a walk in the woods at the end of december.

Christmas winds blew into town and quickly left our tree empty and our bellies full from all the festive eating.

The stores have stopped playing music about snowmen and all that remains is leftover bows & torn wrapping paper. As a young girl, I often got the "after Christmas" blues. I would walk around the house, looking at the empty space below our tree, knowing school would begin once again and all the good butterflies leading up to Christmastime had migrated elsewhere. It was a sad and sore feeling, a bit like loneliness. I had something unsolved in my heart. 

Now that I've watched 16 Christmas's arrive and depart (the first 5 don't count!) I've gained thoughts more valuable than any wrapped gift or fork full of stuffing. I accept that Christmas goes away but that doesn't mean joy departs with it. Like a body of stars, there is something bright and magical about being alive for all 365 days. There will be many mornings not titled "Christmas" that make me feel just as happy. The mistletoe may have been pulled from the ceiling, but I'll still find reasons to kiss my beloved.

Since the moment I received the parcel for this fuzzy coat, I've been wearing it everywhere. In the house and out of the house, when it's cold and when the sun shines brightly. On the very first day I wore it, I walked through Shoppers drug mart & took a left turn into the fragrance aisle. I sprayed a generous amount of Yves st Laurent onto those little perfume cards and then placed the cards into my coat pocket. Now I smell like a pretty blossom & I didn't even pay a cent!

floral skirt : shoppalu sponsor  
brown leather boots : western store in Montana  $120


on christmas eve

The morning began with a makeshift mimosa. We used white wine & club soda instead of bubbly champagne and it was a nice way to celebrate life. I've always considered the holidays a time made for eating good food and looking into the eyes of loved ones. My dad doesn't have to rise early for work, our dining room table becomes a puzzle, the liquor cabinet stays open and everyone's a little more willing to bite their tongues and let things be. Family and feasts make my Christmas, C h r i s t m a s. The gifts underneath the garland and pine are just added fun. sent me this dress as an early Christmas gift. I'm so pleased with it. The shape and color remind me of something my grandmother would have worn. Although she's not around to sit beside the fire with me, its nice to wear something that rekindles her spirit. You can look through Eshakti's online store here or follow their facebook. They will make you a custom style and fit on any dress your heart clings to. This one is desirable for all of my holiday celebrations !

Well I have to go on my way - my Mum is making a mixed appetizer dinner and I don't want to miss out on any of those jalapeno poppers.  No matter how you celebrate this time of year, whether its with gift-giving or caroling, fireplace glow or candle light, away in a manger or run Rudolph run, a real tree a fake tree or no tree at all! I hope you do so in the company of happiness. (^.~)

don't forget to leave out carrots for Santa's reindeer & Remember love weighs more than gold!

dress : eShakti sponsor || red bow headband : claires $5 || pink heels : sponsor 
black fur jacket : my auntie maria gift 



My sponsor Romwe is spreading their holiday cheer by sending you a special gift. For orders over $60 you will receive a stocking with mysterious gifts inside! The promotion runs from December 19th to December 25th. 
Here are a few of my favorite things..

Happy Shopping xx


20 birthday bumps

It is my birthday on Thursday (!!!)-----  An alarm clock will ring & suddenly 20 years old will be my reply when people ask me how old I am. Not very much has changed since I was two feet tall. I've only gotten fatter, longer and now I know the difference between an electrical socket and a fork.

I suppose there's more change in me than that. I'm more careful than I used to be. Careful to read only what interests me and careful to make a life only surrounded by things I love. If something exists to make breathing a little harder, like math or a bad friend, I keep it away. There is just not enough time on earth to waste it with a troubled mind. So I go outside, I count the treetops, I visit good people, I play my banjo, and I listen to the birds. I do what I please and its a nice way to live.

Its hard to believe I've been around for the goodbye of 20 Summers and the drying of 19 Winters. Seems like a remarkable feat and all I've had to do was breathe!
(and eat..)
black dress : value village $5  || red waffle pajama top : jc penny $5 || black boots : forever 21 birthday gift || red hat : walmart $8 || 

lilac sparkles and a bird

"I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think."  Rumi

We took these photographs in the haunting woods of Edworthy Park. We seem to go there a lot for picture-taking. I think it's because the forest makes my heartbeats audible and every sunbeam is free to give life to trees and critters instead of skyscrapers and pieces of glass. Sometimes it's just nice to get away from the chug-a-lug-a-lug-a-lug of traveling cars and closer to the beatings of your heart.

This dress was a gift from the online boutique dress empire. It's the closest thing to "princess" I've ever worn. I kind of feel like heaven is dancing between each sparkle. It's also really beautiful to touch. 

I'd love to stay and write but I've been so busy preparing for Elves in the Village. If you belong to my facebook family, you may have seen the poster for the event. It's a holiday market located in the historic Simmons building in East Village Calgary. Vendors will be selling handmade goods, crafts, vintage apparel, jewelry and lots of holiday magic! I'll be there with my mum selling pre-loved clothing and a few handmade treats.  It's happening tomorrow & Sunday from 10-7pm. Admission is by donation towards the Heartland agency.  (Don't forget there will be cookies, hot chocolate, food trucks & live music too!)

dress : dress empire sponsor || faux fur coat : value village $5 || purple glitter wedges : ALDO birthday gift || little birdy on my shoulder : michaels || pink frilly socks : chinatown