WE Day 2015

On Tuesday, I attended my very first We Day. If you don't know what We Day is, paint a mental photograph of students in the thousands cheering and chanting for global change alongside speakers and songs. It's a lot like poetry if poetry was a spectator sport turned on the highest dial. Each turn of your head is another student singing along and beaming with the pride of a thousand actions to make the world a more beautiful place.

The speakers told their own stories of uphill crawling after being bullied or not believed in, they told stories of how they overcame it all to be somebody, and some even spoke of inventions and ways of thinking which can help others around the world. I felt as if I hadn't done enough with my own time, as if I've been existing but not living, loving but not helping. I left the day feeling like a light bulb had been sparked to the top of my brow and everyday here after would be spent trying to have a kinder heart. I want to fall asleep with the moon knowing I gave my time to those who need me.

If you want to join We Day in a call for change, Telus is asking us all to sing along and share Francesco Yates 'Call for Change' music video. For each share, Telus will donate 10 buckaroos to Free the Children. In this age of technology and sharing giggly memes — a simple way to connect and do our part is to follow initiatives like this and share, share, share. Let us build bridges and boats to help others get across their own stormy oceans. Let us hang the sun on the windows of those who grow up in darkness.

Have you ever attended 'We Day'? Tell me about your experience. 
How can we make the world a place worthy of waking up in?

 outfit details: Value Village boots & sweater & skirt & blouse, Happy Socks socks


  1. Anonymous30.10.15

    Cute outfit! You look like you could be leading a horse on a trail :)

    I've never commented here before because I don't have an account, but mostly because I don't think my words could compare to yours so I'd rather just pause and view. I don't know what compelled me this time, but I just wanted to say keep writing and being you.

  2. Gorgeous colour and style. 

  3. Wow! That seems like a fun event where one can learn a lot from it! :)
    Your hat is so pretty!


  4. This a wonderful concept! I haven't left a remark on this website previously because I don't have an account, but also because I don't think my words could possibly hold a candle to yours, so I'd like to just pause and observe. I'm not sure what made me so eager to be found this time.

  5. Such a cute outfit and a meaningful bag. We change the world and it starts on our self. Nicole


  6. Francesco Yates' "Call for Change" music video is a powerful and inspiring piece of art that resonates deeply with its viewers. Through his soulful vocals and captivating visuals, Yates addresses important social issues and encourages positive transformation