squirrels and dandelions

The weeks have been filled with plans. A dandelion blooms on every street, flowers thirsty for sunlight bend towards the sky, my size seven feet are glad to be free from wool socks, my winter made skin is pale but ready to be freckled and warmed by May weather. I wander to a field with my banjo, I feel lonely as only one can feel when they are alone in a field and everybody else is a stranger. The trees cast shadows and I look to them for company as I sit down in the tall grass. This is who I am a girl who needs solitude as much as she needs spoons for stirring and lungs for calling a loved one home. Surely, it is in these moments of wondering whether I am lonely or simply alone that I realize how much I need to be wandering freely on my own, how I thirst for such an occasion. If I am to have ears for listening to my friends and happiness within each tooth as I grin, I need to keep and hold onto quiet moments where it's only me.

Lately, life is full to the brim with places to be, dresses to wear, stories to catch in our nets, and desired moods to be in. I love the world for all of its wilderness and unknowing of tomorrows but constantly running through time as I have been is not where I live best. I need to slooowww down. I need quiet fields where the only conversation to be had is the one between a round banjo and my brain. I need to drift through a day with stillness and water the plants not only for their health but for my own too. I need to say "I love you, but today I am visiting with myself."

In the distance, there is tomorrow, and tomorrow has moods and uncertainty, but today there is a field where my banjo can sit like a newborn in my lap, ready to be sung to and held close to my beating heart. When there are banjos and skirts with squirrels drinking coffee, how bad could life be? 

The necklace I'm wearing is from happiness boutique, an online boutique stocked with flowery accessories and pretty-on-the-eyes kind of clothing. They offer free international shipping (yippy!) and a rewards program. I don't often wear jewelry but when I do, it better be sweet like this!

  The Outfit
Blouse & Boots & Hat Value Village
Skirt – Chicwish
Necklace Happiness Boutique
The Location
Ravine behind my house


  1. Your photographs and outfit are so so beautiful! x

  2. That print is adorable, looks like an album cover.



  3. I love all of your photos! Your skirt is the cutest ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. I sound like a broken record...each times I visit here, I leave the same notes. "Your writing is beautiful". "You have such poetry in your words". "Your photographs are gorgeous".... etc etc.

    At the same time, I simply can't not repeat myself. When someone leaves such beauty on a page or screen that it's like being lit up, like a dandelion with the sun shining from under it like a little yellow lightbomb, how can you not admire that?

    And so for the hundredth time, the thousandth, I leave my little compliments like dandelion-down scattered like spent breaths on the wind: beautiful. Gorgeous. Poetry, pure and clear.

    1. I come back to this comment whenever I am feeling blue.

      Thank you.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a trail of such encouraging words.

      I won't soon forget it. <3

  5. You are such talented writer! You inspire me a lot :) Being on meadow full of dandelions sounds so amazing <3. Even if you are alone and everyone is stranger. Nature is so beautiful.
    You look so charming. This skirt is so cute, the little animals stole my heart, totally:)


  6. I understand the need to be alone so well... I've been longling for my solitude in the forests and in the fields and yet I'm so stuck inside, at work --and even if I work alone, it's not the right type of solitude. I'm thankful for your words, they resonate with me so well and inspire me to seek what I really need.

    I also love your cute skirt --that print is awesome. This whole outfit is so adorable and blends so well with your beautiful surroundings.

  7. Lovely outfit you have.


  8. The colors of your outfit compliment the foliage and greenery in the photographs, both are so pretty. Dandelions certainly are a cheerful flower, perfect for the summer sun! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  9. lovely
    Beautiful pictures ❤

    Casa Cherry

  10. These photos are perfection, Amy. You are so talented and look just lovely. <3