freedom hangs like heaven over our heads

Happy Saturday mail carriers, lovestruck loners, and lazy dogs. I'm sitting by an imaginary fire. It's cloudy and dark out. I could waste my time wishing for the sun. But I'd rather wish for flavors of strawberry, warm hands, friendly faces, populated avenues....

A month or two ago, my dad purchased color filters for my camera. Two days ago, me and my mom shared an adventure that included chocolate flavored tea, delicate desserts, and exploring those filters. Our photo adventure began with dandelion bliss, rolling through grassy fields, and watching sailboats as they pass. It ended two hours...two hundred pictures later...

There's something in the air, something in the language of the clouds translating the changing seasons. Good-bye Summer air. Hello- Autumn palette. When I was young, a fleeing summer meant a fleeing happiness. I don't know why. Maybe it had to do with the cold air. Maybe it had to do with the ringing school bells. Maybe it was the sudden curfews, the dry hands, the cold feet. Or surely it was the dying of flowers, the birds spreading wings, the grass not so green. The sun not so bright. The clock not so free. Spring will always be my favorite. Spring's vocabulary is full of welcome home's, I've missed you so, I'll watch you grow. Spring means renewal, and mud, I love mud. What's Autumn? Autumn is the artist. Painting the meadows in deep browns, electric oranges, bright yellows.

Belonging to my anatomy is a life full of warm hearts, warm bodies, and warm love. No matter the season, or how crisp the autumn air is on my flesh, I will always feel the warmth. If I were a bird, with capable wings, I surely wouldn't migrate. This life I'm living is too good.

P.S Autumn weather equals wooly sweaters,
and big boots,
and faux fur,
and thick socks,
and thick knits,
and earthly colors...
a bohemian girl's favorite fashions..yippy!

"When autumn comes, she'll be there
Jasmine still in her hair
Her tea leaves dry by the sea

Many men behind her door
Have heard the bathtub run and longed to love her
And though she doesn't wait for me
We never ask the time when we're together. "

boots- the bay $80
socks- winners $7
top- urban outfitters $20
skirt- tj max $12

and love
and teas
and beds
and deep blue seas
where we rest our heads.


  1. Anonymous10.9.10

    absolute knock out :)

  2. what a fantastic photo shoot -love, love the pictures ...and the outfit. x veronika

  3. great pics!
    Love your booties


  4. it's that one where you're lying down with your hair over your face and the soft focus background that gets me.

  5. love your boots ! and love your blog ! :)

  6. Anonymous11.9.10

    ohhhh i just LOVE your posts :)
    they really make me think.. so profound and so beautiful..
    and the most gorgeous photos :)
    what camera do you use? (sorry if you've said this before!)
    and i loveloveLOVE your outfit! proof that fashion is affordable and yet utterly gorgeous :D
    XOXO, Em

  7. such a perfect look ! love it

  8. Anonymous11.9.10

    i really like your blog! would like to follow mine?

  9. Anonymous11.9.10

    I always wondered what perfect meant. But reading your blog and seeing your words and outfits and face makes me think of perfection.

  10. These pictures look lovely!

  11. love these pics! they give me a spring feeling

  12. Wow! Lovely boots!


  13. just want to tell you that you look absolutely amazing here, this outfit is just beautiful.

  14. You look so lovely. I'm ready for fall. You always know perfectly how to describe the weather. I'm sure this fall will be amazing.

  15. Benji13.9.10

    You have so much talent for someone so young. and not to mention, you have great looks. the world is your oyster amy

  16. wow, I love autum is my favorite season of the year, maybe because in spring is really hot in here. I think you look lovely but the skirt is wow, very pretty.

  17. Hey, thanks for your comment, beauty ! I looove your pictures and your blog <3 wich camera do you have, 'cause it's amazing ? ;D <3 xxx

  18. Secret14.9.10

    Thxxx for the email. Its okay it took you so long. Id wait 10 years for you and it would be worth it. Your words are encouraging and strong. Tell me when you write your book. I'll be the first number one fan at your book signing.

  19. thanks for stopping by!! great boots!

  20. Kimche16.9.10


  21. great look the boots are amazing thougs are just awesome.

  22. ohh my! these are awesome pics....

  23. Anonymous18.9.10

    Your outfit is so amazing! Sweet!
    I love it :-)

  24. Hey lovely! Thank you so much for your sweet comment- I wrote back to you on my blog, but just realized that that was probably not the most effective way of communicating with you!

    I'm so flattered b/c I've been following your blog for quite some time now, and I think you're absolutely amazing (I LOVE your style!)... Basically, you made my day!

    Do you still live in Calgary? I actually just moved to Edmonton from BC... regardless, go Canadian Bloggers! If you ever find yourself in Ed let me know if you would be interested in a blogger meet-up!

    All the best,

    Adventures in Fashion

  25. really lovely look, so delicate!

  26. love your blog babe you look super cute and your smile always so pretty

  27. Such lovely photos of a fabulous outfit. I love your boots. The bay? Seriously? I hardly ever shop for shoes there - but I may just have to take a look now.

  28. Oh my gosh! This may sound crazy he he but I used to be an avid silent (I didn't have a blog of my own!)follower of your lovely blog but then I went travelling and lost touch with all internet connection and tonight I clicked on a link and found it again! So yayy!

    You look just as beautiful as I remember though perhaps a little older and your gorgeous hair is a little longer ha ha!

    I'm looking forward to scouring your posts and seeing what I've missed ;) xxx

  29. I loved your smile. You looks so beautiful while smiling. And the photo shoot is just amazing dear. Great share and keep smiling.

  30. i love this so much!!!! the outfit and the photos and you- so lovely!!