white circles and banjos look like clocks,

 Good day to you, whether it's the blush of morning, or the goosebumps of moon hour,  I hope for you that the day is charming, and brimming with good intentions.  For me, the day is busy, but my body is able.  I must push pencil marks onto papers, sketching the words "complete" on my to-do lists. Some days, I am far too slow to follow these tasks. You know, whether it be school, blog work, melody making, house cleaning, or tea drinking..... It becomes a task in itself to make any sort of progress. Today is one of those slow-as-a-slug-kind-of days.

This is my whole life, from a babe to a veteran, I will always find great difficulty in harmonizing my days without falling off of track.  Each day, I plot my hours in my head, as if for once, I'll tidy the room, soak my feet,  feed the dogs, play banjo, call my loves, make a wholesome snack, write a poem, write a short story, send off emails, walk in the weather, write letters, or finish an assignment.   Yet, when the clock chimes, and the Sun drops, I find myself day dreaming.  At 2 pm, I am imagining a kingdom, or a plot of land I will sow someday. At 4 pm, I am seeing a monkey, or an animal I've never met.  At 6 pm, my dreams are of plucking my banjo to a warming crowd.  And by 8 pm, I am dreaming of ocean side porches, and caramel popcorn.

I spend so many hours within these pipe dreams - that before I even realize my head is elsewhere, the moon has already blanketed the hills.  This is why I know I'll never be the breadwinner, or the nine to fiver, because my head is never where my feet are.

 The past week has traveled quicker than a whippet chasing a bone.  I closed my eyes on Wednesday, and suddenly, Monday was here.  Everyday the weather has been so pleasant. It's as if our town never welcomed winter, and we've been stuck in an eternal spring.  I am not begging for snow - or wishing for predictable January clouds, instead, I am luxuriating in the warmth.  I do not cry because I cannot wear mittens, or because Winter never came, and for those who do, please take a cotton cloth and rest it on your cheek. The strange weather patterns never frighten me, and they shouldn't cause your frown. I think the world is strange enough, why waste my days worrying about the weather.

Last night, I went to the Ironwood, my absolute favorite place of breathing in Calgary. It's a tavern-like bar in the Inglewood district, and it's where my life was found, I swear.  Each time I have gone there, I have left with different inner workings.  You see, the Ironwood is home to a stage where different country/blues/folk/bluegrass musicians come to sing. The atmosphere is unpretending, and warm, a bit like you'd imagine your own home to feel.

 Last night, a band from Winnipeg named The Crooked Brothers plucked their strings, fine tooth combed their words, and caused my heart beats to bend to a new pattern.  It was as if I had found a place to belong, a place where day dreaming was unnecessary, because reality was enough.  I was so grateful to spend the experience with my closest companions - Carter, my ma, and my pa.  Some people spend their wholes lives searching for memories, and last night, I welcomed a memory that will sit within my belly for the rest of my life.

Kisses to you all.

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what i wore

polka dot dress | value village | $10
wedges | aldo shoes | $40
socks | ardenes | $2
black blouse | value village | $5
banjo necklace | etsy | $30 


  1. What an adorable ensemble! I love that polka dot dress.

  2. Anonymous30.1.12

    Adorable outfit! Perfect for daydreaming about other things than boring 9-5 work days. :)

  3. Anonymous30.1.12

    LOVE this outfit!^^ The dress is soo cute!<3<3<3

  4. so cute! love the little socks x

  5. Aw, this outfit looks so cute! I could never pull something like that of, but it suits you.


  6. love the texture of that lace top underneath the dress. it's really unexpected but it works beautifully :)

  7. I am slow as a slug as well. I love your outfit. It's so cute :)

  8. Anonymous30.1.12

    You write so beautifully its so whimsical to ready.
    Your outfit is so lovely and works great for your changing weather.
    Time flys so quickly these days!

    Im so happy you found a great memory in such an awesome sounding place. I know that feeling very well i hope you do find more memories. <3

  9. you look so lovely!

    love the way you styled it*


  10. Anonymous30.1.12

    This is so pretty. I love the quirkiness of the socks and shoes, and somehow its pitch-perfect. Also, the dress reminds me of one that I very nearly bought last Autumn. I still regret that.
    xx Jane

  11. Oh dear, those words are really sweet :)
    I love your outfit, you are looking fabulous and super nice.

    I hope you are having good days.
    See you.

  12. There has never been a time where I haven't seem you look magical. x

  13. Aw, pretty lady - you look absolutely lovely in this dress and I adore how you've styled it... it's perfection with your pretty platforms & layered top. xo veronika

  14. love the top under the dress


  15. its funny... i had just finished watching the extra features on the lord of the rings extended edition, and was touched, touched, so very touched by the love they spoke about finding on set, with the fellow cast members and then i wondered-- what else can i possibly find tonight other than my journal to keep that comfort flowing in my mind. then i saw that you posted and i know your posts are just the thing for that!

    I especially love, "It was as if I had found a place to belong, a place where day dreaming was unnecessary, because reality was enough." what a beautiful way to put that emotion into words.

    lovely post : ) and outfit!

    xx - abi

  16. oh darling how lovely you look! the polka dot dress and the black lace shirt beneath is so fabulous!! but perfection are this cute socks with your heels, really love this look of yours and i wish i had your hair!!!

  17. your dress is absolutely darlin'! do a twirl ;)!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  18. adore that sheer top and beautiful polka dot dress too

  19. you look just darling in this outfit. The weather has been kinda crazy lately. I never know what I'm gonna get when I step outside

  20. Like like like! a very sweety look :)

  21. Lovely post! & what a beautiful blog!

    p.s Thank-you for your comment back in November. I know it was a while ago but it inspired me to keep going with my blog. I had to put it on hold for a little while but this year I have vowed to put much more time and effort into blogging, & your little comment sparked my enthusiasm so thank-You very much!

    much love, Abi



  22. I just love this look SO much! You look sooooooooooo beautiful dear! :)
    Hugs and kisses!
    Elizabeth E~

    I adore those shoes!

  23. Your blue dotted dress is beautiful on you! The shape is fantastic. I really love the lace top layered underneath it.

  24. Wow! Your outfit is beautiful! Love the polka dot & lace combo. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and becoming a follower. I just followed you back. :)
    xo Vivian


  25. I really love your vintage dress.

    I can relate to you, I make extravagant plans for my days, weeks and months but, I have never really followed out what I planned. "I'll finish reading this book before next week" I would tell myself, the end of next week rolls by and I haven't even picked up the book. That's the procrastination that ruins my life.

  26. You look so pretty!!!!!


  27. such a nice heels !
    super love your outfit.xoxo

    if you follow my blog,i'll followback .promise

  28. i love your dress! i have a long skirt just like it! same pattern and colour :)

    Hayley xx

  29. beautiful outfit!
    i love the dress with the chunky shoes and socks :)
    also, you are so so stunning!
    I absolutely love your face! :')
    And your blog is amazing too :)

    Thank you for the lovely, thoughtful comment on my blog, I meant a lot ;)

  30. Anonymous2.2.12

    u are such a doll amy
    love how you write about life.

  31. thanks a lot! your bang is great too, don't have to cut it :)

    that style fits to you so much!



  32. lovely outfit :)

    new follower! x

  33. God this is pretty, i love everything !

    See U !