sunflower sugar

Today, I woke at dawn.  Instead of crawling my wits out of bed, I rested.  I let my bosom breath beside feathered pillows, and I continued to day dream of love, may flowers, and breakfast.

Breakfast today, dried apricots, life cereal, and strawberries stuffed in a warm peach oatmeal bake.  
Happy belly fillings. 

Spring is decorating the moss. The moss is planning play dates with the flowers.  Yesterday, while sitting on a hill, the sun etched peach glow on my cheeks.  Bliss.

The weather is bending rivers, and bringing barefoot blossoms.  My winter tears are buried in the soil. My Summery wings are attached to my breast.  To celebrate the merriment, I wore my sunflower dress.  This dress holds sentiments of summer, and memory.   I found the dress in New York while attending the weardrobe fashion blogger event, two autumns ago.  The dress was spun with the needle of Keiko Lynn.

Keiko,  the talented fashion blogger, but even more, the charming and delicate fawn who shared cupcakes with me underneath New York skylines.

My bones ache when dreaming of New York and all of it's beauty. My heart aches when dreaming of the sugary-coated girls I met.  I'll go boot licking/snacking/shopping/dancing/dreaming/ in New York again.... 

On Sunday, it was Mother's day. A day for the magnification of motherhood. A day for the fawn to kiss the hooves of the deer, a day for the cub to lick the nose of the panda, a day to celebrate the Mother's who kept their wombs warm.

I have a mother. Her skin is soft like lamb fur.   From her lips, a soothing song decays worries. From her eyes, draws a delicate world. From her fingers, a tasty mid morning snack.    Her heart is the soil, in which I grew.  The world of classrooms, appointments, and friends, kept me to believe I was more of a weed. But the love of my mother, tints the world rosy, and makes me see lilacs in my skin.

When I think of Mother's day, I think of memories.
The many times of drifting, and napping through the morning while sharing a pillow. The time we laughed at the movie theater because of the miniature cup. The many times she traded me sandwiches because mine tasted funny. The times we sang Babylon on road trips, and dad was moody. The times we picked pots from nurseries. The times we brought ourselves to giggle fits in the light of the day. The time we drank red wine, and stumbled on staircases. The times we snacked on sushi, and split green teas. The times she stayed with me through witching hours, to keep me alive, and to make certain I was breathing. 
she told me "You don't need em, You've got me"..

My Mom is the river way, where I boat. The flower bed, where I rest. The misty mountain, where I dream. I didn't buy her flowers, or write her cards, or make her breakfast. I sent her poems, and we poked fun at puppies. Happy every day Ma............... Smooch.

Sometimes I wonder, if I enjoy writing, and dreaming of food, more than chomping on it.... For lunch, two poached eggs on a toasted honey spit muffin. I've always been fickle with food, and pardoned by healthy eating, except for the occasional brownie, or melted marshmallow.  As of lately, the occasional is cut from the equation. My lips pout for chocolate, and my tongue bends for the sugar sip. A belly doesn't grow in a day, but I'd pass meals for snacks, and snacks for sweets.  The dream of bananas coated in cinnamon causes my heart to skip. Starting this week, I'm planning meals, and learning how to cook.  

As you may know, I suffer with belly aches. Since grade 9, I've been struck with the pangs and inflation of tummy suffering. I've been through apple juice, I've been through carrots, I've been through doctors, and nurses, and nursery rhymes. Nothing is working. So I'm choosing to eat healthier than before.  Tonight for dinner, we're having salmon and lemon braised beans. Dashing with peanuts. Happy tummy fillings.

Today, I want to make my heart happy.  So I'm taking my knees Vintage shopping.  Months have past since I last traveled to the racks of smelly cloth, and aged dresses.  Lately, I've been dreaming of white denim, and gypsy fabric.   My wallet is ready to spit paper money in exchange for gowns, drapery, and pretty thing

Here's the cake for Birthday boy Carter.  And the flower gin for Amy...
The copious amounts of chocolate, and sugar lead to belly aches.
At least, The tongue was happy, and the day was complete.

Sweet love, and hugs, and wishes for merriment x

what i wore
flower dress- keiko lynn from New York fashion blogger event
hat- vintage $13


  1. Anonymous10.5.11

    I love your food posts! You make delicious things! AND THE DRESS !! It was made for you

  2. The dress you are wearing is just so cute and it looks beautiful on you :)

  3. lovely post and what a darling dress.

  4. I LOVE your dress, too too cute! <3

  5. You are so adorable and this post made me smile.

    / Avy

  6. Tracy10.5.11

    Thank you for the mother's day wishes. I laughed and cried because those words reflect real experiences that we have shared together! Love the outfit pictures, as well. You are perfection <3<3<3

  7. love the bright flowers on your dress:)

  8. you made that DORA cake??? that's the cutest thing everrr! that's like even better than my cheesecake lol
    followed your blog dear, I love ur style :)


  9. Anonymous10.5.11

    wonderful dress! xoxo

  10. ooh amy!!! i WANT that dress, it is sooo adorable! very cheerful and whimsical, just like yourself! =)


  11. cute pics

  12. love the dress and the hat!look perfect on you!kisses


  13. Your outfits are SOOOO CUTE!


  14. Your dress is the happiest thing I've seen all day! I just adore the print! I'm now following you - i don't know how I hand't found your wonderful blog earlier!


  15. ow..the dress is as cute as you!! and how i love that hair of your:)

  16. just came across your blog for the first time and had a good read. it's beautiful, truly beautiful. and i just adore your writing style.

  17. wonderful dress!

  18. Anonymous10.5.11

    The dress reflects you so well Like everyone said :)

  19. You look like the epitome of summer and happiness and sunshine and all of that wonderful stuff in that dress! :) I love it. Your recent eats sound yummy to the extreme. And all of the beautiful things you wrote about your mother! She must be so happy to have such a sweet daughter. :D

  20. i love your dress and i llve your blog and photos.

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  22. You have the cutest blog!
    Your dress makes me happy :)

  23. such beautiful words from such a young yet old soul:) I have a mother as well...dont we all? She is in heaven has been for 2 years. Mother's day is just another day without her. they're all hard. but I like to think that there is a reason to it all:)

  24. I love how you write and your sweet spring dresses :)

  25. hi lovely thanks for the comment :D i really love your shoes,and you're pretty ;D followed you back :-D


  26. you write so beautifully. i love your outfit, so cute and bright. and how adooorable is that cake :D

  27. That is just quite adorable!

  28. That dress is so cute! You look adorable! XO Raspberry & Rouge


  29. You have such a cute blog, love your dress xxx

  30. love the dress and you look amazing!

    You have a great blog and I wondering if you want to follow each other

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  31. that dress is cute as a button!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  32. I love your dress, the hat is amazing as well. You look so pretty.


  33. adorable!
    u look so cute with this dress !


  34. Beautiful dress, so perfect for spring and summer! And I love how you rocked the knee high trend! XOXO, www. NatalyasCloset.com

  35. so glad I've stumbled across your blog. such a pretty dress.

    Helen, X

  36. Super cute dress my dear. you've got fantastic style.

  37. I would love to see you go on to be a writer. Would you ever consider it as a career?

    P.S. That dress is truly beautiful. Just like you.


  38. Your hat totally makes your outfit. A good hat worn with style is no mean feat!

  39. That dress is so pretty. Breakfast looks delicious!

  40. You look so pretty in that dress! I love the florals and the colors!!! The hat is also perfect for the outfit! Well done.

  41. Your dress is absolutely gorg!



  42. love it.. you look really cute :)
    im following you back!



  43. Oh my goodness, you look so cute in that outfit of your's! I love it! So bright and happy! ^^

  44. Oh, Amy! Your words and beautiful dress make me long for summer. You are truly the epitome of loveliness.

  45. beautiful! i have a sunflower dress too and i wore it the same way you did! cute!

  46. you are very precious my dear! thanks for your kind comment, keep shining yourself!!

  47. Cute cute outfit and smartly fitting to the menu!

  48. Anonymous12.5.11

    This is the best post! The stockings and everything. You look like a doll. Sweet girl you are.

  49. oh, you're so beautiful! love the outfit, you look gorgeous in it! great photos, too!

  50. This dress is the cutest, so adorable.
    Thanks so much for your comment, it was too kind

    x Camilla


  51. thanks for you lovely comment!

    love your heels...

  52. i just found your blog and i really like it!

    kisses from Finland

  53. thank you very much!
    your outfit is amazing and i love your blog! :)

  54. Anonymous13.5.11


  55. Your dress is gorgeous! I love how you've styled it too :)
    Thankyou for your comment im glad i found your blog! Im following xx


  56. Such a cute dress and love that hat as well.

    x Jony

  57. Классные фотографии=)Очень стильные=)


  58. Happy Mother's day to your mom :) You look so lovely here, I really like your dress.. New York seems to have fabulooous clothes! You have such a unique voice, it is refreshing


  59. absolutely beautiful and fabulous!

  60. Your hair is perfection. And the breakfast looks yummy too! xo:)

  61. I am in LOVE with your hair! xo

    I am having a buffalo tooth necklace giveaway, if you're interested.
    strawberry freckleface

  62. Hy dear,
    LovE your blog & all your outfits :)
    Visit my new blog


    Kissses from pepa :X

  63. I super mega love your entire post! The outfit is lovely! Sorry for not being able to comment early!
    xoxoxoxox Kiki

  64. You look amazing! Love the pics and scenery.

    Thanks so much for your comment, check out my new post if you like : )




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