all speckled with stars

Hello to you Sunday,  I've got frozen fingers. The air in my room is turning my house into an igloo, and one of the voices inside of my head is telling me to light a fire.  Suddenly, I'm not so fascinated about the changing seasons.

My week was inharmonious. Monday brought bad news. Tuesday brought stomach aches. Wednesday brought tests.Thursday brought tears. It as was if there were wild spirits dancing around me.
Instead of their usual way of plucking guitar strings, the spirits played tricks,
And my heart strings got the plucking.

By Friday's morning light, I turned into a weekender, and suddenly the air brought my head harmony. I keep wishing on shooting stars that life was always guitar strings, faux fur, carrot cake, and sharing bonds with benevolent, beautiful, people.

But my head's been falling asleep before moon light. And I've neglected the night sky.

My fingers,  my tongues, and my frozen toes are crossed.
Crossed for a better week. Crossed for the night-sky gazing. Crossed for more smiles from me to the world.

Love to you all !!

 Though my soul may set in darkness, It will rise in perfect light,
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night........

tights; forever 21 $13
shoesies; rocket dog/winners $50
dress; forever 21 $11
bra strap made into headband
faux fur- thrift ed value village


  1. tu es très jolie. i love it. bisou

  2. Anonymous17.10.10

    ahhh so creative(: i love this look!
    and you definitely have a way with words!!!
    i wish you a better week this week(:

  3. Anonymous17.10.10

    Your tights are amazing. You always find the best clothes

  4. Aww you just made my day!

    I love this outfit. I would shoot those tights in a heartbeat!

  5. Love your writing and that is just the prettist outfit. I love how you can mix so many elements together and still pull it all off! Makes me want that vintage fur i've been searching high and low for even more!

    Ayesha xx

  6. looking very very gorgeous and adorable :)
    love the way you put this outfit :)

  7. Anonymous17.10.10

    I am in lovvvvvvvvvvve with you and your sweet smile **

  8. I hope you'll have a better week this time!

  9. Interesting girl. The head band is a bra strap? Tell me how! I love it

  10. while your fingers are cold, my toes have gone into toe-sicles! They've constantly been hiding in fuzzy, knee high socks afraid to come out into the cold air. But they love being curled up in bed while I read my books.

    have an AWESOME week my beautiful friend.

  11. It just tickled me to see that you turned an old bra strap into a 70s-style hippie headband. But what do I know, I'm just a boob (teehee).

    Here's to a better week; I know mine will definitely be hectic! Your outfit is so natural and the perfectly simple kind of boho-chic that I've been dreaming about lately. And thanks so much for your sweet comment, is was a pleasant surprise. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  12. Beautiful, thank you stop by my blog post. I love your style and your photos! Very pretty!

    A big kiss!

  13. Anonymous18.10.10

    Another hippy boho outfit. Beautiful Amy.

  14. You look so pretty but someone that says they are cold. I'm tempted to turn the heat on but I'll just wear a couple sweaters and socks.

  15. Thank you for your comment, dear! Your blog is lovely! Hope your next week gets better than this one.


  16. Anonymous18.10.10

    The headband is incredible. And your hair is luvely.

  17. Beautiful outfit, beautiful photos! Sorry about the bad news! Hope you feel better soon!

    p.s. thanks for stopping by!


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  18. I absolutely love everything about this outfit! The color of that dress is stunning on you, and i love the vest, and tights with socks trend! P.S.: You are an amazing writer! XOXO, Natalya

  19. cute outfit :)
    yes, i love her shoes, too :)

  20. Anonymous18.10.10

    I find you to be so interesting. I remember you did some video interviews last year, would you do those again? I like hearing your voice and seeing your pictures come to life.

  21. LOVE the fur vest!! I've been on the hunt for one, but no luck yet. Value Village? What an awesome find!

  22. how cute is that vest???

  23. Anonymous18.10.10

    Really cute!

  24. Anonymous18.10.10

    U rocking this look!

  25. I hope this week is better for you! Tummy troubles, tests, and tears are no fun!

    I am inspired by your tights with socks and sandals here! The thrifted faux fur vest is perfect with this, too!

  26. J'adore ce look ♥

  27. wow looking good i love your fur vest soo cute!

  28. Love this look! Bright, bold, and beautiful. Especially loving the tights and awesome awesome jacket.

  29. Your writing always makes me smile, you have such a unique style that is so interesting and vivid to read.

    Love the outfit as well!

  30. Awesome look...i love the faux fur vest