there are landscapes. there are flowers. there are dancing fairies.

there is tea on my stove, and honey on my shelf. the wind is tickling my hair. and a cat sits by my feet. i'm carrying with me the good things we know.

As most of you know, a couple of weeks ago I took a trip to Vancouver Island. It's one of the few places in the world, where magic doesn't only exist in your mind. Magic is everywhere here. In the flowing trees, and streams. In the sand, and cherry blossom trees. Look close enough to the dirt, and it even seems to sparkle.

I think we all have those places where we feel like a cocoon. We feel like we're limiting our growth, and stuck in a shell. I also think, we all have those special places, where we shake, and grow wings. No longer in a cocoon, but a metamorphosis, now a butterfly. What better way to celebrate freedom, then wearing a flower dress and dancing on the waters of Vancouver Island?

Don't feel sad. Go outside, and ignite your senses with the smell of outdoors. Sometime's I've fallen blue, or tired, or dull-feeling, but the second I step outside, regardless of the brightness of the sun, I am awakened. If I could live outside, I would. Would you?

As I sit here, eyes shut, pretending I'm still Vancouver bound. I'll pretend the following picture is a post card, and all thats written is, "the weather here is beautiful, wish you were here beautiful"......
I've fallen in love with cherry blossom trees, and if you send a genie my way, I'll wish for a cherry tree in the center of my bedroom. How beautiful would it be to awake to pink petals all over the sheets on which you sleep?... Dream on.

dress- good will $5
tights- bestey johnson, xmas.
boots- value village $15

Sweet day dreams to you, and kisses to your friends.
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  1. I love this look! Those tights are just magnificent, I waaant. And the pictures are great. I love your hair!

  2. Anonymous26.4.10

    hey! i love your style you aré great! exclente estiló


  3. Anonymous26.4.10

    you always tell me KEEP SHINING
    and you always keep SHINING

    its hard to like my self when girls like you exist in the world
    your just breath taking

  4. OH, I love outdoor places. The lake is lovely, just as much as you are.

  5. What lovely pictures! I've never been to Vancouver Island, but now I feel like I have, and it feels magical and beautiful. Mmmm. Love it. Thanks for your sweet comment over at; you have a wonderful blog yourself, and I'm glad to have found it!

    I just got a Twitter account; I'm going to go follow you now!


  6. Looks like a lovey place you visited. I love places like that, they make me feel free. And a pretty dress you wore.

    If you have a chance, stop by and enter my giveaway.


  7. Lovely photos! Enjoying the blog very much.

  8. lovely pics!
    And I also like the dress!


  9. Wonderful photos and writing.

  10. Anonymous27.4.10

    You are like a dancing water fairy, you caught my eye.
    If I saw a girl like you by the water. I'd have to open my eyes,
    For I'd only be dreaming.

    Amy amy amy :)

  11. Anonymous27.4.10

    ^ From anthony. Hugs to you.

  12. i'm glad your posting again

    we miss you

  13. Amy, I've been to Victoria and also Ucleulet on Vancouver Island and I spend at least 30 minutes everyday daydreaming about what it would be like to live there.
    It's a magnificient place. I whole-heartedly understand your ardor.

  14. Gorgeous pictures^^ I love your dress

  15. That dress is pretty magical, so are these pictures. =)


  16. great pics...i love all the colors!

  17. WOW!! Stunning pictures. Really cute dress! love the tights!!! xx

  18. Such a cute dress!

  19. i tend to feel like i'm always in a cocoon. i need to get out of my own head and off the internet, I think.

  20. you look amazing, these photos have left me in awe!

  21. Lovely images and great style.

  22. such a beautiful dress!!!

  23. I ADORE your blog. I cannot comment on your most recent post but just found you through Dori and wanted to tell you how great this is. Also, where did you get your boots? I have been wanting something like that for some time now (seriously, a year or more)

  24. ADORE all your photos