Calgary Folk Music Festival 2013

It is that time of year again . . . The Calgary folk fest begins on Thursday.
I'll be there with grass stains on my feet, following those who know the music in my heart and dancing with my favorite people.  Every year I go to listen to the music and I always leave having found more than new songs to sing.
Are you going to any music festivals this year? 


How To: Wavy Hair With A Flat Iron

This is my first ever hair tutorial. I've always wanted to make one but never thought I was worthy of telling others how to style their own hair. After all, I've always been a quick shower, half blow dry, one comb and a spritz of hairspray kind of girl.

Something in me feels different now. I want to start treating my hair the way I treat my wardrobe. I should be exploring it's possibilities as a way of expressing my mood and not just something attached to the top of my head. I have hair that keeps growing and it's time for me to make the most of it!

 Luckily, I was given the opportunity by ghd to style my hair using one of their candy stylers. They surprised me in the mail with the mint colored one and now I want to paint everything I own in the same color. Each styler has ceramic heat technology and the ability to create straight, wavy or curly hair. The styler heats up quickly and has a sleep mode for those paranoid of plugins like I am. 

ghd stands for Good Hair Day and after testing their mint styler I can see why they chose that acronym.
You can have a look at their collection of colorful stylers here.

Now let's get started!

  • Save your locks from damage by using a serum or spray designed for heat protection. Gently rub throughout entire hair and be careful not to use too much, sticky hair is hard to style. Your hair will thank you.
  • To make your wave, imagine the way the ocean moves. A wave bends down and up, down and up until it reaches the seashore. 
  • Clamp a piece of hair depending on how tight you want your waves to appear. The less hair clamped, the curlier it will be. I prefer grasping a larger chunk so my waves look natural.
  • Move down your hair while bending the flat iron in the motion of waves. (Flat iron facing towards cheek, flat iron facing away from cheek, repeat.)
  • Be careful not to clamp sections for too long otherwise you might end up with kinks or burns.
  • Take a desired chunk of hair from the front of your head & pin it over top with a bobby pin. This will be where you create your braid crown. 
  • You can make the braid now or later. I did mine later so I didn't have to rest my flat iron.
  • Spritz of hairspray is the key to making your waves last. Scrunch your hair when adding hairspray for a messier look.
  • Make a braid with the hair you pinned in step 3. 
  • Pull the braid over your head. Smile. Secure with bobby pins.
It really is that simple! My hair tutorial is just one of many using a ghd product. You can find more how-to's on their website. If you have any questions about the style or styler just ask me in a comment. I'm no expert but I'll try my best. 
Have a good hair day!
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In the tall grass

If you find me horizontal in the tall grass, do not call my name for supper or mingling. I want to stay outside and witness the world. I'm afraid if I go indoors I'll miss something great like watching sparrows bury beetles with their beaks or flowers curtsying the yellow bees. I know time will eventually give birth to blizzards and death will happen to the tall grass. Let me put my palm on the hot summer sun while I can.

The seeds we planted months ago are starting to make the garden beautiful. We attempt to water the plants every day but sometimes it rains and other times we forget. Most of the time we just stare at the vegetable plant and ask for it to grow us salads.

Do you have your own garden? I'd love to hear your tips for making the most out of it.
P.S this lace jumper from oasap is my new favorite garment, so pretty!

What I'm Wearing:
White Lace Jumpsuit - Oasap 

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Dandelions and Dungarees

From pebble to dandelion, everything shimmers a little brighter in the sun.

I just returned from a short holiday through the mountains and lakes of British Columbia. The view from my window as the car wheels rolled was exactly what I needed. The softwood trees danced with only the sky as their roof, and the endless streams made me glad I never learned to fly.

Along the way we stopped to visit the lakes. They were bitterly cold but I promised myself that a day will come where I jump right in. I bet the ragged crows will scoff at me when I do. What makes a human want to jump into a freezing cold lake? Or camp by the company of grizzly bears? What is it about the smell of firewood that makes us feel alive?

 Sometimes all you need in life is the mountains and a map.

 Overalls - Peacock Boutique Calgary | Flower Petal Wedges - Oasap | Blouse - Value Village

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