Tuesday, September 19

my life in photographs

 It has been thirteen days since I last posted here — which quietly breaks my heart. I found an interview I did years ago and it reminded me of why I began blogging in the first place. It was not for the applause or the very small promise that is sharing your inner world and hoping others like it too.  No, it was an escape shoot from the mundane, a way of finding myself as a girl, as an artist, and beyond all, my own way of figuring out what it meant to be a human being. I could convince you with certainty that I am a better woman for having had this blog. It has been the greatest task I have ever followed through - because of what I have learned, because of who I have met, because of how vulnerable these blog entries turn me and I am so glad to have shared these years with you.

The landscape of blogging has changed. I've went on to include other things in my life, mostly music occupies all of the hours in a day and my loved ones deserve time too, but that does not mean I don't want to write here and although it may seem easier to say goodbye because goodbye would mean music would get all of my attention and that seems to be a good thing, goodbye would also mean I'd be losing the grin and heartbeat that makes this blog a home for me.

So into the future as we go, here is to what comes next. Whether a person reads it not, writing is medicine, each sentence a healthy spoonful of it's going to be okay and maybe, just maybe, you're doing more than putting sentences together, you're keeping yourself alive.

And that is what I intend to do.

The moon is as round as a banjo.

You can try to paint the day without banjo, books, warm coffee on the tongue or flowers within arm reach but it wouldn't be a day for me.  

"By teaching us how to read, they taught us how to get away."

To do: play banjo no matter what the neighbors think

Happiness is a garden that grows through September and sunlight dropping on the rooftops of the houses where people I love live.

Turn those hurt feelings into poems.

I couldn't sleep last night. I rolled around like I was a boat on a wavering sea.

To do today: let go of thoughts that say you cannot sing. If you have guts, you can sing. If you have the ability to make tears out of being crossed, you can sing. If you see a dog wandering by the road and wonder where it is going, you can sing. If you want to sing, you can sing. 



  1. I have much the same feelings about blogging lately, I've had to reevaluate over summer and ended up starting afresh. Blogging has become less personal and that's sad, but I've promised myself I'll only write from my heart from now on.

    I don't comment much but I've been a reader of your blog for years, I look forward to everything you share in the future.

  2. Anonymous19.9.17

    I am much like the comment above. I don't comment here or really anywhere because I never know if what I type has any value and it can be hard to write something that sums up how I truly feel, so I am mostly just a reader but I can imagine the time you put into these beautiful blog posts. You have so many people who come to your blog, read it, grow from it, and then they might be even scared, like I am, to reveal who they are or try to comment something worth reading too.

    I just felt compelled today to say please don't stop blogging. I was reading the beginning of your post and I could feel my own heart breaking. I thought you were about to say goodbye forever. I am so glad you are still going to write for us and if you ever do stop, please write a book so I can keep it on my shelf forever

    (: (: XOX

  3. This post is beautiful, the photos are gorgeous and the words definitely speak to me, although I sometimes go for a while without blogging I don't think I could ever give it up entirely, I've learnt so much from it and it has sort of has become part of me. I hope your blog keeps up because it's a unique little corner of the internet I very much enjoy

    The Quirky Queer

  4. I always enjoy seeing your posts, so I am glad to hear that you will be keeping up with blogging!

  5. I hope your blog does stay alive. You made me want to blog years ago; it seemed so nice to have a place be completely your own, even if it's only a blog. It would be very sad to see the end of Amy Flying A Kite.

    Also, you have a lovely voice.

  6. Anonymous25.9.17

    Your words matter. Don't you forget it (:

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