january // amy & ashley ramble and roam,

I remember now, how lucky we are, to find companions in pens, in songs, in our dogs, and in the people who surround us underneath sun droops and moon beams.  Some folks spend their wholes lives shaking dust off of old friends, chasing invisible faces, settling for spoons, and solitude. Some folks never meet an honest friend.  

For a long while, I spent my baby fat days imagining I'd be one of those folks.  When I was in school,  I saw unrecognizable faces, and soon after elementary ended, I grew fond of wishing I was elsewhere, elsewhere meaning a place where my boots licked daisies, with friends who understood the meaning of life was to labor on good things. A place where the sun rose for dreamers.  Unfortunately, I couldn't name one person, through my days of school, that didn't dash my hopes of a true friend.  Some would say, it's not an easy life for the girl who's Mom is her best friend, or for the girl who's Friday night curiosity lingers towards a poetry book  -instead of a bottle of champagne. And I'll say, it wasn't easy, but it's the way of travel in life that leads us to our destination.  If I had felt a sense of belonging in those rooms - where I spent time as a 15 year old, I would never know the life I have now.  It is the quarrels and the curiosity that led me to being Amy.

I am fortunate to say that now, I do know beautiful people,  beautiful humble honest people, and my Ashley is one of them. 

Last week, Ashley and I found ourselves eating breakfast sandwiches and sipping water at a coffee shop near my house.  Each day spent beside Ashley is a day spent chattering like song birds. We meet at 11 am, and suddenly, three oh clock rolls in, and there's still room left for music.  This is our second post together, you can visit her sweet sugary blog here          Don't let the snow fool you. Through all of January, this was the one day where a white blanket laid it's bed all over the city. I can assure you, the very next day, the sun melted the bed, and solid ground was found underneath our feet.  

 Ashley and I have plotted many more rambling adventures, including a video post, which may or may not be a good idea. We'll let you decide ^.^

I hope all of you have an honest friend, and if not, you'll find one holding your hand soon.

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what i wore
floral dress | | sponsor
white faux fur vest | H&M | $15
brown boots | | sponsor

what ashley wore
dress | vintage |
tights | joe fresh |
boots | chinese laundry
sweater | aritzia


  1. Why are you girls so cute?! I love that dress and how you paired it over that top!
    Hope you are having a great week!
    <3 Kastles

  2. cute outfit :)

  3. Such an adorable dress...i love it!!!

  4. Anonymous3.2.12

    love your dress! so pretty girl. and i'm glad you have a true friend. sometimes that's all we can ask for is one true friend. :) <3


  5. Beautiful, honest reflections Amy!

  6. What a sweet outfit, your taste in clothes is simply delightful just as your blog is!

  7. always enjoy the way you write! you are brave girls taking pictures in the snow!

  8. Hi Amy! I feel the way you felt. I am still searching for that one honest friend. I'm glad you've found yours. Here's to the beauty of poetry, friendship and life! <3

  9. That dress is absolutely adorable on you. x

  10. love the coat, amazing snow

  11. that dress is sweet as a button!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  12. Anonymous3.2.12


  13. Your words are so beautiful...
    How could you write all these, I really wanna be you someday. It's like I can feel what you wanna tell.
    My blog is not as awesome as yours but, if you have time, can you come?


  14. gorgoues dress! i own a nikon too ;)

    Hayley xx

  15. Beautiful dress!
    Happy weeknd!

  16. stunning dress, love it with the lace top and cute heels

  17. So cute!!!! I love reading you, you are so poetic!

  18. Anonymous3.2.12

    You look stunning. Why the hell don't you join You would be all-year-long winners! xxx Joey from Spain

  19. Love this outfit! The skirt on that dress is seriously amazing! <3

  20. Oh such a beautiful post, I love what you write about Ashley and about friendship in general! You two look so cute (and I'm totally in love with the rustic print on your dress)! :)

    Btw I just wanted to let you know that I borrowed one of your pics for a"jauary favourites" post over at my blog.
    You can check it out here if you like:

    Happy Saturday! :)

  21. Amy! I almost cried when I read your post. You are so sweet and I am lucky to have you as a friend.

    xo Ashley

  22. super great pics, and ahhh i love your faux fur vest! <3

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  24. Found you via Lions Lace Lattes and adored your outfit and coat!

  25. Just beautiful outfits! This is a lovely post!

  26. I love Ashely's blog and I love these photos of you two. Your jumper is adorable. I'm so glad you found a lovely friend through blogging.

  27. I love your fur coat!xx

  28. You are both gorgeous! Such a lovely outfit x

  29. I LOVE the outfit with the checkered dress it is gorgeous soo pretty :D you are both stunning xx

  30. This is a lovely post of you and Ashley. It's nice to find a sweet friend to share what you love the most.