A road trip to Banff

 On Monday, I planned a picnic with my mum and headed out towards the rocky poems that grow far above us. It is one of the only places I have traveled to where the road itself is beautiful and never feels too long. Whenever I am down on my luck or bored of the city, I know I can count on these roads to jump start my heart again. That's why when Expedia.ca asked me to share my favorite places along the way to Banff, Alberta, Canada, I did not hesitate!


Ghost Lake Reservoir
This is a nice little spot right off of highway 1A. If you're driving from Calgary, you can make this the first stop of your day trip or spend the night camping across the road. Here, you can take to fishing or watch sailboats float on by. If you look out as far as the eye can see, you could convince yourself it was ocean water. The waves roll in and out which makes it a perfect place for boating or letting your hair sway in the breeze.

Grotto Creek Trail
Grotto Creek is one of my favorite places to stretch my legs and set out a picnic. I've been here in every season and it's always been pleasant. This time, the weather was golden and summery so everybody could bare their legs and let the mountain air make them feel like life was a magical thing not to be taken for granted. There were people in canoes and others were standing by the water with fishing pole in hand. It is a perfect place for a picnic or a hike through Grotto Creek Trail.

Moose Meadows
To get to Moose Meadows, you have to follow the Bow Valley Parkway. It is a scenic drive that rolls and winds through dense forests and colorful wildflowers. You can stop in at Johnston's canyon and visit the waterfalls or grab a bite to eat in the restaurant. However, Johnston's canyon can get quite busy in the peak seasons (July, August) so if you're looking to escape the crowd, drive a little ways past and you'll find Moose Meadows where beauty is abound. I could have stayed here all day and listened to the quiet whispering of my happy heart.

Lake Minnewanka 
 If you visit here often, you might already know of my love for Lake Minnewanka. In fact, I have written of it and taken photographs by the water many times. I come here to see the lake sparkle against the sun and breathe the lodge pole pine air. There are chipmunks that could make even the grumpiest of men smile and mountain sheep who meander by. I certainly don't know all there is to know about living, but I do know Lake Minnewanka knows something about the way we spend our lives. If you're looking to slow down time, here is a place for you.

Happy travels!

outfit details: chicwish dress, montana tackstore lace up boots


  1. this is so pretty, I love your dress

  2. These pictures are beautiful. There couldn't be any better outfit for this landscape.
    It looks like it is made for it and the photos are so beautifully composed.
    I love them.


  3. Oh my these pictures are breathtaking! You truly do live in such a beautiful part of our world.


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