October music playlist,

Artist* Album* Song*
{Jack Marks} Lost Wages {Borrow It Gladly Away}
{Jack Marks} Lost Wages {Hard Times}
{Jack Marks} Two of Everything {The Dress Song}
{The Deep Dark Woods} The Place I Left Behind {The Banks Of The Leopold Canal}
{The Deep Dark Woods} The Place I Left Behind {Sugar Mama}
{Leonard Cohen}  Songs of Leonard Cohen {The Stranger Song}
{Leonard Cohen} Songs Of Leonard Cohen {Winter Lady}
{Adam Cohen} Like A Man {Girls These Days}
{Adam Cohen} Like A Man {Like A Man}
{Blaze Foley} Oval Room {For Anything Les}
{Blaze Foley} Oval Room {Cold, Cold, World}
{The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band} The Whole Fam Damnily {Worn Out Shoe}
{Morgan O'Kane} Pendulum {Turkish Canal}
{Morgan O'Kane} Pendulum {Deep Mine}
{Daniel, Fred & Julie} Daniel, Fred & Julie {The Gambler and His Bride}
{Frontier Ruckus} The Orion Songbook {Dark Autumn Hour}
{Frontier Ruckus} The Orion Songbook  {The Back-Lot World}

Music soothes me, causes me to wonder, brings me to the forest.
I'm going to record with my guitar-bent companion,
sending melodies your way soon........
Music hushes the fever.

All of the songs are available on itunes.