i box up all the butterflies

After all the treacherous waters, the ailments of health, the fragility of hearts,
There will be a butterfly to carry me away.

Do you know. I don't. Is there anything as fragile as one human's heart?

The weather's been moody. I've been inspired. My rooms been messy. I wonder how everyone's feeling today. I'm feeling good vibes, and tired eyes. As of lately, I've been fighting with numbers. Yesterday it was christmas, and suddenly, it's August. I refuse to let the passing of time hurt my heart. It can't hurt my heart. My life is too boring right now anyways, (but! the future looks promising). Thoughts of backpacks, boats, airplanes, museums, any kind of exploration... This is what keeps me well.

"what is your favorite color?" a common question we're asked to ponder, since the day we pick up our first paint brush and splash rainbows onto thin paper
my desired color palettes are always changing. when i first appreciated color, i loved blue. it reminded me of the sky, and the sea where mythical creations were born. then I wanted to be my brother, so my favorite color became red, red like lips and ketchup chips.

as i have gotten older, my love has set for the many hues of nature. violets, orange, brown, greens. nothing is as beautiful as the vibrant wild flower you discover when your feet are in the forest.

Not much has aligned differently, or grown, or taken separate shape, since the last time I wrote to you. My hair is still growing, and my heart is still beating. I haven't taken a new routine, and I still have an insatiable thirst for adventure. My life is too dull. I need more strangeness. The closest thing to strange in my life lately are strangers. There are many strangers I come to meet, we pass a smile, or a glance, and I leave wishing we had made each other into friends.

The future, be there for me. I need that "i'm here for you, let's eat strawberry jam, and share secrets" kind of sort of friend.

do you ever feel bored, but you can't think of something to do?
your casting your own boredom spell, but there is nothing you can think of to do. nothing exciting lights your mind, therefore nothing's exciting unless something spontaneous decides to ignite... can i live off of spontaneity forever?.... i think it's time to design plans.

yesterday i saw you staring out the window watching the birds fly by,
feet sewn to the floor,
eyes filled with dreams.

Now I must run! fruit flies are playing by my couch, and a wine glass is waiting for me. love from me to you. all ways. always.

outfit details
socks- the bay $10
skirt- winners $15
cropped jacket- french connection thrifted $15
shoesies- zellers $10
headband- nyc flea market $15



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  2. Anonymous4.8.10

    I want to say your the princess of a castle, but your the queen with those looks and those outfits. what a darling

  3. loveee ur look!! :))


  4. Gorgeous outfit, love the way you styled the socks and booties with the skirt!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  5. This outfit is so glamorous and full of amazing textures! That skirt looks so great on you. Loving the socks with those heels as well.

  6. Lovin this post like crazy!!!
    adore the outfit!!!

  7. That outfit is great!


  8. Amy, I've been lusting over your clothes on blogspot and flickr and everything else for nearly three years or something, I wouldn't actually know the exact date but you get what I mean.
    And I think I should tell you that I think you're beautiful, really truly beautiful. You're style is fabulous, individual and girly and your figure is lovely too.
    Thoroughly enjoying your blog. (:
    Martha. (:

  9. Anonymous5.8.10

    you are officially the cutest girl in the sea of blogs i follow. you have this natural spunk to you that makes me want to bundle you up and bring you home with me ^-^

  10. Beautiful!! Love all of it! Thanks for dropping by too!! and btw, YOU my darling are just stunning!
    xo tash

  11. You have such i great blog :)
    I'am now following!
    p.s. what camera do you have it takes such wonderful photos? ;)

  12. Anonymous5.8.10

    I want to take you on a picnic. You are beautiful

  13. I can't relate to when you commented about falling for certain colors. I'm always find a new one to follow but they all seem to come from a similar palette.

  14. the dressing is just perfect, i loved it, the title for the post is too good keeping in mind the way butterfyl design has been used, very cool clothing and very good blog

  15. Your booties, tights, and skirt are all the headband too.

  16. you look amazing cute girl!

    I love your skirt so much!!

  17. Joshua Bawn6.8.10

    Hi Amy. Do all girls look like you over in Canada? I was planning for me and friends from Uni to visit Canada. If we see girls like you, I'm almost positive Canada will become our home. In case this is confusing, what I mean to say is that your very pretty. and jaw dropping.

    I'll send you an email, I need to know where in Canada to go and you seem like a sweetheart

  18. Anonymous6.8.10

    I love your skirt

  19. I love the socks over the tights.

  20. You are so cute. :) And yes it's difficult to choose colours:)
    Love your headband.

  21. Amazing outfit. so so so cute..xx

  22. Your top is so fancy really cute and the floral skirt. fancy outfit

  23. Your blog is a great read - almost poetic!!! I love it - I am your newest follower!!


  24. wow love how you took here

  25. no doubt, such a gorgeous

  26. I enjoy your picture heavy posts. your photos are beautiful, and your outfits are always amazing! By the way, nice to know a fellow Canadian blogger as well! =)

  27. i love the butterfly headband, it's so cute! :}

  28. SO adorable! just stumbled upon your blog and I'm loving it!!

    visit/follow me :)

  29. Great style! :-) Love the pictures! :-)

  30. the shoes are on fire!!

  31. I am loving the lyricism of your words coupled with the sweet styling. For the first time in a while, I am using sweet as the (close-to) literal meaning of the word. The pop of blue sequin in your hair is lovely. If you wore the outfit without stockings, perhaps, it would remind me even more of a poet's dress. The multiple black pieces are a little worldly. Or perhaps you can cite your listlessness as an excuse? Just rambling now...

    "I need more strangeness. The closest thing to strange in my life lately are strangers."

    Extraordinary. I feel the exact same way so much of the time. Maybe I'll send you an email. We should be friends :)

  32. The skirt is sooooo sweet!!!

    XOXO Greta

  33. I'm sure this will sound strange to you, the idea sounds strange to me too,
    but I get the feeling you and I could be good friends.

  34. you are like princess and also the outfits' price is really reasonable