early morning blooms

I rise early in the morning with the sound of a coffee pot and two dogs breathing heavily as they enter in and out of dreams. I tiptoe through my kitchen as the morning birds’ dip and sway beside the window. I look at them and wonder what it is like to have wings.

I grew up dreading the quiet of early morning hours. I hated the loneliness that sunk into my body knowing I was the only one wandering the house at daybreak. If I witnessed the clock before 7am, it gave me a reason to believe I was the only human left in the world. The feeling lasted only a few hours until others awoke and life crept back into the floorboards.  

As seasons quickly change, I have changed too. Instead of fearing the quiet hours of my day, I send them invitations and hope they'll visit often. I dream of rooms so quiet that my own thoughts sound like conversations, the kind of rooms you can only find when nobody else is around. In this house of ours, we have 6 inhabitants; when somebody is silent, another is noisy. Sometimes it is hard to find the quiet mornings I used to dread, but when they finally do appear, I listen for the sound of solitude and I don't confuse it for loneliness anymore.

Yesterday, we went for a wander through our neighborhood. At a slow pace, we looked up and saw how all the trees had little green buds racing towards the sun. We stopped to watch two dabbling ducks swim across the creek and it made me feel glad for springtime. After the show, we climbed a steep hill and as we approached the summit, a wide-eyed lilac flower looked back at us. The flower was growing between pebble and grass, as if it had always been there. I thought to myself: "How did I survive a cold winter without you?"  Now we can finally replace our plastic flowers with real ones!
Pink Vintage Lingerie Thrifted at the Goodwill  
Boots Value Village

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  1. Stunning photographs! I love the delicacy and femininity of your images and how they are styled - perfection!

  2. wow! you still have snow! its so pretty but you must be awfully tired of it now.
    i love the like you wrote about two dogs breathing heavily waiking from dreams. that discribes it perfectly.
    love this outfit and the fact that you're setting your hair in rag curls. so cute and spring like.

  3. Lovely photos, your dress is to pretty

  4. I love that time alone, for myself. I stopped thinking of it as loneliness a long time ago.



  5. Flawless look and perfect jacket!

  6. i love your story and your dress is lovely, so are those flowers :)

  7. Such a lovely blog you have, Amy! Not just the photos, but also the words you write, the layout and the whole impression.
    So glad that I stumbled upon your blog! I followed you on Bloglovin' almost instantly! :P Look forward to reading more great posts from you :)
    See if you wanna take a look at my blog too! That would make my day! :P

    Greetings from Hong Kong,

  8. Oh this is so dreamy! It's making me think about that random box of lingerie at the thrift store now... Love it!
    xoxo, Lindsey Dish

  9. Gorgeous photos. You look like a princess in a vintage fairy tale. ♡

  10. Always love catching up on your blog and your photography is so on point as usual. Great job girl :)

  11. oh you look so whimsical <3 that dress is pure perfection, just like it was made for YOU! <3

  12. I love the way you write :) I'm quite a fan of being the first person awake too :)

  13. This is so gorgeous! Love the print!
    Pretty Lovely

  14. This is such a beautiful outfit! Love the dress, so playful and gorgeous.

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  15. That is SUCH a pretty peignoir- love it! And gorgeous set of photos <3 Alex


  16. love love love this outfit! xx the floral dress is perfect. x

  17. It's so nice to pick up flowers early in the morning even the thought of doing it is so relaxingThe photos are great. Sooo love your outfit. I love floral print dress and just actually got one from VintageSwank. Can't wait to visit our local thrift store to look for that kind of vintage lingerie. :)

  18. Love your colorful dress, and the boots is pretty.

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