banjos and bird nests

It is Sunday morning and the beginning of spring has turned the ends of bare branches into baby sized buds. I feel most alive when the white snow sails away with the wind, revealing the hidden earth where flowers and grasses are meant to grow. It is my time for planning the garden which will be bountiful and present during summer, the other season that makes the world feel bright and far from grim.

I have been hammering fingers and palms against my banjo while seated on couches, bar seats and carpeted flooring. I miss the feeling of a banjo skin warmed by the sun. I long to hear banjo strings echo beside tall trees and the squirrels dropping pine cones. I dream of the grass springing towards my feet as I carry my banjo to play in the garden. I can see it now, the silver stringed lifeboats making songs while I brush them, a soft breeze pulling at my hair, the crow in the distance and my dogs lying flat in the shade.

When I look to my shadow in the sunshine as I play, it looks as if my belly is stuck out and round. I imagine there is a baby growing but then I chuckle to myself – knowing I am young and for now I am here to give birth only to these songs on my banjo. I know one day, if life allows it, there will be little babes around for me to share these strings with. Until then, until tiny hands reaching out for me, until a need for tissues and messes that are not my own, I will play my banjo and I will count the reasons why this moon-shaped instrument made every season of my life feel mighty, like a daisy rising from the warm earth.

Banjos like bird nests belong in the sun and I will sing with the chickadees whenever spring comes.

The Outfit
Hat & Blouse & Skirt Value Village
Lace up Heels Blowfish Shoes
Boots DNA footwear


  1. Gorgeous outfit, and a cute hat.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  2. beautiful shots. I adore your blouse and hat!


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  4. Beyond perfect, as always. Such beautiful writing too xx

  5. i like how this is pretty yet practical with your boots and tights and all, but i love how just a whisper of calloused fingertips showed in the third shot. in kansas i feel like i haven't had enough moments hammering banjo strings in the warm house with snow outside, for it is now spring very much here. if i could send you up some warm weather, snow white tree buds and fragile flowers pushing up through the earth i would, for i understand winter becomes long in the north. here's to many great moments with your banjo friend this spring.

  6. Value Village is the best! In NY, it's Savers, but's the best.
    Meg of An Affair of Character

  7. Suuuch a cute look! Love the style of that skirt and the check colours are amazing <3

    The Quirky Queer

  8. I love the wood-nymph dreamy feel of these shots. The atmosphere is delicious and winter sleepy with that whisper of spring in the air... Your outfit completes the whole effect, and it's super cute. The plaid and jumper dress combination is a real winner. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

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  10. Anonymous21.3.15

    Absolutely beautiful - photos and words. I love the colour scheme in this outfit!! I'd love to hear you play banjo one day - it is my absolutely favourite instrument, even though I'm certain I'll never be able to play it myself.

  11. Oh, what gorgeous photos! Your outfit is so cute. Beautiful writing, too ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  12. very elegant outfit,Love this countryside