afternoon drifting, bows, and flower seeds

Hello peaches.  Like the wind, you've caught me in a mood. ((A mood of unfortunate bringing.))
Yesterday,    I pressed words into the draft of this post. Today, all of my words disappeared.
Now, I must scramble time, and keyboard dancing to rewrite.   

  Among blue birds, red pandas, and bearded boys, there are two other things I love.    Jelly Beans and bows. How could something, not much bigger than a pumpkin seed,  hold so much toothsome treasure?  When I first met the Jelly Bean, I thought awful thoughts.  How could someone eat this? I thought they looked funny, and if I was going to eat something reminiscent of a seedling, I'd want it plucked from my Garden.

Then, last Autumn, the Ma brought a bucket of jelly beans for me.   I jumped into the river of jelly beans. I chewed them slowly, as they played with the buds of my tongue.   
Forever now, Jelly Beans are beloved.

The sun has been drawing teeth, honeyed glows, and flushed cheeks.  Yesterday, I fell eye shut to the grass underneath the may tree. As my body's attic searched for pots of golds, and pipe dreams,  I felt myself drifting. As if I was captain to a gentle boat, on a gentle sea. I drifted beneath the golden ray.

Sleeping beneath flower trees, and splendor of light, is as beautiful as poetry. As calming as spiced lemon tea. That is, until, the electricity of the sun bends your pale skin, and colors your body red.  The charms of the sun are meant to be tickled when wearing sun screen.  To my shame,  I woke beneath the may tree, with lobster glow. It was as if I leaped from the boat, and became an animal from the sea.  
Fingers crossed for chestnut hues to take away the burn.  ^.^ 
The day is busy, like the honey bee, and the Breeze is throwing my hair in tangles.  The world is beautiful. I must travel to the store, buy myself soda,  and spend the day marrying thoughts of mirth.

Because I am humming, and oatmeal's on the stove, I'll leave you with the poetry of my week.. 

naked as a flower\ when petals press into bark\ its morning in the may field\ the worlds no longer dark
naked as a flower/ when birds taste the pumpkin seed\ the day is lit in peach glow\ let us follow natures lead*

a better poet/ when the summer dances/ on my porch yard/ blooms of red\ yellow bold\ trees alive\ sun is gold*

sunlight pawning\ the shelter shade\tricks the lips/ into thinking\the world is always lending love*

fresh farm berries/trick the throat\ into thinking/love exists/across the pond/I will get there\it won't take long*

the loop on the stem~ drew me to you~ brought me to fairies~ where the water runs blue*

banjo boy|come play with my ears| let me plot a plate|for growing flowers|let me kiss you|through the milk moon hours*

like honey teeth| dream of me| happily happy| beside the oak tree*  


Sweet hugs,
and wishes for my Pa's birthday. xx ((Happy Birthday silly cat))

what i wore
black maxi dress- forever 21 $13
bow- claires $1
pink bow- vintage $8
white faux fur vest- china town $12
shoes- value village $12


  1. Anonymous14.5.11

    the bows are so cute
    sorry about the sun burn :P

  2. I love the adorable little bows! Especially the polka dot one. :) And that furry vest looks so soft and comfy! And seeing those jelly beans make me hungry. It's so weird how addictive those little nuggets of sugary flavoring can be! Nomnomnom...

  3. i love jelly belly beans ;)

    your vest is nice!

  4. The photos are so beautiful.I love the gorgeous dress in combination with that cute bow belt :)

  5. cute outfit! i have a white fur vest too :)

  6. your outfit is amazing! you look so pretty! :)

  7. this is a very pretty, chic look :)

  8. I really love your blog!
    Godness your clothes are really beautiful! I follow you!

  9. your outfits are always so adorable and mature at the same time. does that even make sense?
    I love your writing btw

  10. Great look, your polka dot headband is so awesome :D

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  11. totallty love your bow headband and your bow belt! have a wonderful weekend.

  12. I absolutely adore both of the bows in your outfit! And I'm a complete sucker for jellybeans! Yum!


  13. I love your little furry vest.

  14. The bows, decadent vest, and jelly beans all might such a delightful combination. You have such dreamy writing. Have a lovely weekend, hun!
    much love.

  15. mm jelly beans!!

    i love the way you dress!!

  16. BOW BOW BOW!!! I LOVE EM TOO and you rocked them so well with that maxi dress and shoes! Another bows on belt.
    Stunning, dear! Simply fab!


  17. Anonymous14.5.11

    I love this post LOVE LOVE your poetry!!

  18. The bow is so very cute!!
    and gorgeous photos :)

  19. wow you look gorgeous!! and love your photos <3

  20. Ahh you write so wonderfully. I do agree, you were made for a different world, maybe during the Victorian era where girls were articulate as well as elegant.

    I love bows and jellybeans too! Can you believe they can make em taste like ANYTHING?!! Jellybeans, I mean hahah. Bows don't taste very good.. But they look pretty :D There are not enough colours and patterns for the jellybeans as there are flavours!!!

    I love the layout of your blog, it's so beautiful. Would you like to exchange links?

    xxx Mimi

  21. I like the dress and the touch of pink ribbon, thanks for visiting!!!kissss

  22. Great outfit! I really love the wedges and the hair accessory, it looks great on you :D love the poem too!

  23. Anonymous15.5.11

    Thank you for your comment and visiting my blog.
    I'm such a sucker for bows too, owning many bow headbands and other accessories.

  24. That's such a lovely outfit. I really love your blog. I'm going to follow it, but at the moment the suns so bright i cant find the follow button!
    I just noticed that we both have a poetry page on our blog!
    Bobbly rainbow socks.

  25. Anonymous15.5.11

    The dress is flattering and pretty on you especially with the pink bow. The poem about the naked flower is my favorite.

  26. Anonymous15.5.11

    The dress is flattering and pretty on you especially with the pink bow. The poem about the naked flower is my favorite.

  27. I love your outfit! Your posts are really cute and i love your blog, it have sweet colors and makes me wanna know what you've posted! You bring me to mind one of my favorite actress Carice van Houten
    xoxo Kiki

  28. looovely with that bow on your hair :)

  29. You look beautiful!!!

  30. you are so cute!
    i love the way you write, have a wonderful day :)

  31. i love your shearling vest, super super cute. I actually had some jelly bellies today as well. great minds think alike?

    thanks for the comment lovely.


  32. you look amazing! that black dress is cute! xx thank you for your lovely comment!

  33. Thank you so much for following me!! I appreciated!Love your blog and style and I'll follow you back!

    Love, Evi

  34. Lovely fashion, that you wear!

  35. I just have to let you know that I am taking photos of your hair to my stylist :)

  36. your bow headband is too cute!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  37. Love all the bows in this outfit, from the headband, belt to the shoes! And the color of the lipstick looks gorgeous on you.



  39. I just absolutely adore your blog! So shabby chic and fabulous! I have been out of the blogosphere because of because of grad school. But your post featuring bows was such a wonderful welcome back. Love the polka dot bow and the little pink bow. Just so precious! And your styling is perfection.
    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    All the best!

  40. Dear Amy, you wrote a little something on my blog and I felt obliged to reply.
    I had a little problem finding your blog but alas, I found your corner of the internet.
    Firstly, thank you... My 'oul blog is a bit bare boned at the moment. It will eventually fill up with ramblings and quasi-romantic sayings.

    Secondly, I share your love of jellybeans... My first encounter with them was in a smoke filled bar with my "Ma" at the ripe old age of 5.
    While my young mam would socialise, I would sit and keep myself amused with spinning coins and eating waxy jelly beans. Though they were not very nice.
    A few years ago, a company start importing really nice jelly beans but they a rarity to find.
    Strangely enough, you can find these jelly beans in almost all condom dispensers in Dublin. Curious.

    And finally; I admire the style of writing you use. A kind of conscience streaming of a poets mind, but not quite poetry. In a literal sense, the words on your blog almost go unnoticed just due to the size, fong and the busy-ness of your back round. But if one goes looking, you can find these cute thoughts.

    Greetings from Ireland.
    Bonne Nuit

  41. I adore and admire the fact that you can pull off wearing bows flawlessly! Thank you so much for the lovely comment and I cannot wait to see what else you come up with on here!


  42. bowtastic and beautiful!!! and your hair is absolutely perfect--the cut is flawless!! loooove it. also, thank you sosooooo much for your sweet comments---you are too nice! much love

    ashley <3

  43. great outfit, I love the bow!

  44. Hello there :) I'll follow your blog because we are both in Blogger Friends Group on Facebook but also because I really like your style.

    Here, I love the mix of texture and how gorgeous that big bow looks in your hair! Huuugs :*

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