biscuit crumbs and bird seeds

I woke up alive today. The sun is on my coat, and the birds are tickling the earth with their feathers.
I'm drinking lemon water... finishing dreaded math studies.

Some people are allergic to dust. Some people are allergic to biscuits. I'm allergic to Math. When math is in the room, never do sneeze, nor do I cough. It's worse than that. . . .  As I pry my textbooks open, my throat closes in, my stomach tightens, and suddenly the monster inside of me is tickling my tongue. I begin spewing hate, I curse and I curse, I cry and I cry. Too often, time is spent wandering through the forests of "why"... Why do I need to know the circumference of a circle? I'm not interested in carpentry. Why do I need to know the degree of angle AB? I'm not interested in architecture.   Why? The world tells me that enrichment is why.   I just can't fathom what's enriching about crying over line segments?    

Sometimes, only sometimes,
I feel like the world is full of boxes I don't fit in...

On a more sugary note.. Today, I am happy. The world's not spinning. No longer do I feel like the wind, annoying people as I pass. I feel like the sun, dancing, and filling those I pass with yellow bursts of love. 

This was my dress up for cirque du soliel! I can't find the language, or words, or verses to express how magical cirque du soliel is. All I can say is that the mind I had before the show, is not the mind that I have now.  The beginning of the show begins with a boy fighting the wind, trying to fly his kite. By the end of the show, with the way of imagination, his kite begins to fly. I thought of my blog. I thought of your love.

Here's a review I found:
"The plot was original, dramatic and flowed seamlessly from act to act. The music was bold and and fit the action perfectly! But was really stood out was the actual performance! WOW!!! The gymnasts were bending their bodies in ways I never knew a human body could, the unicyclist could dance better on his one wheel than I could with both feet and dancing lessons, and the juggler was simply outstanding!"

Need I say more?

sweet kisses to you all !

skirt; forever 21 $5
blouse; urban outfitters $20
shoesies; superstore $15
jacket; ross for less $20


  1. Anonymous19.10.10

    You are always so cute.

  2. ohmygosh i love your skirt!!!!!! and the most amazing thing is that it was so cheap!!!!!!

  3. I love your skirt, the scallop cut is really cute ^^

  4. Anonymous19.10.10

    The bow on that skirt! What a amazing find!

  5. Wow, you got that jacket from Ross?! That's amazing. I also love that purple skirt a lot! The bow makes it so unique.

  6. LOVE your skirt

  7. Gerald Prout20.10.10

    Gorgeous. Whens your book coming out?????? ;)

  8. Anonymous20.10.10

    OH I like the babydoll look on you, and how you've pieced this outfit nicely. And your new lay out is sweet.

  9. Very cool skirt! Not many people would be able to pull it off, though... you are one of them, of course! You're lucky you got to see the cirque du soleil... Hope your maths allergy gets better. Sometimes it helps to imagine the numbers are little people that meet up in different settings, or something equally whimsical...


  10. Anonymous20.10.10

    oh my dear! words cannotdescribe just how beautiful this all is. to me, it looks like it is apart of the luella collections.

    pretty, pretty, pretty.

  11. You are so gorgeous and i love your blog! Count me as your newest follower! i cant believe it's snowing for you; over here we are just getting into spring. i'm loving the purple skirt <3

  12. Gorgeous skirt!

  13. Wow. That outfit is gorgeous. that skirt . . . I am speechless . . ..

    OH, I do feel the same way with mys tudy. Studying naturpathy, so the science side of things makes me also cringe .. .

  14. this is so cute.


  15. your skirt is absolutely amazing <3

  16. such a pretty skirt, such a pretty outfit <3

  17. you are so beautiful!
    i love your skirt
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    take a peek at my giveaway while you're at it!

  18. thanks for your very sweet comment!
    on the math-thing - everybody has its difficult course to struggle with, keep hanging in there!
    and indeed cirque du soleil is fantastic!

  19. thanks for your comment!
    I really like your blog i'm going to follow you! And this is a cute oufit! hihi Xxxx

  20. Anonymous20.10.10

    I'm a fan of your blog. Been for awhile now. You are evolving :)

  21. Your skirt is so cute, I love it!

  22. How cute are you! So adorable in that skirt:)

  23. tres the outfit..that skirt goes brilliantly with the blouse..i'm in awe of your style...lovely..!!!!!
    oh...i hate maths too...and am allergic to dust;)

  24. Ahh Cirque du Solei is amazing isn't it!! I went this summer with my boyfriend and spent the entire night grabbing at his arm to point stuff out and gapsing! One of our friends performs in it so we get free tickets he he ;)

    Your skirt is so cute too! It really does make me a teeny bit jealous when I see how beautiful you are! It's not fair ha ha!! X

  25. I can't believe you only paid $5 for that skirt. It's so beautiful. I'm jealous!
    Adore your furry jacket too, another bargain.
    evie x
    One More Blog

  26. Gorgeous outfit! I love the skirt.

  27. $5 for the skirt??? SCORE!

  28. cute outfit!love the skirt!

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog!!!

  29. love love this outfit! and it is so mind boggeling to me that it is snowing already where you are. i know it's proably normal, but still. wow. :) i want to see cirque du soliel

  30. Love the outfit! The purple skirt is really pretty. I am absolutely utterly with you in terms of the feelings on math - it is my nemesis!

    Also - cirque du soleil is magical and amazing. I've only seen one of their shows, Saltimbanco, but I cannot wait to see more