everyone is a moon

The moon is hanging low in the sky while the fireplace alters the scent of my hair. All I want to do is curl up and close my eyes until tomorrow. I only need two pillows, a soft blanket and a bed that doesn't feel like a bicycle wheel to say goodnight right now. If only I could be this tired at 3am instead of staring at moonbeams on my bedroom roof... 

I'm afraid if I type any longer, my cheeks will hit the keyboard. I want to dream of swaying poplars and foxes in the sun but I'll probably just dream of binging on blackberries and brownies (or an even more likely dream: climbing uphill naked while being chased by wolves).

"Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody." -Mark Twain

What I'm Wearing 
 floral headband : dolly darling | blue jumper : mcc thriftstore | coat: gift from auntie | nana flush shoes : bait footwear



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vintage trousers

When I hear the word vintage, I think of story-telling; the kind of story-telling that doesn't require ears to listen. Vintage has it's own kind voice that whispers into the dusty fabric, telling a story of many different people in many different rooms. I get the same feeling for vintage clothing as I do when I walk into an old library. The world keeps changing but these things stay the same.

On February 5th, I attended A Vintage Affair's one year anniversary party. They're a local boutique with a vintage collection that rivals those beautiful New York shops I stepped in years ago. They kindly asked me to bring my banjo down and sing a few songs with Carter. It has always been a wish of mine to to live in a city where shops like this exist. It is like stepping into an orchard except instead of trees, you'll find fruit in the shape of vintage dresses.

In between drinking sweet wine and singing with our instruments, we played a little dress up. I ended up falling in love with the prettiest vanilla colored nightie and these plaid trousers. Carter found his belly too big for his own pair of trousers, but he was happy with striped suspenders. Boutiques like this are good for the health but not for the future of my bank account :)

What I'm Wearing
trousers : a vintage affair  | blouse : sheinside | hat : spring | nana flush shoes : bait footwear

a dream of the countryside

I dream of the countryside. A place faraway from the fireworks of city folk and the clicking of bed-springs underneath a city roof. I dream of a life where crates of limes and cold water accompany me on a wooden porch, where white chickens cackle and peck at the floorboards while the horizon melts into an open field. I do love my mountains and the smell of brushwood in a forest, but today I dream of peach cobbler roasting in the oven and the sound of cows mooing in the distance.

When dreams for a country life appear, I try to dress myself as a country wife or at least what I've always imagined she might be wearing when tending the coop. This is my first time wearing my petticoat. I was an 8 year old flower girl the last time I wore a fluffy cloud underneath my bottom. When wearing my petticoat, it doesn't matter how many times my fork falls into my lap at lunch, I still feel demure and ladylike.

Maybe one day you'll find me reaching for the sun on a wooden porch, a burnt tongue from fresh peach cobbler, happily letting the chickens coo and caw along to the sound of my banjo.

Where is the place you dream about building a home out of...?

fluffy petticoat : candy violet
dress : value village
turtle neck : goodwill $5 
shoes : blowfish shoes sponsor