I will attempt the unsettling-
I will reach for the corridor of my dream. I will part from the shallow aching which once built a home out of me. The moon cannot keep me slow, the sun cannot heal time. The insides of my skin. The ticking of my clever and thick words. All that sits and grows and rots. I am my dream. This isn't magic, this is very real. I am making a choice. I will slowly crawl beneath our trees of thought and clarity. I will become, and seek, and drink happiness that tastes like honey. There is no need for patience. You will no longer feed off the future, you will be, you will be. What do you want? Am I the answer? Where is the universe, have you reached it yet?

good news
I've got a Nikon D90 on the way.. finally.. pictures of outfits, friends, and beautiful sunsets. no more empty blog, no more infrequent posting.. dear all, i want to thank you for being real, and honest and pure and beautiful. your words and following are sweet kisses, stay with me<3

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Much love,

what to wear

Hello lovely loves! First all, I want to send apologies for the negligence I've had for my blog. I miss you all. I haven't been shying, or boring myself. I've been spending time discovering, living, and oh those tedious school tasks..... and I need a new camera. New camera equals new outfit photographs equals frequent updating. I hope you don't mind..... I wish you all the magic in the world.

On another, more uplifting note, I'd like you to check out the launch of WHAT TO WEAR.COM... a genius website that I'm forever proud to be apart of. On you have the opportunity to ask your most curious fashion questions to any one of the stylists(myself included).. If your dressing for a first date, a walk in the park, or a special event, you can ask your burning questions and get real time answers to help guide you through your outfit. It's also a fashion community where you can share your knowledge and desire for fashion. I am happy to be alongside glamour experts, celebrity stylists, top fashion bloggers, and an extended fashion family.... So come visit, join, explore, ask, share, learn...and follow yours truly

Sweet kisses to all....xoxoo


what i am listening to