dream, a big sweet dream.

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flower petals

I can't believe the newspaper print already says August 13th. I can still recall the first tulip of the season, and the first thorny shrub I stepped on. Many plans were built for my summer, but few of them came to life. This may sound unfortunate, but it's really more of a "spontaneity built the summer" sort of thing.

Instead of putting my footsteps where I intended them to go, I came upon a different path. You know the one, where instead of following checklists, you're just floating in the wind.  Every morning, the only guarantee has been coffee brewing and the dogs barking at magpies. The rest of the day is uncertain. I kind of like it this way.

Me and my mum took these pictures weeks ago. We went into a beautiful park, and the wind would not stop pulling at my dress. That and I had just drank a bunch of chocolate milk, so I was feeling a bit like a freight train. The dress and earrings were sent to me from my sponsor, Romwe. Just look at the sweet family of deer!  The flower petal wedges were sent from Oasap, and they have won my "favorite pair of shoes" award.

Sorry I haven't been around much. My wisdom teeth have been complaining. They really like to push through my gums and make my days gloomy. Soon, they'll be gone and I will be chewing as I always have.  Except, maybe, with a greater appreciation for those sweet things that are difficult to chew now.

I have about 6 posts coming your way. Please forgive me for being a slow blogger. 
I'm leaving the house now to get the folk festival film developed. I've always been a bit nervous developing film --- you never know what kind of colors or faces you'll find in the end result.

See you soon.

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