april / / amy & ashley ramble and roam,


It was a day built by the sounds of birds, and if you listened close enough, you just might hear buds crackling and turning into leaf. It was as if the Springtime was sitting on every ankle, just waiting for the perfume of yellow violets to spill.  I could taste the modest flowers and the wild cherries on the horizon.  When I squinted, I could see the green green grass waiting to form.

 It was a Mid Afternoon designed to make those who stood on the hills feel wealthy.

The scents and the sky reminded me of when I was a little girl. I remember watching through classroom windows in April, waiting for Winter's weights to leave. I'd count the clouds and cross my fingers, hoping my little prayers would bring bumble bees and ladybugs. I had no time for mathematics or making sculptures out of clay.  I only had thoughts for Springtime. 

The Spring has been, and always will be, an ally, and a teacher.  You can't use twigs in the winter the way you can in Spring, you can't catch ants, you can't sleep on hills, you can't wander carelessly into the woods, and you certainly can't sulk or laugh in the blooming garden. 

I know Spring hasn't fully arrived, and we're still kissing the tail of winter, but when Spring does arrive, and I'll no longer have to cross my fingers, you'll find me bare legged and belly flopped underneath the daffodils.

I was very happy to spend the day Rambling and Roaming with Ashley  We started the date with a bowl of oatmeal. My bowl was filled with calories, also known as bananas, peanut butter, and brown sugar.  Ashley's bowl was filled with healthy goodness, also known as apples, and dried cranberries.

We ate our oatmeal, talked of things that happen in life, and drove around looking for a nice place to take pictures.  


We ended up finding ourselves standing, sitting, and modeling behind a school yard.  The wind came up for a visit, which tossed my hair like lettuce in a salad pot, but that's what you get for growing your hair long.

 Besides the breeze, it was a beautiful day for picture taking, and collecting thoughts with Ashley.
Even the prairie dogs of the field gathered to witness the Spring air.


Outfit Details
pink dress *Modcloth* 
white floral leggings*forever 21* 
flower socks * ardenes* $3
glitter wedges* Aldo* birthday gift 

Ashley's Outfit Details
stripe dress *joe fresh* 
shoes *steve madden*
necklace *h&m*
jacket *american eagle*


  1. Anonymous18.4.12

    I always look forward to these posts. You two are so different in style yet you come together beautifully for the photoshoots.

    Ramble and Roam!! Love it!

  2. you look so beautiful! your outfit is amazing. where are your heels from?
    adora xxx


  3. Gorgeous dress, you look very romantic!


  4. Ah such great photos! I love both of your outfits so much.

    Moments of Eternity

  5. Anonymous18.4.12

    I absolutely love this post- I've been wanting to go to the beach for so long. Also I've been coveting that ModCloth dress forever! It's beautiful! You look gorgeous and it looks like you had fun!
    xo, Tori

  6. Anonymous18.4.12

    great outfits and photos!<3 really like the pink dress!<3

  7. Your outfit is so adorable! I love the shoes.

  8. That dress is lovely, Amy, and as always I love those shoes. <3

  9. Oh my goodness, how beautiful!

    The amount of time you must put into one post alone is incredible. Your descriptions of nature and chronicling of the day enhance how I see the outfits you post.

    My favorite picture is the one where you are standing and your friend is jumping. Does that represent your friendship?

    I actually almost bought this dress from Modcloth (best store ever) - now regretting not doing so. :(

    What a great blog.


  10. Anonymous19.4.12

    Very cute photos Amy! Love your dress and your socks are adorable. You two look like you have so much fun together. <3


  11. Anonymous19.4.12

    The dress on you is absolutely breathtaking. You are a wonder of the world XOXO

  12. you are both too cute! great photos! www.casualglamorous.com

  13. I love the way those tights look with the floral socks. Layering tights and socks is my favorite!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment, your blog is lovely!

  14. You both look so charming, love the violett dress, so cute!

  15. i love ur unique combination !! somehow all blends in so well !! great blog !! new follower x


  16. i am new to your blog and your writing absolutely rocks my socks off. you are gorgeous as is your outfit/hair/shoes in this post.
    you are a different kind of blogger, and it is so refreshing.
    so poetic and inspiring.

  17. You both look so lovely! The idea of taking pictures in a school yard is fantastic. I'll be borrowing that idea once I'm back home over the summer. Your outfit is so cute too. I love your tights and awesome shoes.

  18. Your clothes, your clothes!! And that white fur-I think I'm in love!! xx

  19. OOk you know I have to comment on the oats... Where did you girlies go? Looks delish!


  20. You are absolutely stunning! That purple dress looks amazing on you.

  21. Great pictures!! I love it!!

  22. you both are absolutely adorable! i really am liking your style! such a cute blog ;)
    xo TJ

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  24. I JUST bought the glitter aldo heels and wore them for a total of 10 hours. They were so wonderfully comfortable.

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