After The Flood

It started as a gulp in the throat when I first heard about the floods. I never imagined, not even in my nightmares, that the rivers where we dip our feet could swallow our city.

I looked outside of my bedroom window and there I saw my usual world. The only thing that appeared to be wrong was the way the wind howled and the sound of rain hitting our shingles. I could see our neighborhood and it's houses, there were no sharp shadows or floating trees. Every bit of rain became nothing but a tiny puddle.

I looked into my television and I saw bridges underneath water, places where I've walked turning into swimming pools and people being asked to abandon their homes for higher ground. I watched a friend's house be swept away by the merciless current and I felt helpless.

The river made the sky look like it had arms but we could not reach it. 

✿ ✿ 

I'm one of the lucky ones. My house sits on a hill and the river does not travel here. I am only 15 minutes away from trees that were uprooted and houses that were ruined, but I felt like I was much much farther than that. As if I lived in a different world, all because of one hill.

Days have passed since the floods came and our city is starting to put itself back together. No longer does a warehouse of "what ifs" and "no ends in sight" make us gloomy. It is hard to imagine losing things in a flood like your first teddy bear, your favorite kettle, a prom dress you wore or portraits of your family but these 'things' do not matter when compared to our breath.

We are so lucky to be alive.

  Dress  - SheInside | Bow Hair Clip - Oasap | Boots  - DNA footwear

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  1. Gorgeous dress! You look breathtaking!!

  2. Anonymous27.6.13

    We are so lucky to be alive, what a lovely reminder. It's crazy to think the river could have swallowed us up as easy as you step on an ant. Love your dress! Xx

  3. Your dress is so precious!

  4. Such awful news! I still can't believe it happened!

  5. It's awful to have something like that happen so close to home, lets hope everything clears up soon! Gorgeous dress too, hope you're well lovely.

    Louise x
    The Little Things

  6. I'm so glad you are alright! That's really scary.

    Lovely dress, you look like a princess. I like the flowers on the front.

  7. Beautiful pictures and dress. I totally hear you, after Hurricane Sandy hit I was amazed how NYC and NJ could be be drowned. My heart and thoughts go out to all those affected by storms. It's heartbreaking to see your own city shaken and under water.


  8. Glad to know the flood did not affect you. I keep hearing such horrible stories over the news lately. Manitoba, where I live, has gotten some flooding as well. WE just had a inch or two of water in our basement, lucky compared to some of the people in alberta. My prayers are with everyone dealing with the after math of the flooding.

  9. Anonymous29.6.13

    My heart goes out to you and everyone you may know going through tough times because of these crazy storms. Way to stay positive and continue posting beautiful photos despite the terrible weather! Keep your head up- you have a beautiful soul!

    Xo, Hannah

  10. Anonymous29.6.13

    Your dress fits your personality beautiful Amy

    Stay positive It is inspiring especially for us worry types

  11. these pictures are amazing :)
    Kisses from France

  12. That dress is glorious! It's so beautiful, I love embroidery. You look like a dream, as always. So glad your house is okay and that you all are safe! Leave it to you to make beauty out of something terrible. :)
    xo, Tori Lynne

  13. Your photographs are always so captivating. Great dress.

  14. so scary, you must be feeling so grateful right now. lovely photos by the way.

  15. everything looks so so perfect <3 i love those photos ! < 3

  16. You are like sunshine.

  17. Anonymous3.7.13

    Je trouves cette robe Magnifique . Belle soirée

  18. cute dress and headpiece! you look gorgeous! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  19. I'm glad that you are all okay. Well, anyway, you live in so beautiful area...
    This dress is wonderful imo because it reminds me "Atonement" style. White, girly, innocent and delicate. Could not believe that it is new dress, not a vintage one.