5 goals for January

 The windowsill in my kitchen is covered in tiny icicles that look like broken glass. It is cold, so cold, and the only way to warm the bones is to draw long baths and boil water on the stove top. I am hesitant to wander outside, not even the woods could call me now, not when the winter hours glare so obviously at the hands of those who walk within it. I want to tell the bouquet of snapdragons to grow wise and tall, like they did at summer's calling, but I know they cannot. If I run outside to take photographs, to walk dogs, or to go somewhere that requires leaving, I am caught by a coughing fit and the insatiable desire to return home, where we can gather by the fireplace and forget what misery winter can bring. They say it will be warming up soon, and when that happens, I'll return with photographs and hopefully happier sentiments (!)

Little goals for January 
I have decided every month to set five little (or big) goals for myself. I don't necessarily care if I fail them or not and I do believe we place too much emphasis on getting things done or comparing our lives to others. I just want to do this as a way of keeping track so when those quiet and lonely hours of self defeat creep into my cupboards, I can see what I have accomplished or what I have yet to do. Feel free to join me in the comments or leave a link to your own post!
  1. Decide which songs I want on my album and which songs I should finish writing.
  2. Hunker down and actually finish learning a new banjo song. Instead of starting, learning halfway, and then moving onto something else.
  3. Take more photographs of the people I love. Including the pups.
  4. Finish reading at least one unfinished book from the shelf. I still haven't fully read a Haruki Murakami book given to me for my birthday one year ago. I think I should start with that one.
  5. Become a better indoor plant mum. It seems like every indoor plant I have dies or is dying. You can find crumbles of leaves all over the floor in my room.

    Okay January, be kind to us.



  1. Anonymous16.1.17

    Lovely goals. So nice to see ones that aren't the typical "lose weight." Goals

    Let me think about goals of my own ��

  2. Anonymous27.1.17

    Lovely goals! I also am wanting to take more photographs of the people I love. One of my pups is a little camera shy, so I have to work extra hard to capture her smile. :) Also, perhaps I should finish reading/START reading some of the books I recently thrifted. No point in having them if I don't use them and love them.

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