White clenched teeth, and a happy soul
illustrated on it's own canvas
filled with friends who call
picture me. picture you.
dancing through a hall.

Drinking colored drinks
these senses make me slumber
I am happy you exist.
Building fires, Burning lumber.

 Oh, country means nothing
if i don't got you, my peach
the ocean loses all its glow
when your hand is out of reach



spent the day writing poetry...

drank apple cider in the sun.


  1. Anonymous8.10.10

    Gorgeous hair girl!

  2. Anonymous8.10.10

    Gorgeous hair girl!

  3. I wish I could spend my days drinking cider and writing. It sounds lovely.

  4. Very nice photos. I was looking for the blogs about kites. Why did you call your blog "flying a kite"?