a visit to the garden center

Whenever the heart is in need of rest or the eyes are in need of a reminder, I visit the garden center and watch blooms circle around me like a wandering poem. Daisies, roses, cacti and mums all dance together like a country born out of sunlight and differences. I put my hand against the soft petals and I think for every time I cursed this hand for being crooked, it never once stopped me from visiting flowers.
I was invited by UncommonGoods to pick an item for review. Uncommon goods is an online store full of unique, mysterious, and sweet gifts made by artisans and small manufacturers. If it's handmade jewelry you're after, they've got it here. If it's gifts for women, they have that too. If you read here often, you'll know how I seldom review products of any kind. I only say yes when it aligns with my heart as I don't see the point of bringing more stuff into my home unless I can find a use for it. Lately, I've been trading poetry books for gardening how-to's so I decided on the garden flower box.

The box itself is handcrafted and colored in a rustic milk paint, its use is for carrying flowers but it works as an indoor display too. I carried it with me to the garden center and found three blossoms which fit perfectly in the belly of the box. The rake on top is more durable than I expected. It slides right out of the box if you want to use it for raking soil or prepping a planter. At a closer glance, you can see tiny grains of wood and imperfections which I find to be beautiful.

My only complaint is the way a garden box tempts me to dream of gardens I won't see until spring of next year. I sit here and I try to remember how sweet the smell of a marigold was on a June day. If only I could bottle the feelings of flowers and let myself build a home out of them all winter long.
outfit details: Nanton Thrift Store boots, Oasap dress, Free People knee high socks, UncommonGoods gardening box.


  1. Tara T22.10.15

    The colors of your dress among the flowers is so lovely.

    -Tara T!

  2. Your dress is so cute, I love the print

  3. Hah, you look like you fit right in.

  4. omg I love UncommonGoods! I've been lusting over their unicorn mug for awhile now. I don't do any sponsorships/affiliates either, but I'd totally do it with UncommonGoods for that mug :O Anyways, the gardening box is really cute too! (everything UncommonGoods has is cute) I really want to visit a succulent shop and pick some out for my dorm room :) (something a little more durable that will survive my black thumb haha) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Hello, Amy! First, I want to say that I totally fangirled when I saw your comment on my blog--I've been reading along for several months now, but hadn't yet left a note. I admire your work so much--your writing is so resonant and your photos so beautiful. I appreciate that you took the time to stop by! I also try to limit my collaborations (sponsorships and reviews remain a blogging conundrum that I've yet to solve), but this review is so relevant and useful. The garden box is so handy and quaint!

    imperfect idealist

  6. Wow! Such beautiful pics! Love them all!!

  7. Hi :) I'm Iwona and I am a blogger and illustrator :) I just found your blog, which is interesting and cute:) I really like it :) I would like to show you my blog and my illustrations and If you get a second, I' d love to hear your thoughts on topic my illustrations and blog:) I greet:)

  8. What vivid colors! And what a cute, perfect flower-picking outfit. Very sweet ^_^

  9. I love the idea of using that box for a tiny, indoor garden- and think your outfit is so perfectly suited to visiting a greenhouse!

  10. hey, Amy! thank you very much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet note.
    I and my husband LOVE such gardening centres. we have two of them here in Estonia (two decent ones I mean) and sometimes we drive almost 200 km in order to visit at least one of them. being there is kind of therapeutic and since we have our own garden and greenhouse we are also looking for new ideas, inspiration and why not a couple of new flowers or seeds. so it was very interesting to see how similar your centre is to the ones in Estonia.
    the gardening box you chose looks brilliant by the way and so does your outfit - so perfect among all the vivid flowers there!

    Maiken - Part of me

  11. Hi Amy, your blog looks really amazing! And I love how you capture your photos :)


  12. The garden box looks really nice.

  13. Megan H.29.10.15

    I love getting lost in your writing while the morning birds sing. You have such a beautiful soul<33

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