Good Wednesday! After photographing my last outfit photos', me and my mom stopped in a coffee shop and decided to indulge in treats, and video taping with my new flip cam. Here are two silly videos that were completely spontaneous...

I've always loved capturing beauty, and moments in a photograph, and had no idea I would enjoy video-taping just as much.. Next video, Questions from you, Answers from me! I want you to comment or email me ( any question that comes to your mind.. It can be random, witty, inspiring, fun, anything you can think of! I look forward to hearing from you my beauties !!



  1. Anonymous3.2.10

    YOU ARE EVEN MORE GORGEOUS IN PERSON! Love the idea of taking videos

    if you could be an animal what animal would you be, and why

  2. Cute video, I loved your skirt/dress.

    The way you write on your blog and the way you take pictures you seem like a free spirit. Would you describe yourself as that?

  3. Cute videos Amy.
    Im pretty new to reading your lovely blog, how old are you and do you go to school/collage (what do you study?) or work?


  4. Anonymous3.2.10

    you are gorgeus, and i love your bow. your style is inspiring

    whats your favorite movies

  5. Cute video! I love that bow..and I love that your hanging out with your mom!

    Favorite band?

  6. Haha awwww you're so cute! I used to video blog all the time but I don't anymore because i don't have a webcam, I miss it! :( Video blogging is extremely fun though :) I love your bow and tights!!

  7. Oh and a question: what do you like to do in your spare time apart from blogging?

  8. Awww, you're so cute!! I love these videos!

  9. Ah I can't wait for more videos! So sweet.

  10. hmmm... there are lots a questions I could ask.
    How much do you think you spend buying clothes??
    Do you take photos outside of blogging?
    What's your dream job?

    You're too cute. I'd be too scared to post a video online.

  11. love the post.

  12. Love the idea of taking videos

    my lingerie blog

  13. hey :) aww u look gorgeous and so adorable in the video. post more vids!! ehhe btw i love the tights! <3

  14. oh my goshhh. You are ridiculously adorable. Your blog is like a little hidden gem and I check it daily to see if you've posted because it makes me so happy! hahaha. I also love how you're Canadian and shop at Value Village because Value Village is possibly the best store in all of Canada. Wait, scratch that, THE WORLD. (Yes, I love Value Village.)

    Hmmm, questions:
    1. What is some of your/ your biggest aspiration?
    2. What's the best piece of advice you've ever gotten?
    3. Would your rather spend the rest of your life in an evening gown or in sweats?

    Thanks, girl! Keep posting!

  15. Oh woaah,
    what a great post + video, cute!
    Whats your guilty pleasure? Mines ICE CREAM.^^
    Panda xx
    Thanks so much for the sweet comment, lovely!

  16. That was so mesmerizing to watch. I think you just come off as so honest and straightforward and unstaged and that's what I love about blogs in general. so there you go. You've embodied that wonderfully here.

  17. hey amy. how are you. Good apperently. I've a question for you , how are you doing for wear only a little dress and tight in winter . That's crazy , you aren't cold?
    Your videos are really cool . xoxo

  18. Cute! You look so nice and natural. Videos are so much fun, at my last job we used to take the flip to the street and video street style.

    Did you ever feel nervous taking photos and putting yourself on the internet for all to see? I do...

    Loves x

  19. Awww you're so sweet in these videos :) After watching your video, I know this sounds corny but my favorite color is purple too! ahahaha I love the outfit and my question for you is: What kind of camera do you use? and do you change the lighting of the photos in photoshop or iPhoto on a mac? ;] Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  20. Danielle8.2.10

    You're so cute <3
    Do you believe in God?


  21. haha so cute! you're adorable.

  22. Your red tights are to diiiieee.



  23. you are such a lovely girl :))

  24. ooooooo you are unbelievable beautiful! cool
    bewitch and enchant