something I would have worn as a child,

There is something to be said about December.
The clouds are heavy, the hills are covered in chalk, the fireplace steps into the shoes of Summer,  life continues. There is no need to travel to the Wooded country - or hallucinate magic when the trees lay dead, and the snow is drifting.  December gathers the forest's charm and displays it on the Oak,  the concrete, the road, and the rooftop.  

Calgary folks have been blessed - Although snow has fallen, it's been endowed with the power to bring cheer, without bringing too much Cold.  We've had only two major snow falls, and the sun is still licking the earth.

December not only brings clouds to our feet,  or wool to our breasts,  December also brings shortbread, my birthday, whiskey, eggnog, and lots of wistful thinking.  Some folks spend August longingly remembering their days as a babe. Some folks, spend May. For me,  December will always be the month to kindle thoughts of my childhood.

When the snow shows up, I feel like a little one - wearing bows - wanting to roll my hips into snow piles - wanting to drink hot cider - wanting to be bundled by scarves - or by arms.

Tomorrow,  it's time for Christmas shopping... I have no idea what gifts to buy/create for anybody on my list -  I'm depending on the charms of luck - like I always do.))  

What is on your Christmas wishlist?

Here's to my last week as an 18 year old, I'll finally be legal age in all of Canada!!
( P. S sometimes I believe in matching hues..)

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                                                                     what i wore*
yellow sweater - mom's
white shoes - www.atseoul.com sponsor
gray sweater dress- value village


  1. this is so well put together, I love your boots<3

    xo lenaeatshearts.blogspot.com

  2. Cute Amy. I love the monochromatic look.
    Happy almost birthday!

    PS. Love your words about December. :)

  3. Love the colour of that coat!

  4. Almost happy birthday!
    December makes me think of childhood too, but in a happy way because I still do many of the things I did back then. Who needs to grow up anyway?
    You look incredibly cute in this outfit too. I love the shoes and your awesome jacket.

  5. This is so pretty, and I love the yellow and grey combo. It's very cute and something you can pull off even if you would have worn it as a child. Great post,


  6. i love your outfit! that coat is just adorable!

  7. Your writing is beautiful! So descriptive and pretty! :) And I love this outfit! As well as the pictures of you throwing the snow! They are my favorite :)

  8. Anonymous7.12.11

    Dear Amy

    Your hair glows like a Summer / the face is etched by an artist / the insides are a butterfly garden / a beautiful dreamer / nothing like you

    No matter how old you get, or who is your friend, or how your life turns up, please Amy please don't lose that precious dreaming mind.

    That's all. Ciao!

  9. Monochromatic is always so chic. And I love how you used gray and yellow...such opposite colors but a perfect combination :)
    Wonderful look as usual!


  10. You look beautiful, the pictures are really great too x

  11. Matching hues works!
    Happy last week of being 18!
    I want poetry magnets and works by local artisans for Xmas! And everyone to be happy and feel calm and festive and thankful!

  12. You are adorable! I love your outfit. You are so put-together! I love December, as well. I'm jealous you have snow where you are.

    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  13. sometimes i believe in matching hues. i also believe that your outfit reminds me of a cozy blanket on an overcast grey sky day, & that jacket is like the sunshine peeking it's way through the clouds, december girl.

  14. This is such a magical post. Your writing is....wow. And what a wonderful outfit, so in tune with what December is all about. I really like how you didn't force yourself to wear only bright colors to counter the bleakness of winter, but rather matched it, only adding the cheery yellow sweater...so there's just a touch of whim.

    And happy birthday, in case I do not get to wish you then.

    Enjoy your Christmas shopping!



  15. Anonymous7.12.11

    wow! love your pics! this outfit is great!<3 and you shooooes!(sun) gorgeous!
    I asked you sometime ago what kind of books do you write? Still waiting for your answer!:P

  16. youre a sweet snow bunny :) omg the snow shots are just too cute!

    <3 steffy

  17. I adore your outfit! The shoes are my favorite.


  18. I love this mustard sweater!! Mustard is such a wonderful color and it's amazing how it nearly matches anything, lol. Love the grey!! ♥

  19. You make me smile and my belly warm.

  20. this looks so comfortable and cozy - in a stylish way! I know I have said this before, but I really love your hair :)

  21. those photos of you playing in the snow are beautiful. You have a great smile.

  22. wonderful outfit and photos

  23. It's ever so hard to believe you're only 18! I am eighteen, as well, but you just seem so much more wise, intellectual, creative, and beautiful than I. You are well beyond your years. xx

  24. Anonymous7.12.11

    These photos are actually perfect, like they are just beautiful!! Love your outfit + so jel of all the snowwwwww!! Enjoy your final week of being 18! Xxx

  25. Anonymous7.12.11

    This all grey outfit works surprisingly well! I love the shoes and cute knit dress with the hair ow. What a lovely mustard coat, too. Great outfit.

  26. your outfit is just perfect! from the bow to the coat to the boots!!

  27. I agree! Even though I don't care for shoveling snow and bitter cold winds, there is still something that is really comforting about winter that also reminds me of my childhood. I love it! When I was younger, I vowed I'd move to a place where it is 80 degrees year round, but now that I can, I don't want to!

    Love this outfit. It's really adorable. the dress is so pretty. Love the color of that coat, too!


  28. December is beautiful I agree.
    It makes me think of building forts with my brother. I think its so pretty outside when it snows. Amy! I love the whole outfit especially the sweater it's gorgeous


  29. Oh my that bow is sooo cute! You look adorable!

  30. Your blog is really lovely! ^^

    I love your outfit! Your coat is gorgeous!

  31. Hey Amy, thank you for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! :)

    You are just so lovely, and your blog is so cute and happy and it makes me smile!


  32. Happy early birthday, beautiful Amy! I'm 18 too, but have to wait over 2 years (my birthday is in late December) to be "of age" in America. You look so beautiful and enchanting dancing around in the sparkling fluffy white snow! =)


  33. Hues of grey and a burst of yellow - STUNNING! AND! Happy early birthday :D


  34. lovely photos, and your hair is amazing! thank you so much for the beautiful comment you left on my blog
    taylah x

  35. you look lovely! i especially love the boots and the coat (coat or cardi?)

    This is definitely a look I'd wear when it eventually snows here in England :(

  36. Aren't you a sweetie! I love the dress and the bow, xx

  37. ohhh my gosh, those shoes!!!! I love them!! Especially with this outfit, with all the grey. It's brilliant, and I'm jealous of your snow! We've gotten some but now we've dropped down to -10C & it's too cold! Enjoy the "warm" weather you're having and have a really fantastic birthday! :D

  38. Your coat, your coat!!! Je l'adore! Though your whole outfit is basically drool-inducing. :)

    I love your December thoughts! I agree that this is the time of year that evokes my chilhood most.

    Luck is so often the best thing to rely on while shopping - the perfect gift will jump out at you!
    I mostly have books on my Christmas wishlist; can't live without them! :)

    P.S. Happy early birthday! I hope the day is wonderful when it comes.

  39. Hi Amy, Happy almost Birthday before I forget!

    Thanks for your comment on my last post. "I want to awaken someone's senses" kind of stayed with me. I like the sound of it.

    I looked through some of your blog and I've decided to become one of your readers. As with my Glass Wall blog I was pleased to see you've made a poetry page and I read most of it. I'm sometimes drawn to the way people write; your words are wonderfully visual, earthy and light (not in a superficial way but in an almost ethereal sense if you follow me).

    In any case you seem to have a gentle soul. I look forward to some time this weekend to read a litle more.

  40. i love your coat, it's the sort of thing i would buy if i had winter here! and your grey dress and tights and shoes are really cute!

  41. Hello sweetheart, thanks for your comment on my blog! You look really lovely xxx

  42. hi dear...you are fantastic...and you have a beautiful look!!!

    New Chanel post on my blog..tell me what do you think!! ;)


  43. Anonymous10.12.11

    this whole post just perfectly sums up how i feel about december; you've captured my favourite month beautifully. and you look lovely! xx

  44. this is such a sweet outfit, i love the color of your jacket C: and that's quite a coincidence, this is my first week of being 18 C:


  45. You look so cute! You really do. I love your bow in your hair! :-) x

  46. I love your gray dress and paired with yellow is lovely. Happy Birthday soon!

  47. I am horrible at Christmas lists...I never know what I want or what to get others!


  48. ooh Amy, I absolutely love everything about this outfit!! And your photos are amazing, that snow is just magical. Happy b-day too, gorgeous girl! xo veronika

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