I believe in warm air. warm hearts. and warm coffee. Love like all arts, is quite useless. It is the useless things that make life worth living, and that makes life dangerous, too. Wine, love, art, beauty. Without them, life is safe, but not worth bothering with.

The weather is making my bones cold. Fall is here, so are the deep browns, and vivid yellows, and oranges that paint the hills, and prairies. Fall and spring are the loveliest times of the year for anyone who loves colors. And me, I love colors.

I find it amusing how the fall is my season of reflection. Every Autumn, I think of how I am different person from the last. I think of how I've changed with the seasons. How my eyes have grown brighter in some lights, and darker in others. This fall, I'm on a balloon, and I'm swimming across the sky. It's lovely. It's magic. I'm the lucky one.

In recent days, I have had a constant craving. There are the people who crave chocolate, some who crave change, I crave exploration. I want to run with the wind as fast as I can, I want to swim with a wave until I get lost, I want to be everywhere, anywhere. Tell me, what do you do when you need an adventure?

Before, I leave you, I want to mention a friend. He's a squirrel. He visits me when I sit by my window. He doesn't talk, I'm not crazy, but he listens. Sometimes all you need is for someone, something, to hear you, to listen. My squirrel, he's majestic, and I feel good vibes when he's near. I hope I can be that squirrel for someone.

I think now that being free is not being powerful or rich or well regarded or without obligation but being able to love. To love someone else enough to forget about yourself even for one moment is to be free.

I am free. I am free. I am free.

love the west, the south, the north, the east.
kisses !!

come out from your fairy bower, come upon this golden hour, come to us we beg you please, faeries dancing on the breeze

Dear friends, Have you ever heard a song for the first time, got ahead of yourself, and finished the lyrics with your own words. I do this all of the time. Especially with rhyming songs. The biggest annoyance to this is you can't take what you've thought and write it into your own song. It remains to that one song, and yet, it doesn't.. am I even making sense?

I love my hat. I love my giant head that fits inside my hat. Most people might deny my right to adorn my sunny hats throughout the cooler months... But I'm going to wear them anyway. Watch out, leg warmers, plus a sunny hat. Oh how I love living dangerously.. Ha!

These pictures give the illusion of a summer sun. In truth, I'm looking outside onto a snowy linen land. They were taken two weeks ago when Summer was still visiting. Will I miss Summer? Will you miss Summer? I'll miss Summer if my feet turn black, and my nose turns red. Other wise, I'll appreciate the winter. Or try...

For the first time, I have nothing but tasks to be accomplished, and places to go. It's not that I have a social life. I'm just working. School. Life. Basketball... The only social life I have is the one in my room underneath the stars with the love of my life. When I'm not working, it's him I'm with. Truth is, I wouldn't have it any other way. "I'd rather be under the moon with you, then the sun with anyone else."

I wish for love to come your way my friends.

Kisses !!!!

dress/ value village under $10
boots/ zara $50
hat/ value village $3
necklace/ aldo $10

I saw the sky and sea and sand.

More and more each day, I am falling love. Falling in love with the view outside of my window, falling in love with the dying flowers no longer in bloom, falling in love with the faces I see, falling in love with the voices that speak to me. I am lucky. It takes courage to love. It takes courage to love a world full of madness, and aches.

I'm a myriad of change. Today, I'm happy and blissful. Tomorrow, I could be telling you how I've fallen out of love with the view, the flowers, the faces, the voices. I wish life was always falling in love, and cupcakes...

Look at the stars. They're the same stars as last week, Last year. Same as when were kids. When we weren't even born. In a hundred years, No one will ever know who we are. But they'll know those same stars.

Today, my mind is creative and blossoming with ideas. I think I'll stick to a pen, and write some poetry. Finish my social project(what aaaaaaa drag) and hopefully frolic through comments, and blogs I have so dearly missed. Blog readers, expect me frequently now that I've settled down, and found peace.

Kiss Kiss to you !!

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(vest, dots $5)
(boots, zara $50)

last days of weardrobe conference

The day before departure was another lovely time. We woke up, and walked down to a restaurant named lure. We were greeted by a specialized menu fit for a queen. I sat next to Keiko, Katy, and Krystal. The food was delicious. The atmosphere was relaxing. I felt like I had walked into a spa, with french toast, and pretty people. A girl from seventeen magazine introduced herself to all of us. Dream job.. Dreeeeam job. Also, I was delighted to meet Sara(h) who works for She was an angel if I ever did meet one.

After brunch.. The talented streetstyle photographer and blogger Altamira came to do a photo shoot. We attracted a lot of tourists! For the first time in my life,.. I felt what being famous must taste like.(I liked the attention, shh!)

Typical Amy fashion(no pun).. I was chewing gum, smiling from left ear to right, ruining a perfect picture.. It's okay. I like the naturalness of this photo, forget the gum!

After continuous walking, and laboring in the heat... We found our way to a boutique called eryn brinie. It was there, that I got to style my first mannequin. Me and cutie Katy were paired, and decided to go for a boho-fall look. As happily, and quickly, as we could.. we found ourselves rummaging through beautiful drapes of cloth, and color. The prices ran high. My brown eyes wanted to purchase, but my head told me no..

We worked well together. We took elements out of our own individual styles to create a look. After styling the mannequin, my eyes were opened.. Maybe a stylist is a dream job for me too..

We finished the day with a meeting with the creator of tumblr. It was so interesting to meet someone who belonged to the "tech" part of our world. After, learning, and engaging in conversation, I felt my body tired and sore. We went back to the hotel. I crawled into a deep sleep, while some of the girls headed to a movie. It was another dream day in the world of weardrobe.

the last day. . .

All beautiful things come to an end. Such is true with the weardrobe conference. New York, and all the creative girls I met during a week in September.. I'll never forget to remember every conversation, every smile, every blister, every chill, every moment. The week started with it's nerve wracking beginnings, first times, first impressions, and strangers. The week ended with blossoming flowers, blossoming souls, bags full of goodies, but most importantly, a life full of new friendships. My heart is warmer. My eyes are brighter. I see more beauty in the world. Weardrobe, you are a best friend. Jess. Suz. Rich. It's always summer when I think of you!


dlflflf . .. f