The last day in Kalispell

I rose early, combed through the knots in my hair, decided on a warm soapy shower, everything felt right.  I marveled at the heated floors in the bathroom -- wouldn't it be nice to have these at home? It was like having a little oven for your feet. (minus the cooking part.)

I thought my day was going to be a beautiful dream. We were going to take pictures in the park. We were going to watch the ducks there. We were going to spend our American money in a thrift store. When it was all over, we were going to drive that long beautiful road home.

And then a storm brewed in...
I was carrying luggage into the car when I heard my brother yell "there's dog poop all over the carpet!" I kind of chuckled at first before realizing my brother wasn't joking. There really was dog poop all over the carpet. I lifted my boot only to discover that I was the person who stepped in it. To put it briefly, everybody was grouchy and mad at me. 

I started to cry. It was one of those cries where everything hurts. Your fingers, your teeth, even your baby toe cramps up and makes you feel hopeless.  My tears weren't even salty or soft, they were hard and bitter like an apple falling on your head. I was crying because I stepped on dog poop. It seems like fiction now, why on earth would somebody cry because of that?

I ran across the road with tears in my eyes. The waterworks made everything look like a bundle of stars. Carter ran after me and we walked together.

Then we came upon the lake (it felt more like the lake came upon us..) There was a mural with sculpted clay, hand painted sentences and little fragments of a daydream. I couldn't help but burst into laughter and think to myself how a funny thing like life lessons can be disguised in something like dog poop. 

floral vintage dress; mama stone vintage $40 | tights; teja jamilla etsy| leather lace up boots; western outdoor in Montana $110 | straw hat; spring $10



  1. sock are amazing

  2. Anonymous23.11.12

    The color of these photos are perfect for Autumn.

    I'm sorry about the dog poop. You took something that could have ruined your day and made it into something nice. I love that about you, so positive XX!

  3. oh wow how stunning =)

  4. i quite love the mural! don't feel bad, no one likes stepping into doggie doo.

  5. May I just say YES to those tights! So awesome!
    Sorry you had a bit of a down time in your beautiful day.
    Don't worry, I cried today after receiving an electricity bill. That's pretty silly as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm not too broke to pay it, I just really want to quit my job and also really want to go on a vacation. Both of which will have to be postponed now thanks to that bill. Darn!

  6. Love this outfit! THose tights and the dress are just too pretty! You look gorgeous aswell :)

    Hayley xx

  7. your socks are too cuteee....i thought those were tights :p the boots made them so cool and cute at the same time. Well if i stepped on dog poop, i would be sad i think

    1. Oops! I accidentally posted the wrong words underneath the outfit description. They are actually tights, you are correct! they're from -- >

      thanks for the kind comment! xx

  8. You are the loveliest of humans.
    xo, Tori

  9. those tights are truly amazing. and the only thing worse than dog poo on the carpet is cat poo....

  10. You look so nice!! I love your boots <3
    xoxo, Chance to change

  11. judith24.11.12

    your dress is a beautiful color. these photographs are dreamlike, Sorry to hear about dog poop, I think we've all had something like that ruin our day but I am glad you came across the mural.

    Have a wonderful week! be you always **

  12. you could break my heart

  13. yay these photos are amazing + your tights! i'm in love!

  14. you are the cutest!

  15. i love your tights! So beautiful! kisses!

  16. It's funny how looking at things afterwards can totally change your feelings. Often the anger or frustration or sadness can seem so silly.

  17. gorgeous photos!!! love your blog:)

    please check out mine if you get the chance, would mean a lot!

    xx Rebe

  18. Your blog is amazing i love how you edit every picture ! :) and your style is really unique, i love to hang around your blog and see whats new here

  19. Viewing all the pictures you take, I want to be there.