Home from Hawaii

 This was my second time visiting Hawaii, my first was when I was a newborn so everything felt very new to me as I imagine it did then. I tried to take as many photographs as possible but not even the prettiest of pictures could compare to the ones Hawaii imprinted on my brain. There were geckos, turtles, frogs, wild chickens, bright birds and hard-working sea life all around me. Even now when I close my eyes, I can feel the sea's feathery weight on my shoulders.

I have many more Hawaii posts planned for December. 
How nice to spend the snowy month looking at bright blooms and happy moments!


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  1. Anonymous3.12.13

    This is really special. The flowers are absolutely breathtaking! I am eager to see all of your Hawaii posts.

  2. I can't resist putting plumeria in my hair when I'm there.

  3. These photos are a dream! :)

    <3 Megan

  4. Incredibly beautiful flowers and colours! (and you look quite pretty as well, I must say!)

  5. The flower photos are beautiful and refreshing. And you are very beautiful as well. ♡ :-)

  6. you are as beautiful as the flowers are <3

  7. You are unbelievably cute! I love your blog so much! I have a feeling I'll be fallowing you from now on.

  8. Love the green! Ah you're such a fairy! Love you xxx


  9. there are such gorgeous colors in this post - a nice change from the snowy white and grey view from my window! looking forward to the rest of the hawaii posts :)

  10. I am smitten with your blog, Amy. It's so fresh and your outfits are beautiful not to mention the above post with flowers and you wearing a summer dress. I miss it so much as it's so cold where I live. Oh well, only a couple of months till summer dresses... Kisses.


  11. Anonymous11.12.13

    I am waiting to see the Hawaii Pics!! You take such dreamy photos! Lovely!!!

  12. oh my gosh you lucky lady, dear amy girl! beautiful photos. i hope you had the best time. also, every time i look at your blog banner the illustrations make me smile. i adore them so. :)

  13. So beautiful :) I would love to visit Hawaii!

    love, polly bland

  14. The skirt is pretty, I love the color especially.

  15. Hawaii is such an amazing place. Love these flowers. Love your dress. Thank you for sharing sooo beautiful post! Keep posting! Best regards!


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