ce'st chic with jacob,

With cheerful spirits in the air, and surprises lurking beneath Pine trees,  we're all very excited for the days of shortbread, hot chocolate, snow, and of course, presents.  With all of us spilling wallets for our companions, in people filled malls, it's nice to be treated to our own fun.  When Jacob contacted me regarding their latest promotion, I knew I had to share with my readers. Not only are they donating some of their profits(hurrah!) but there is more than $290,000 in instant prizes to be won.

Here are the details of the online and in-store promotion:
  • $290,000 in instant prizes to be won at check-out, with your Christmas stocking (to be printed on the website)
  • · $1 for each Christmas stocking brought in store will be donated to Goodwill and Renaissance
  • · A chance to win a $10,000 wardrobe for all those who share the contest online
Go here for more details

    P.S .... Have a peak at their current look book - it's so fresh, and feminine. :))

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